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"The Ambush" is the first episode of Series 2 of Line of Duty and the sixth overall episode. It was first broadcast on BBC Two on 12th February 2014.


A brutal ambush on a police convoy leaves three officers dead and a protected witness fighting for his life. AC-12 turn their spotlight on Lindsay Denton, the officer who led the convoy but escaped unscathed.


Before first interview of Lindsay Denton by AC-12[]

The episode opens on 5th September 2013 in the 4th Street Station with Sergeant O'Neill knocking on DI Lindsay Denton's door with an urgent call for the duty inspector. The call is from DS Jayne Akers who has an urgent request for assistance, with an immediate and credible threat to life. Denton tells O'Neill that they need Gold Approval to sign off on the operation, but O'Neill advises her that the Chief Superintendent Raymond Mallick has gone home. Denton tells him to call the Mallick at home. They try to reach Mallick but only get his voicemail. O'Neill says that they should give Mallick five minutes to get back to them, but Denton walks out and O'Neill looks frustrated and says "There she goes". Denton calls Deputy Chief Constable Mike Dryden and receives Gold Approval from him for the operation with Akers, although Dryden addresses her as Linda.

Denton rushes out with two other officers, Sergeant Alex Wallis and PC Vincent Butler who ask if they can know where they are going. Denton tells them that it's a "Suspect in a missing persons enquiry, need to get him in for questioning." Denton tells them to get in her car, which causes some surprise from the other officers. They rush off in Denton's unmarked silver car with blues and sirens on.

Denton and her two colleagues pull into a small residential street at St. James Close and get out to find Akers waiting for them. Akers thanks Denton for stepping in, and then confirms that she needs a safe and available destination ASAP. Denton advises that she would take the backroads, not straight into town as Akers suggests. Akers and Denton stare at each other for a second, perhaps trying to suss each other out. Akers finally agrees and tells Denton to lead, but that Denton's officers will go with Akers in her car to secure the person being transported. Denton says she'll take the rest of Akers team, Akers says that there is only her. Denton looks surprised but instructs her guys to get the car ready for Akers and to keep the radio in the car on channel 1, and personal radios back-to-back on 2. Butler asks to know who is in the house, and Denton says she doesn't know. Akers walks out of the house with a witness fully under a blanket, you can't see anything distinguishing. Akers bundles them into the back of the car and Denton takes off leading the drive to the safe house, with Butler, Wallis, Akers and the witness in the following car.

During the drive, Denton indicates to turn left, Wallis gets on his radio and says she should be going straight on. Denton returns with "Yeah, I know the way to my own station." Very shortly after they turn left a Range Rover almost runs head-on into Denton, she swerves to avoid them and the car sideswipes her and forces her off the road. The Range Rover then goes on to smash head first into Akers car, causing the airbags to release. Denton's car stops after hitting a tree and her airbag deploys. Two masked gunmen get out of the Range Rover and head to Akers car, they fire into the back seat where the witness they were transporting is sitting. They hit Akers and the other two police officers, they then begin dousing the car in petrol. Denton radio's in a call "Charlie Mike two-five, status zero, status zero, Long Lane and Crown Avenue!" As she finishes the radio message you can see the two masked men set the car on fire, she screams status zero into the radio then gets out of her car just as Akers car explodes and Akers and the witness crawl out of the back seat on fire. Denton throws her jacket over Akers to put out the flames, the body is so badly burnt it is unrecognisable. The second body rolls over, also badly burnt and Denton looks distraught at the scene.

