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"Who Sows the Wind" is the second episode in Series 4 of Line of Duty and the nineteenth overall episode. It was first broadcast on BBC One on 2nd April 2017.


A dismembered body is discovered, and worries grow when DCI Roz Huntley fails to report for duty. AC-12 crank up their investigation into Operation Trapdoor, concerned that Michael Farmer will go to jail for crimes he didn't commit. With suspicions that Roz may have withheld crucial evidence, a new DCI is drafted in to run Operation Trapdoor.

Kate makes progress in her undercover role, but AC-12's investigation falters when they realise that their main informant, forensic investigator Tim Ifield, has also gone missing.


The episode opens with DS Neil Twyler at HMP Blackthorn. He's on the phone trying to get DCI Roz Huntley, but she's not answering and wasn't in work that morning. He wants to tell her that DS Kate Fleming, is talking to Michael Farmer again.

We see Kate talking to Michael, with his ever-useful solicitor Rob Morganstaff present. Kate wants to ask Michael about Rikki Neville, the missing persons from East Mids that Kate is supposedly investigating. Kate says that Rikki had a boyfriend in Moss Heath and that's where Michael lives. Rob actually talks to Michael and tells him he doesn't have to stay and talk to Kate, but if he does it can be used as evidence against him. Michael's only response is that he wants to help. Kate smiles and nods.

Neil walks into the prison and is still trying to reach Roz, she's not answering and no one has seen her. He's escorted down to the interview room.

Back with Kate, she's showing Michael the image of balaclava man. She tells him that this man was seen when Leonie Collersdale went missing and that maybe this man knows something about what happened to Rikki. Michael looks but doesn't say anything. Kate asks if Michael knows who the man is in the balaclava, Michael looks like he's trying to think. The gate behind them clinks and Neil walks in, looking angry and making a neck cutting gesture. Kate says that they'll stop the interview there. Kate stands up and Michael says he remembers the name of the hospital. Kate asks for clarification. Michael says he wants to help and he's remembered the name of the hospital.

Back at AC-12 we see DS Steve Arnott watching a tape of Michael's first interview by Neil and DC Jodie Taylor. Jodie is speaking and telling Michael that he told his employer it was a hospital, St Anthony's. Michael repeats St Anthony's. Neil says that St Anthony's have no record of him being there that night. Jodie trying to be sympathetic tells him that they want the truth but it's difficult when Michael doesn't give them the right information.

Superintendent Ted Hastings walks over to Steve and he stops listening to the interview. Steve says he got a tip-off from Kate about an alibi for Michael, that under interview pressure he gave the wrong name of the hospital he was admitted to the night of Leonie's murder. He had been admitted to City General Hosptial. Steve says that he wasn't discharged until two days later. Hastings thinks and wants to know what Roz will say about that information and wants Steve to start drafting a Reg 15.

We move to a woodland scene fill with various police vehicles. Rupal Pandit the forensic coordinator walks out of the forest wearing a full forensics suit, she meets Neil and Kate. Rupal tells them that they've found a body, a woman. She leads them to a small pond surrounded by trees. Kate asks where Tim Ifield is and Rupal says he's not on shift. Neil asks if there is an identity yet. Rupal says that with what is left they've done well to identify her as female so far. Rupal says the body has been dismembered. Rupal asks if Roz is on the way, Neil says he still hasn't managed to get hold of her.

Back at AC-12 PC Maneet Bindra tells Steve that they haven't managed to get hold of Roz on any of her numbers. She also says that Roz's federation rep tried too. Steve writes a quick text.

Back at Polk Avenue Station Kate and Neil arrive back, Roz's office is still empty. Kate gets the text from Steve, it asks what's happened to Roz, dated Saturday 18 March 2017. Kate puts her phone away and asks Neili and Jodie if anyone has checked with resources if she got last minute time off. Neil says it'll be something with her kids and no one dobs in their boss. PC Farida Jatri cuts in to ask what they are talking about and points to the meeting room, just as Roz exits on her phone. Roz is talking to Rupal and thanks her and hangs up. She turns and she looks a little under the weather.

Roz gives them an update from Rupal. The finds are a torso which was divided into two sections and one arm. Roz has asked Rupal to fast track DNA to see if it matches Leonie or Rikki. She tells Jodie to liasie with Rupal and for Neil to tell the Collersdale's FLO about the body, but not to tell the family anything until they know more. Kate asks if she's ok. Roz replies that she had grim night and wasn't up to coming in earlier, she thinks she's coming down with something.

