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The Process is the second episode in Series 3 of Line of Duty and the thirteenth overall episode. It was first broadcast on BBC Two on 31st March 2016.


After the shooting at the drugs house, DC Kate Fleming uses her undercover role to increase the pressure on Danny Waldron's armed response unit. Meanwhile, a previous AC-12 investigation comes under legal scrutiny.


Part I[]

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Part II[]

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Opening Credits[]

Closing Credits[]


  • Chrissie Harris as Police Officer AC-12
  • Jude North as Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) Bloom
  • Simon Millar as DC Daniel Brightway
  • Kristy Robinson as PC Karen Black
  • Ross Moneypenny as AFO
  • Bobby Marno as Forensic Investigator
  • The SP Joy as Footballer


Filming locations in this episode include Invest Northern Ireland HQ and Belfast BT Riverside Tower (AC-12 Building), Belfast Self Storage (Tresco Storage), Royal Courts of Justice (courtrooms) and Albert Memorial Clock (the underpass).