Three other police cars are seen arriving and Denton is shown in hospital having received medical treatment. She has a neck brace on in her own little cubicle surround by curtains. There is lots of activity around her as other people are receiving CPR. Chief Superintendent Raymond Mallick is watching the CPR as he pulls back the curtain to talk to her. He asks her how she is and if she needs anything before seeing if she's willing to answer questions. Denton says she's still trying to work out what actually happened out there, and Mallick says that no one seemed to know what she was up to, and she says she's not sure does either. Mallick confirms that both Wallis and Butler are dead and that the people receiving CPR behind him are Akers and the witness. Mallick asks who they are and Denton says she's not sure if she should divulge that information. Mallick is annoyed by this and says it would help to know, he goes on to say that he'd gotten her messages and if she'd given him more than a minute to reply, she cuts him off and says she gave him more than a minute, she gave him 20. Mallick walks away at this and we witness more CPR in the background, leaving Denton all alone. Denton watches on we see the doctors call time of death on Akers at 23:12 as Denton cries silently to herself.

Back at the ambush scene, the crime scene techs are preparing to start their investigation. The media have already gathered and around surrounding the scene with cameramen, photographers and journalists. Jo Dwyer appears at the crime scene cordon and updates the press. She tells them that evidence recovery is ongoing and for them to respect the cordon. Deputy Chief Constable Mike Dryden also appears at the crime scene and signs in. He looks pretty shocked by the scene, especially knowing he gave the order for this to go ahead. He is then introduced to the press by Dwyer, Dryden gives a statement to the police saying that this is an attack on the police, three officers lost their lives and they are starting an investigation.

We now see DS Steve Arnott waiting outside the hospital for DC Kate Fleming to arrive whilst listening to Dryden's statement on the radio. They meet up with Superintendent Ted Hastings in the lift. Hastings takes them both to a room with two guards from the Major Violent Crime Unit and signs them in. Inside is the witness that was being transported by Akers. The witness is in an isolation room with one nurse, Claire Tindall, covered in bandages and on a respirator. Hastings tells Kate and Arnott what happened with the transit convoy and confirms that they have been assigned to find out if a police officer or officers tipped anyone off to the witness's location. Kate asks who the witness is and Hastings says it's classified as he was under witness protection, and he is critical but stable. Arnott talks to Claire to find out what his chances are, Claire says that he's lucky and his chances are good. Kate asks about other people in the convoy, Hastings confirms that Denton is their only other surviving witness. Arnott wants to talk to her but Hastings says she's currently in counselling. Arnott asks about the names of the offices, Hastings confirms Wallis, Butler and confirms Akers but says her name is not being released to the press as she was in witness protection. Kate looks shocked and says she'll follow them shortly.

Kate looks at her phone history and sees an answered call from Richard Akers yesterday and 5 missed calls from him yesterday. Kate looks worried and catches up with Hastings, she tells him that she can't be part of this investigation. Hastings looks confused, he says it'll be a high profile case and she's one of his best officers. Kate reveals she knew Jayne Akers and says they went through Ryton together. Hastings gets frustrated and says that half the job went through training together and they aren't investigating Akers, Kate says not yet. Hastings is baffled that Kate doesn't want to investigate why there are three officers in the morgue. Kate asks Hastings if she's supposed to be angry, and Hastings says yes, and if he finds out a police officer was responsible he'll be livid. Kate says she's not angry, that she doesn't want to investigate a former colleagues death, she'd prefer to keep her distance. Hastings gives in but complains that he'll have to find Arnott a new partner and that Arnott won't like that.

DC Georgia Trotman is waiting in AC-12 for Hastings and Arnott, she's to be his new partner for the investigation. Hastings confirms they have the parameters of the investigation, witness protection is off limits and major violent crime is going after the gunmen. This leaves AC-12 with investigating the suspicion that someone leaked information which led to the ambush. Arnott complains that by not being able to investigate fully they are only left with Denton to question. Hastings says then they should go after her. Georgia leaves the room and Arnott asks Hastings if he thinks she's up to it, Hastings says he thinks so.