The next day, we see Roz walking down the street towards Police HQ, she's holding her left wrist as if it's sore. She walks into a meeting with ACC Derek Hilton, he tells her that he got an email that couldn't wait. He informs her that AC-12 are going to serve her with a regulation 15 notice, that Hastings has a bee in his bonnet. Hilton tells her that Hastings thinks she's been under disproportionate pressure to secure charges against Michael, executive pressure. Roz doesn't say anything, but she's starting to look a little green around the gills. Hilton tells Roz that he's been protecting her, shielding her from the flak over Trapdoor. He says that they are in it together, shoulder to shoulder. Roz looks concerned but doesn't disagree with him.

That night at Roz's house we see her and her Husband Nick are silently eating a curry at the table. Both kids, Sophie and Ollie, are sat on the sofa with smart devices. Nick says that they eat later so that they can have time together but she's being really distant. Nick asks if it's to do with last night, that she's left when he realised she'd left her phone at home. Roz says she checked her messages and the kids called to say he wasn't at home, she wants to know why he wasn't in. Nick says he was having a drink with Jimmy. Roz asks if it's ok for him to have a drink with his mate, but if she's at work it's a problem?

Nick says that the kids were fine, but she could have borrowed someone's phone to let them know where she was. Roz says they were chasing a lead, the missing body Leonie. Nick looks uncomfortable and then asks if they found her. Roz replies, some of her. Roz calms and admits she should have borrowed someone's phone, but it was late and she didn't want to wake the whole house. She gets upset and puts her arm to her face, we see a bandage revealed on her left wrist. Nick says he was worried about her and tries to look at the bandage but she pulls away and hides it, saying she's fine, she caught it on brickwork.

Roz Huntley's First Interview with AC-12[]

The next day we see Roz sitting down with AC-12 for her interview. Hastings and Steve are present as is DCI Mark Moffatt her Police Federation Rep. When Roz sits down she purposely pulls down her jacket to hide the bandage on her wrist, and lowers her arm to her lap.

Steve tells Roz that she is there because of the arrest of Michael for the murder of Baswinder Kaur, Leonie and kidnapping and attempted murder of Hana Reznikova. Steve says that the evidence against Michael is item reference AP-5 Hana's clothing. Roz says that fibres found on Hana matched fibres found on Michael's clothing at the time of his arrest, but that he must have disposed of the jacket. Steve questions the multiple fibres suggestion and Mark says that Roz has the right to be questioned by an officer at least one rank senior. Hastings picks this up and says that they only found one fibre, and that's meagre evidence considering he was supposed to have picked that wee girl up, bundled her into a car, transported her across town and then locked her up in his house.

Roz says that nonetheless, it's evidence which proves that Michael had contact with Hana on the night of her abduction. Steve says it proves he was in contact with a piece of black clothing. They don't have the jacket which was used in the abduction and one single fibre is more consistent with cross-contamination. Hastings asks if to confirm cross-contamination during his arrest, transfer of custody is more likely. Roz says that she took scrupulous measures to prevent cross-contamination, and therefore she is certain the fibre is proof of contact between Michael and Hana.

Steve says that Hana described the attacker as wearing a balaclava, and no fibres consistent with one were found on Michael. Roz says that it doesn't mean he wasn't wearing one, just that they didn't find any fibres. Steve says "Absence of evidence isn’t the same as evidence of absence.", Roz agrees. Hastings says that she's just admitted to there being an absence of evidence. Roz realises that she's walked into their trap. She opens her mouth to reply, but realises there is nothing she can say and stops herself.

Steve shows them Document 9 which is a triangulation map on Michael's phone on the night of 9 March 2017 from 20:30 to 22:00. It shows that Michael's phone stayed within the area covering his grandmother's nursing home until he went to start his shift at 22:00. Hasting says that it seems like her man wasn't in the right area at the time. Roz says that just because the phone was there doesn't mean he was, there were no witnesses to Michael loitering near there for an hour and forty-five minutes. Hastings asks if she believes he left it there the whole time. Roz says that they don't know what he did with this phone, no calls were made in those hours. Hastings says that his phone was back on his person when he was arrested. Roz agrees with this.

Steve says that Hana was abducted using a car, which was found in the vicinity of Michael's home. Roz concurs. Steve tells her that Michael doesn't hold a drivers license, has never held on, he's never owned a car and neither had his grandmother. Roz recovers and says that she knows about these findings, but that Michael had plenty of chances to learn to drive informally. He grew up in a neighbourhood where it was not uncommon for motorists to drive illegally without license or insurance. Hastings says that a pretty big assumption to make and wants to know if Roz has witnesses to him being able to drive. Roz says that their inquiries are ongoing. Hastings scoffs at ongoing.

