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"The Caddy" is the sixth and final episode in Series 2 of Line of Duty and the eleventh overall episode. It was first broadcast on BBC Two on 19th March 2014.



Dryden claims that Denton was at the car park when he was photographed in the car with Kirk. Arnott gets closer to Denton but reveals to Fleming that he is undercover, as she was earlier. Arnott finds the pay-off money hidden among the possessions Denton took from her mother's room.

In flashback, the events prior to the ambush: Denton follows Dryden to the reception, where Kirk meets and attempts to seduce him. Denton has a brief conversation with her in the ladies' cloakroom and then follows Kirk and Dryden to the car park, where she sees Kirk fellate Dryden and that she is working for Hunter. Some days later, Denton approaches Hunter but is surprised to find him accompanied by DS Akers. Akers visits Denton at her home to request help in handing Hunter over to his criminal associates, who want to kill him out of fear he will inform on them in witness protection. With a pay-off, and appealing to Denton's desire to protect Kirk from her pimp and abuser, Akers persuades her to assist in the handover. He orders two corrupt officers to ambush the convoy, who follow it using a tracker placed on Denton's vehicle. Akers and Hunter are both killed to protect Cottan's identity, Denton is left alive to take the blame.

In the epilogue, the buried body is not Kirk's, who has fled the country unknown to the authorities and criminal parties. Prasad, who carried out the ambush and kidnapped Denton, gives evidence against her in return for reduced sentencing. Morton is not suspected of any wrongdoing and will retire, in a year, on full pension; he continues to sell confidential information to the press. Dryden is given a suspended sentence for perverting the course of justice regarding his wife's speeding ticket and resigns from the police force. Denton is convicted of conspiracy to commit murder and given a life sentence. Cottan is asked to remain in AC-12. Major Violent Crimes continue to investigate who organised Hunter's murder, but no police officers beyond Denton are suspected.


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  • Laurence Doherty as 4th St Station DC


Scenes from this episode were filmed at Invest Northern Ireland HQ and Belfast BT Riverside Tower (AC-12 Building), Queen's Univeristy (South Central Hospital), Somme Nursing Home (Ashcliffe Nursing Home), Ormeau Avenue (4th Street Station), Crawfordsburn Road (where Nige and Dot meet), Tourism Northern Ireland (AC-12 carpark) and Longwood Retail Park, Newtonabbey (carpark Fleming sleeps in).