Denton goes back to work at the 4th street station where a book of condolences and a collection for Wallis and Butler has been started. O'Neill asks Denton if she is ok, and asks if there is anything he can do for her, she politely declines and walks into her office. Mallick greets her and tells her to take it steady. Denton gets upset when she sees the memorial for the two officers and everyone is staring at her, so she goes to the toilets to cry. There is a knock on her toilet door, she says "this one's taken" but the knocking becomes louder and more insistent. She repeats what she said and then the door flies open and O'Neill grabs her by the hair, while the rest of the squad, including Mallick, looks on. O'Neill then shoves her head into the toilet and flushes. He pulls her up long enough to say "No firearms! No backup! It should be you we're burying, you stupid bitch!" in her ear then shoves her back into the toilet. He lets her up finally and she's left sobbing against the cubicle wall as they all walk out.

Denton's First Interview with AC-12[]

Cleaned up and looking respectable Denton appears at AC-12 with DI Samuel Royal her police federation representation. Hastings, Arnott and Georgia are present for the interview. Hastings confirms that she's being interviewed as a witness, not as a suspect in any matters of crime, discipline or misconduct. Hastings wants to know what her involvement was in the events that took place on 5th September. Denton says it was bad luck, she was on the ghost rota and the Duty Sergeant took a call and passed it to her. Hastings wants the details. Denton confirms that the caller identified herself as DS Jayne Akers and then told Denton that there was an immediate and credible threat to the life of a protected witness. Hastings asks if she said anything further about the threat, Denton said she did not. Hastings wants to know if Akers indicated where she got the information from about the threat, Denton said she did not.

Arnott asks a question and Royal buts in to say that Denton has the right to be questioned by an office of one rank superior, Arnott says she's only a witness there is no suspicion, Denton says it's ok. Denton says that the witness was located within the precinct of the 4th Street and the 4th Street Estate and that made the 4th Street Station the duty station. Hastings wants to know if she passed this information on to officers at the 4th Street Station, Denton said she did not that Akers had impressed on her the secure nature of their communication and should only involve others when strictly operationally necessary. Denton confirms she had a cover story, the arrest of a missing persons suspect. Arnott asks if she spoke to anyone, Denton confirms she discussed the matter with Dryden and sought his approval to render assistance. Hastings tests her and asks why she told Dryden if Akers had told her not to, Denton counters that assistance of that type requires Gold approval before it could be carried out. Hastings looks pleased with her knowledge of procedure and says "quite right". Arnott asks if she always adheres to regulation, Denton says that's what they are there for. Hastings says "I can see you and I are going to get on a like a house on fire, DI Denton!" when she says that. Hastings wants to know why she chose specifically to call Dryden. Denton confirms that in an earlier instance where the Duty CS failed to answer DCC Dryden had made it clear that he could always be contacted in such circumstances. Denton goes on to suggest that Dryden offered this so he could find out which Brass were pulling their weight and which weren't. Hasting chuckles and asks Denton why she assigned Wallis and Butler. Denton says she knew they had good reputations and could handle themselves. Arnott interjects that they were unarmed officers. Hastings repeats the words said to her in the toilet, but gently, "No firearms, no backup?" Denton looks upset and says "If there was anything I could do to reverse that decision, sir..." Royal adds that Denton was proceeding on Akers' instructions. Hastings says "Nobody's blaming you, I mean if those were Akers' instructions. I just thought you might think they were a bit irregular." Denton is quite until Arnott offers "You took the view that it was Akers area of specialisation." and Denton agrees.

The tone changes and they ask about Denton personally, asking about her background as doing mostly desk work in the background. Denton says that she believes she's done important work and Hastings quickly agrees. Georgia reads out her background with AC-12, in 2002, Denton alleged a colleague was falsifying witness statements. The complaint was upheld and the officer was disciplined. In 2007, Denton alleged a colleague was making fraudulent expenses' claims. The complaint was upheld and the officer was disciplined. Georgia says that Denton has demonstrated the utmost probity throughout her service career. Hastings congratulates her on her courage to take a moral stand against fellow officers.