Steve puts up document 11, TJI-1 Hana's earrings. Roz again presents the evidence, saying that they were found in Michael's home and the bloodstains matched Hana. That she believes Michael ripped them out before leaving Hana to die in the fire, and Hana would have died if Roz hadn't personally gone into the burning building to save her. Hastings and Steve accept this point.

Steve puts up the next document, TJI-2 which is Baswinders hairgrip. Roz presents again, telling them that this was found at Michael's house and the DNA matched Baswinder, a necklace was found with DNA matching Leonie. Steve tells her that carpet fibre deposits found on other items recovered from Michael's home were absent on the items from the previous victims. Roz counters that they were trophies, and she believed Michael took special care of them, keeping them clean and in a safe place, and for that reason she discounted the carpet fibre profile.

Steve presents the bootprint evidence showing another person was present in the house. Roz says that there was nothing to connect the boot print to the personal items, so on balance, she discounted it in favour of the compelling evidence against Michael.

Steve brings up image 47 which is the picture of balaclava man, taken on 25th January. Hastings asks if Roz has determined that balaclava man is Michael. Roz says that he's a sufficient match in terms of body size and shape and that she believes it's most likely Michael. Hastings wants to know how she went about determining whether or not to charge Michael. Roz says that she followed standard protocol, she spoke to the Senior Prosecutor in the Complex Case Unit and outlined the evidence and was authorised to charge the offender. Hastings asks if there was any other evidence that she brought to the attention of the Senior Prosecutor. Roz looks perplexed and asks what evidence? Hastings says contrary evidence. Roz looks very uncomfortable and Mark buts in to say that the call wasn't recorded. Hasting says that he knows that, and he's asking the organ grinder, not her monkey. Roz says that she believes she presented all the evidence. Steve repeats believe in a tone of incredulity.

Mark cuts in to say that Roz strenuously denies tampering with evidence. Hastings replies hotly, that "no one's suggesting anything of the sort". He relaxes and says they are talking about a matter of presentation. Steve says that they looked at the MG5 and the MG6 she submitted to the Prosecutor and the MG6 didn't refer to any solid evidence that would undermine the prosecution's case. He says that she sold the Prosecutor on evidence in favour of Michael's guilt and played down any evidence against.

Roz asks if they are proposing that she should have ignored the powerful evidence against Michael and released a potentially dangerous offender back into the community. Hastings says that that is not what they are suggesting and she knows it. They aren't mind readers, that as police officers they are only expected to do their duty to the letter of the law. You can see Roz deflate at this.

Hastings adds that Roz was a high flyer in her time. Roz looks confused at the change of tac. Steve says she was a graduate entrant, fast-tracked for promotion, a DI before she was 30. Hastings adds that she hit the wall. Roz says that she started a family. Hastings says that she stood still while other people kept climbing the ladder. Steve adds that Trapdoor is very high profile and it could get her stalled career back on track. Hastings asks if she was under pressure to get a result. Roz says no. Hastings adds that it was pressure from the top. Roz again says no.

Hastings says that they had no movement for months, that the press had told people the streets weren't safe. He can't believe there wasn't pressure. Roz says that she discharged her duty correctly and it's in the hands of the courts now. Hastings says that "The matter, DCI Huntley, is whether or not you knowingly and willingly hoodwinked the Crown Prosecutor into authorising charges against Michael Farmer despite there being good reason to doubt his guilt." Roz looks upset at this accusation, but firmly says that she has no doubt about Michael's guilt. Hastings says No?

Steve pulls up more evidence, a transcript of Michael's first interview. Steve says that when he was asked for his whereabouts when Leonie disappeared he told them that he had been admitted to hospital. Roz says that he had misled her detectives. Hastings looks surprised. Steve chastises her and says "He’s an emotionally and intellectually vulnerable suspect who got a detail wrong. Follow-up by AC-12 proves Michael Farmer was a hospital in-patient at the time of Leonie Collersdale’s disappearance." Hastings stares at Roz to gauge her reaction. Roz responds that Neil had given her this information.

Roz describes Michael's day. He visits his grandmother between 19:30 and 20:30 every evening and starts work at 22:00. He was admitted to City General Hospital at 23:30 on 25 January. She says that Leonie was last seen just after 21:00 which gave Michael sufficient time to carry out the offence and then to attend hospital to fabricate an alibi. She says that the hospital found nothing wrong with Michael, which adds that it was a deliberate deception.

Hastings says that his point is that they should have known about this information far far earlier, and the reason that she didn't know was that she was itching to charge the suspect come what may. Mark says that he's made an inflammatory accusation. Hastings tells him that he will address him as Sir. Mark looks put out at this remark. Hastings focuses back on Roz and tells her that he thinks 2 hours is an extremely narrow margin for him to have abducted a girl, transported her across town, done away with her and gotten himself to the hospital.

Steve goes back to image 47, balaclava man. Hastings says that Roz believes this is Michael, despite his partial alibi. The next image is Tim's biometric analysis of the picture. Roz looks surprised and grabs for her copy of the image. Steve says that the height can't be estimated without a large margin of error, but there is an accurate estimation of shoe size. Roz says that she's hasn't seen it before and wants to know where he got it. Steve continues and says that the suspect wears size 10 shoes, but that Michael wears size 8. Roz's only response is to ask where the evidence came from. Hastings says that it's confidential.

Steve moves on and pulls up the boot print again, the only anomalous one found at Michael's house. He confirms it's size 10 and doesn't match any footwear belonging to Michael. Hastings points at the screen and tells Roz that there is the man she should be looking for. Roz calmly responds that she's very grateful for this new information, and she'll get her team to look into it straight away. Hastings says that the question is whether she is fit to be giving those orders. In his opinion she has failed in her lawful duty to consider exculpatory evidence and he fears that Michael will suffer a miscarriage of justice. He further adds that he is going to recommend to her senior officer that a new SIO is appointed to Trapdoor and she be reassigned. He terminates the interview and walks out.

Steve starts cleaning up the room and Roz still seated asks him how many operations as big as Trapdoor he's run. Steve doesn't answer and Roz takes that as none, says thought so and walks out.

After Roz Huntley's First Interview with AC-12[]

That night, we see Roz at her house, heading for her garage. She's putting on forensics gloves and opens her boot. She reveals Tim's forensics bag, she gets out his phone and laptop. She opens the laptop, uses his password to unlock it and searches for biometrics. She finds the image that AC-12 showed her of balaclava man's calculations. She sees that her name and AC-12 are all over the file and she's distraught.

Later that night, we see Kate watching the video of Roz's interview. Kate doesn't like the part where Hastings accuses Roz of hitting a wall, when she actually took time to start a family. Kate looks equally frustrated at Steve's accusation that Roz was trying to get her career back by any means necessary.

Steve is trying to call Tim, but only gets his voicemail. Steve says that he knows Tim is on days off, but he needs his input on Michael's case. He thanks him for the biometrics, says they worked a treat and asks him to call back.

Kate comes out of a meeting room to Steve's surprise. Kate tells Steve that Roz wouldn't be the first SIO to buff evidence. Steve says that she took the accusation badly, Kate asks if that was how it seemed to him? Maneet breaks the tension and tells Kate congratulations. Steve asks what that's for. Maneet tells him that Kate has only gone and passed the National Inspector's Exam. Kate looks weary of Steve knowing, he looks confused but congratulates her. Steve said he didn't know she entered, Kate says that she didn't say anything in case things went badly, she said she took too long getting her act together to make DS she isn't going to let things slide. Steve and Kate make the same joke at the same time that Steve better watch out. They smile at each other. Steve tells her well done, you can see he really means it.

Hastings calls Kate into his office. He congratulates her, and says it's great news. He jokes that he'll be taking his fair share of the credit. They both laugh. Steve is watching from outside, wondering what this means for him. Hastings says that they should put some time aside to talk about her future. Kate says that would be great she's following her UC's shift pattern, but they could have a drink one night. Hastings looks very distressed at this suggestion and Kate says instead they could meet in the office next week. Hastings looks relieved and says that would be better.

The next day at Polk Avenue Station Kate, Neil and Jodie are sat around, Roz is in her office. Neil says that their new gaffer is ready, they all, excluding Roz, head into the incident room. DCI Ian Buckells greets them, he's the new SIO for Trapdoor. As Kate knows him from TO-20 in series 1, she hides and tries to avoid letting him see her. Ian tells them that they have two new leads, Michael's potential alibi and biometrics.

That night as Ian is leaving we see Steve ask him to follow him down an alleyway. Hastings is waiting in the shadows and steps out. Ian is very worried. He tells Ian that they are running an undercover operation and don't want to pull it because of him and that he's sure Ian doesn't want to waste their time either. Ian says he wouldn't want that, Hastings says good, because if he did then everyone would find out it was him. Ian agrees that would be bad, Hastings pats him on the shoulder and walks away, leaving Ian looking shaken.

Discovery at Tim Ifield's flat[]

We see Steve trying to call Tim again, and getting no response. Steve calls Kate and asks if she knows about Tim, if he's come back to work. Kate says negative and Steve understands. We next see Steve heading to Tim's flat he pushes the buzzer and there is no reply. He presses the other flats and Gemma Riley lets him in. He tells her to wait and he goes up to Tim's flat. Gemma says she hasn't seen him for a few days.