Hastings then asks them to look at document seven in their folder, which is a map showing the location of the safe house, the ambush and 4th street station. Arnott shows the most direct route between the safe house and the station, and then shows the longer route that was taken and that the ambush happened almost directly after Denton had turned left onto Long Lane. Hastings asks Denton to agree that was the case, which Denton does. Arnott asks why the decision was taken to not go via the fastest route, Royal says that Denton was following Akers' instructions. Arnott asks specifically if Akers specifically chose the route and Denton says yes. Arnott says that this route would have lead to the 4th street station if the cars had continued along Crown Avenue, but that they turned off onto Long Lane. Denton again says that this was Akers' decision. Hastings asks if Denton questioned this. Denton says she didn't. Arnott asks if she had a radio, which Denton says she did. Hastings asks again why Denton didn't question this decision. Royal interrupts to ask them to take a step back, Denton is a witness and they should remember that. Hastings immediately steps back and becomes friendly smiling at Denton. Denton answers that the decision appeared to make sense at the time. Denton says that there were roadworks on Crown Avenue, with a temporary traffic signal controlling a single lane. Denton explains that this was a potential hold up and could have left them vulnerable. Arnott says that there were no roadworks on Crown Avenue that night, that they had been completed the day before. Denton says she wasn't aware they had finished. Hastings asks if she made a point of getting up to date travel information, she says she didn't. Arnott says that even though Akers' chose the route, Denton seems very familiar with the arguments for that specific route. Hastings asks isn't it more likely that Denton and Akers' discussed the route between themselves, isn't that more likely. Denton looks confused and struggles to answer. Royal steps in and asks to stop the interview there. Hastings asks if Denton is withdrawing her co-operation, she hesitates, Hastings pushes her and she says that of course, she'll cooperate.

Arnott points out that her car was the only one that wasn't shot at that night. Denton says the gunmen didn't need to shoot her, they had knocked her car off the road. She says that she took cover inside her car until they had fled the scene. Hastings agrees that she was in fear for her life. Arnott tells her that Wallis and Butler died almost instantly from their gunshot wounds, but Akers and the witness were alive. Denton confirms that the witness managed to put the flames out on himself but that Akers' was unable to do the same and she threw her coat over her to put them out. Hastings wants to know if Denton helped them out of the car, Denton is visibly upset at remember all the details and weakly replies no. She manages to say that they got themselves out of the car, and were already burning when she approached them. Georgia and Arnott look shocked and sit back in their chairs. Denton is shaking and unsteadily takes a sip of water. Georgia again sympathises with Denton and tries to empathise.

Hastings reminds Denton that they all sympathise with the terrible ordeal she's been through, but that their job is to investigate how the gunmen knew where they would be that night. Denton says that she wishes she could help them. Hastings makes it clear that they are investigating the possibility of information leakage. Denton says she understands, and Hastings presses further that information leakage happens in two ways deliberately and accidentally. Arnott further elaborates that deliberately ties in with potential officer corruption, being in league with the criminals, and accidentally which means officer incompetence, failure to communicate securely. Royal again asks that the interview needs to stop, that if they have suspicions of Denton that they need to issue her with a Regulation 15 Notice. Hastings says that they are information gathering, they are a long way from a Reg 15 notice. Arnott says that within their authority to investigate any officer connected to the event, they have carried out financial checks on Denton. Royal gets upset and says that he's asked them to stop. Hastings says that their strongest suspicious is that criminal interests tried to assassinate the witness to stop him from testifying and that they would pay a lot of money for that to happen. Hastings goes on to say that Denton is in financial difficulty and that she is duty bound to declare it on the grounds that it would make her susceptible to bribery. Arnott says she's in debt up to her eyeballs. Royal again asks them to stop the tape and finish the interview. Georgia reaches for the tape recorder button but hesitates.

Denton opens up and says that her mother had to go into a nursing home, and the council wouldn't pay and so Denton had to sell her mothers house but it wasn't enough, and Denton sold her house but it was in negative equity and so she is stuck with mortgage payments on a tiny place she hates but at least her mum is being looked after. Lindsay then has enough and tells them off for trying to twist some case out of her misfortunes. Royal tries to get her to stop. Georgia looks upset by Denton's plight. Denton goes on to say that all she has ever done is her job and that she shouldn't have been on duty that night. She says that she'd given anything not to have been working, not to have received that call, that for all she knows it's going to take away the one good thing in her life and that's being a police officer. The interview concludes and Royal and Denton leave AC-12.