We move to later that day and Steve has back up now and they are breaking open the door to Tim's flat. Steve tells one PC to stay and control access to the flat, and asks the other PC to accompany him inside. Steve slowly moves into the flat and then his face changes and he looks devastated.

We cut to later the same day and there is now an official police cordon around the building. Steve sees Kate, Neil and Jodie walking up to the cordon. He tells them that they aren't getting anywhere near this investigation. Kate says that it's one of their own, of course, they want to help. Jodie asks what it looks like. Steve says that he understands their interest but it should be handled by an external team, if for nothing else than welfare issues. Kate says that they are three DS's and a DC and she wants to know why he's in charge. Steve says that it's gone through his boss and if they want to take it up with him they can.

An unmarked car approaches, it's Roz. She gets out and Neil tells Steve that they had to tell their boss. Roz walks over and asks who's in charge, Steve says he is, Roz tells him that he's relieved. Steve is surprised and asks what her authority is. Roz says that this inquiry isn't Trapdoor and she's the Duty DCI on Major Violent Crime so it's hers. She orders Jodie to start a decision log and for Neil to start a scene log. Steve says they have a scene log started.

Roz ignores Steve and tells Rupal that when her scene log is set up that they'll sign her in and they can go and have a look. Steve starts to protest and say that Roz can't go in. Roz ignores Steve and starts coordinating everything and tells Steve to stand down. Kate tells Steve that he has received a lawful order, and if he doesn't obey it she'll put in the paper if Roz doesn't. Steve is full of resentment but stands aside.

Roz and Rupal put on full forensics suits head inside. Rupal has a video recorder and films their findings. She notes that the door was forced by the police entrance under section 17 preservation of life. Rupal notes that the offender did a decent job of cleaning up after themselves. Roz hangs back, not wanting to see the body. Rupal films tools next to an upturned chair. Rupal says that the tools, whatever they were for, haven't been used. Roz sees Tim's crime scene evidence for Trapdoor printing and stuck around his room. We finally see that the body is Tim. Rupal films Tim's body and says that the cause of death looks like the visible neck laceration. Roz is looking very unwell at seeing the body. Rupal says that the jugular vein was nicked, but that there isn't a lot of blood considering this fact. Roz looks increasing uncomfortable as Rupal says that Tim would have taken a while to die.

Rupal says that with the sign of clean up, Tim could have been moving around. Roz nods in agreement. Rupal continues describing the body and confirms that the second, third and fourth fingers have been amputated. Roz's wounded left wrist twinges. Rupal wants to have a look around the other rooms quickly before she bringing the team in, Roz says fine. Rupal orders the FC to come up, then looks at Roz and says she didn't realise she and Tim were so close that she's taking it so hard. Roz says it's hard when it's someone you know.

At the door Kevin Gill forensic investigator arrives, Rupal tells him that there isn't much in the way of spatter but can he swab what he can, and all points of entry. The FI's get to work and Roz is surrounded by them. That's when she sees the one spatter she missed that's important, the one from her head wound on the kitchen counter. She tries to move towards it and ask she does Hastings appears at the doorway and asks her to come outside with him. Kevin has now seen the bloody on the counter and tells Rupal, who wants it photographed, marked and swabbed. Roz, devastated that she missed this crucial piece of evidence reluctantly leaves with Hastings.

Outside Tim's building Hastings asks Roz if she's unwell. Roz says that it's one of their own and she's had a stressful week. Hastings says that Steve's point about an outside investigation is well made. Roz says that she disagrees, it's their patch, their victim and their specialisation, she considers them best qualified to handle it. Hasting says "Hang on a second. I'm the senior ranking officer here, darling." Roz asks him to use gender-neutral language and reminds him that this fresh investigation bears no relation to Trapdoor. Roz says that he can take it up with her supervision team but she's going to get on with the job of finding the bastard who did this. Roz walks off to talk to her team.

Hastings takes off his forensics suits and tells Steve that "that wee girl has turned a corner with me" Steve says that there is no way that she can run this operation. Roz looks anxiously at them discussing her but talks to her team anyway. Steve says that with Tim dead he's lost their best asset in clearing Michael. Hastings tells him to head home and take care of himself. Kate tells Roz, loudly in front of Steve, "Nice one, ma'am. AC-12 leaving with their tail between their legs." Steve looks royally pissed off and glares at Kate, then drives off.

Back inside Tim flat, we see Kevin taking a swab of the blood on Tim's counter. Roz is watching him as he labels the bag KRG-13 and calls it out to the exhibits officer who marks it down in the log. Outside the flat, we see Roz write KRG - 30 on her glove.

Steve rings Kate from his car and tells her his theory. She's standing at the bottom of the stairs in Tim's building. Steve says that Tim was convinced that there was a conspiracy to protect a suspect in Trapdoor, and that's why Michael was charged with such poor evidence. Kate says that sounds like a motive to kill him. Steve says that the other suspect wouldn't be the only person to benefit, Kate asks what he means. Steve wants to know if Roz could have known that Tim was giving them evidence. Kate says she doesn't know, that Roz was caught out by all the evidence they presented to her which he'd supplied. Then someone else comes down the stairs and she pretends to be talking to her husband.

After Discovery at Tim Ifield's flat[]

That night we see Roz back in her garage, with a new pair of gloves on opening Tim’s forensics bag. She gets out a swab and takes a sample from Tim’s heavily blood stained forensic suit. She puts in in an evidence bag and writes KRG-30 on the tube and new forensics bag. She puts both in a Tupperware container and leaves it in her boot. She’s about to shut her boot, when she makes a quick decision and takes another swab and puts it in the same container. 

Later that night we see Roz going into the forensics submissions room. Kevin is sat behind the desk Roz looks unsure. She regains herself and asks Kevin if all the evidence is back from the crime scene, he says it is. She asks if he’ll do her a favour and look to see if there is a laptop or mobile phone. Kevin sighs but goes to look. Roz takes this opportunity and immediately puts on gloves and takes out her new evidence bags. She looks through the submissions for KRG-30 but can’t find it, she starts to look worried. She panics and starts to freak out, but she reigns it in. She starts to look through them again slowly. She finds KRG-13 and unsure if this is the right one she pauses, she hears someone talking to Kevin outside, complainging that “Her majesty” got him running errands for her. Roz panics that he’s so close and decides KRG-13 must be it. She overwrites the name on her bag and puts it in the evidence freezer. She snaps the gloves off and stores them in her bag just as Kevin comes back in. He says that no laptop or mobile was found. Roz thanks him and leaves. Roz puts the Tupperware container in her locker and leaves, she looks unwell again. 

Back at Roz’s home she crawls into bed with Nick He says he thought he heard her car ages ago. She said she was called out again straight away and didn’t want to wake him. 

The next day in Polk Avenue Station Jodie is giving an update to Roz. She says that all fingerprints and DNA found at Tim’s flat matched Tim no one else. Roz asks about the blood found on the worktop, Jodie says that also matched Tim’s blood. Roz fakes disappointment and says okay. Jodie says that they did a thorough search and they didn’t find a laptop or mobile phone. Roz says that they can track the phone, Jodie says that whoever took it was smart enough to switch it off. Roz says it’s frustrating, maybe the killer had been in contact. Jodie says she’s been in contact with his service providers. Looks nervous and asks for more information. Jodie says that someone did come up in his contacts. Jodie looks uncomfortable and Roz shuts the door, stopping Kate from being able to overhear. 

Hana Resnikova’s First Interview with MVC[]

Later that day we see Hana settling in to an interview room with Jodie and Farida. Roz is watching from another room. Her arm is twinging again and she starts to look at it, but Kate barges in and Roz stops looking at her arm. Roz tells Kate that the limitations of her secondment have been agreed, and Tim’s murder is nothing to do with her. Kate says that with respect Hana is the alleged third victim of her suspect and that there is a definite link to her case. Roz looks upset but knows she can’t do anything. Roz is starting to look more noticeably sickly. 

Jodie asks Hana about Tim. Hana says that he was a customer at the café that she worked at, that she leaves her business cards out at work and he said he needed a cleaner. Jodie asks how many times she’d been to his flat. Hana says only once, she told him to come when he was home so he could explain what work he wanted her to do and that they could agree a price. Jodie asks if she saw him when she went around. Hana said no because he’d text her. Farida says that they have a record of that text it said “Ill. Don’t come in.” and a second message to apologise and say he’ll rearrange. Jodie asks if he did call to rearrange. Hana said he didn’t, she thought he’d changed his mind about the cleaning. 

Jodie asks if Hana knew anything else about Tim, what work he did. Hana says no. Jodie tells Hana that Tim was on site the night she was rescued from Michael’s house. Hana looks shocked and says she doesn’t remember him. 

Kate says that whatever Hana knew, Tim would have known her. Roz agrees. Kate wonders out lout what Tim was doing getting Hana round to his flat. Roz says that it’s all come as a shock to them. Kate thanks Roz for letting her in and tells Roz that she doesn’t think they’d have replaced Ro` if she were a bloke. Roz gives Kate a small smile and Kate leaves. 

Back in the interview Jodie is asking Hana if the door or locks had been tampered with, Hana says no. Jodie asks if she’s had any unusual calls or emails since then and Hana says no again. 

After Hana Resnikova’s First Interview with MVC[]

Kate and Steve meeting in a new underground subway that night. Kate tells Steve that Roz has relented a bit as far as she’s concerned and she’s seen Tim’s communication history, luckily there is nothing connecting him to AC-12 and he was a security nut so there are no online backups, according to his ISP. Kate says that there is no record that he alerted anyone else about his suspicious of another suspect in Trapdoor. There was no communication between Roz and Tim before his death, the last email was the email sent on the night of Michael’s arrest. 

Steve asks if they have any clues about why Tim was getting Hana to come to his flat. Kate says it’s a blank. They are running checks on Hana but she appears to be an innocent party. Her explanation as to why she was the last person Tim contacted makes sense. Steve says that either Tim messaged her himself, or his killer did. Steve says that Tim had a high-tech security system installed in the flat and the cameras fed directly into his computer, with nothing being stored elsewhere. Kate says that’s another reason they need to find his computer. 

Next day Roz turns up at Polk Avenue Station, she opens her boot and it’s empty apart from her handbag. She must have dumped Tim’s bag somewhere. 

Later that day Hilton turns up and the team stands for him. He tells them he sends them his condolences for the lost of Tim. Roz tells him that they are doing everything they can to find his killer. Neil says they are looking into his personal life and Jodie says they are looking at past offenders in case it’s a revenge attack for someone he put away. Roz says that Tim was such a decent hard working bloke it’s hard to fathom a grudge. Ian comes out of his office and moves into the incident room. Hilton is trying to move away from them all but Roz corners him and asks if she could have a moment as he’s not been responding to her calls regarding the decision to replace her. Hilton agrees that she needs clarity, but says it’s AC-12 and out of his hands. He says he’s on a tight schedule and moves to talk to Ian about Trapdoor. Ian tells him that the set of remains that were found are that of Leonie, the second prostitute that went missing. Ian says that there was no other DNA found, Hilton says that’s small mercies but he’s happy they can call them prostitutes again. 

That night we see Hastings and Steve meet up for a drink. Hastings wants to talk to Steve about his career prospects, over a drink (which he refused to do with Kate) . Hastings says that he know if he puts Steve on a case that Steve will see it through to the bitter end, and that being an Inspector is more of the same, no half measures. Steve says he’s ready and able. Steve asks if Hastings is having a meeting with Kate too. Hastings says that he can hardly meet an attractive young woman for a drink, how would it look. Steve looks dubious and slightly concerned. 

That night at Roz’s house, she’s in her PJs and runs into her bathroom. She takes the bandage off, what we now see as three scratch marks on her wrist. They look raw and not like they are healing. She sprays the wound with some disinfectant and covers the wound again.

The next day Steve delivers the post mortem results to Hastings and tells him that the cause of death was exsanguination from the wound on his neck, but the wound was shallow leaving some doubt about the level of intent. Steve says that there was also a burn on his left hand with traces of cooking oil, which suggests it relates to the frying pan found at the scene. He says that there were defensive wounds found on his hands and support some kind of struggle. He adds that the amount of blood staining on his clothes was very low, and it suggests that an outer layer of clothing was removed. There are fibres which suggest Tim was wearing a forensic oversuit at the time of his death, and as the suits are designed not to lint it suggests that there was a struggle. Hastings says that it sounds like the killer was worried the suit was contaminated with his DNA. 

Steve adds that the fingertips were removed post mortem, probably as some part of the killers forensic clean-up. Hastings asks if they are surmising that Tim tried to grab a handful of his assailant. Steve says that’s the case. Tim might have realised his wound was fatal and tried his best to contaminate the killer with his blood and get his DNA under his fingernails. Steve says that unfortunately the killer was wise to these plans. Hastings says that means he disposed of the clothes and the fingers. Steve says they have no witnesses to anyone leaving, but they can build a basic profile of the killer. He says that there was an altercation and the killer cleaned up and did a comprehensive job, but didn’t remove the body. Hastings asks what he’s thinking. Steve says that the killer was disturbed, most likely when Hana arrived to start her cleaning job. Hastings prods him knowing he has more. Steve says that maybe the killer was incapable of lifting the body. Indicating they were likely small, female or both. Hastings looks tense at the suggestion. Steve says quickly that it’s only a possibility. Hastings says that they are in no position to consider Roz a suspect, they don’t have cause. Steve wants to run a parallel investigation into Tim’s murder and Roz. Hastings says that Kate is close to Roz and he wants to wait to see what she brings back first. Steve looks disappointed and leaves. 

At Polk Avenue Steve arrives to talk to Roz. Neil is chasing up the hospital for Michael’s admission records. Kate, Jodie and Farida are there. Roz tells Steve to put them in writing and he’ll get an answer in 10 days. Steve says that the longer their inquiry takes the long she’s out in the cold. Roz gives in and asks what he wants. Steve asks her to describe her relationship with Tim. She looks on edge and worried at this question. Roz says that they were colleagues and respected each other, they were close. At least that’s how she felt. Steve asks if she thought he felt differently. Roz says that who knows what people think of each other. She says they didn’t talk much or socialise. Steve asks directly if she’s ever been to his flat. Roz looks disturbed by these questions, but answers yes, she was there to investigate his murder. Steve asks while he was alive, and Roz says no. Steve leaves. 

We hear Neil still on the phone to the hospital, trying to speak to someone who saw Michael on the night of January 25th. Roz leaves her office and Kate watches. Roz goes to her locker and grabs the Tupperware box. Roz heads into forensic submissions with her stash. On the way out she sees Rupal. She asks Rupal about Leonie’s body and wants to confirm that they didn’t find any foreign DNA on her body. Roz asks if she’d have another look, she’s speaking very quietly hardly moving her mouth. Rupal doesn’t want to be awkward but she says that Ian is SIO now. Roz stops her from moving off and still speaking quietly tells Rupal that she’s not broadcasting it, but she’s asking in relation to Tim’s murder. Rupal says she doesn’t see the connection, Roz says it’s highly confidential. Rupal looks concerned by reluctantly agrees to check again. 

The next day Kate enters AC-12 to talk to Hastings about her career progression. Hastings tells her straight up that he’s considered her application and she is a tremendous asset to the department, but that he thinks she needs to develop her leadership qualities a bit more before he can support her for Inspector. Kate asks if it’ll be Steve. Hastings looks taken a back and says stutters that he has extra years and that it was a close run thing. Kate thanks him and leaves. She walks straight out, doesn’t stop to talk to Steve. Steve and Hastings both look like they are feeling bad. 

Jodie and the team working on Tim’s murder are at their desk. The Trapdoor team are in the incident room. Ian says that it’s possible that Balaclava man murdered Tim too. He asks if they have found anymore of Leonie’s body. Neil says no, not else at the scene. Roz is standing outside the door waiting for news. Rupal tells Ian that she has found a significant new finding on the body. Ian asks for details but Rupal says she isn’t sure if she should say in front of everyone. This causes everyone to look straight at her, wondering what this new news might be. Rupal says that it was because of new tests Roz ordered. Ian goes straight out to Roz and asks why she’s interfering in his case. Roz says she isn’t. Ian looks unsure how to deal with her. 

He walks back into the room and asks Rupal to tell them what the new finding is. Roz calls her team in, saying they need to know. The team come in and Roz instructs Rupal to go ahead. Rupal tells them that foreign DNA was found on Leonie, it matches Tim. Everyone looks shocked. Roz makes a big deal and blows out a huge sigh, she tells them all that this does not leave the room. 

AT HMP blackthorn we see Michael being escorted down a corridor. He gets to his cell and finds that the walls have been smeared in faeces and the word BEAST is written on the wall. Michael looks horribly upset by this. The offender management officer says that the beast has made an awful mess for himself. Michael getting very upset says that he didn’t do it, someone else must have. The officer says that if the beast made a mess he gets to live in it. Michael just repeats that he didn’t do it. 

Later that day we see Roz in Hilton’s office. She tells him about the latest findings and that she wanted to include him before someone makes a rash move. Hilton thanks her and asks for any hypothesis. Roz says that they are looking into his private life, but that they are struggling to make sense of it. Hilton thanks her for keeping a lid on it. Roz goes further and says that there is still the question on who AC-12 source was against her, that she was told it was confidential, but Tim’s flat was full of conspiracy theories and it occurred to her that he was likely the informant. Hilton agrees and says that he credibility is now undermined. Roz says that she’s worried that Tim was deliberately confounding the investigation and AC-12 are doing that work for him. Hilton says that he was never happy with the recommendation to replace her. 

Roz says that Ian is working Trapdoor now, and he’s looking at evidence exculpating Michael. Hilton is worried that he’ll find any. Roz says that the best he has is a boot print and that it doesn’t do anything to overturn the weight of inculpatory evidence against Michael, even if they do have to examine Tim’s role in it all. AC-12 inquiry threatened their credibility. Hilton asks what Roz would do if he went against AC-12 recommendation and reinstated her. Roz says that she’s convinced Michael’s crimes and Tim’s Murder are connected, she’s shown she’s demonstrated complete discretion. She pushes further and says that no one looks good if it comes out their forensic staff tampered with evidence, and no one looks good if it comes out they charged the wrong man. 

We cut back to Michael locked in to his faeces smeared cell, looking miserable and crying. He sinks to the floor and just holds his head.