After the interview[]

Georgia and Arnott watch Denton leave, Georgia asks if that's how it works here and Arnott says sometimes. She tells Arnott that he should have told her that they were going to treat her like a suspect. Arnott says that they weren't going to, but Denton did that to herself. Georgia says that she was defenceless in the meeting, Arnott says that's her reps job, not theirs. Their job is to catch criminals, the criminals they catch just happen to be police officers, that's all there is to it. Georgia asks incredulously if he thinks Denton's a criminal. Arnott admits he doesn't think she is a criminal. Georgia asks what gives him the right to treat her like one, Arnott says he's been through it and that gives him the right. Georgia asks if having been through it, it doesn't bother him. Arnott then questions her fitness to be part of AC-12 if she's bothered by what they do. Georgia steals herself and says it's for her, she can handle it.

Dryden is giving a full press statement in front of cameras about the death of Wallis and Butler, acknowledging the suffering faced by their families. A reporter asks for information on other casualties, Dryden confirms that another police detective also died at the scene, and one other officer received minor injuries. The press clamour to know about a possible civilian casualty. Dryden denies that there was a civilian casualty, and reiterates that he said this was an attack on the police. Denton is watching the statement on tv and feeding her cat, Bella, and she removes the neck brace that she has been wearing since the incident. Dryden continues on and uses this incident to call for more money to be given to the police force, he says that they were unable to protect themselves on the night of this attack. Denton makes herself dinner while dance music beats from next door and dogs bark in the area.

Hastings, Arnott, Georgia, Kate, Richard Akers and hundreds of other officers attend the funeral service for Wallis, Butler and Jayne Akers. Denton sneaks in at the back and tries to avoid anyone seeing her, but Arnott and Georgia spot her. In the receiving line on the way out of the church, Dryden stops Denton as she goes by to ask her about her calling him on the night of the incident and how is she. She says she's ok and walks on. Richard Akers is also in the line and when Kate reaches him there is an awkward tension, after the numerous times he looked at her during the funeral ceremony.

After the funeral[]

Kate calls her husband, Mark Fleming, as she is leaving work to tell him she's going to be home late as she has to work late and asks if he can get their son Josh Fleming's stuff ready for school the next day. She drives to see Richard. He lets her into his flat and he starts rubbing her shoulders. They get close and end up in bed, as there appear to have done many times before. In the middle of the night, Richard gets up and goes to sit in his lounge crying, with a whisky, looking over all the condolence cards he's received. Kate joins him in the lounge and apologises for coming around that night, he says it doesn't matter in the grand scheme. He shows Kate a photo of her and Akers together at Ryton and comments that they always used to end up side by side. She asks if Richard thinks Jayne ever knew about their affair, Richard says that when it mattered she trusted us both with her life. Richard admits that the night of the ambush Jayne had called Richard to call Kate. Kate asks for details, Richard only knows that Jayne had wanted Kate to call her about the case she was working on. Kate doesn't understand why Jayne wouldn't call her direct, was she worried her phone was tapped? Richard then says if Kate had answered his calls she could have asked Jayne herself.

The next day Kate is back in AC-12 HQ and takes the tape of the Denton interview to listen to.

In the 4th Street Station, Mallick calls Denton into his office. Mallick informs Denton that she's being moved up to the 28s, which are the missing persons reports which need to be reviewed every 28 days. She asks why, and Mallick says that quality control is complaining that non-high-priority missing persons are being down-processed. Denton accuses Mallick of moving her because she didn't cover for him. Mallick says he has a room of fours and fives, and after the balls up with the ambush Denton is a two at best. Denton says she'll take this transfer to HR, Mallick says to take it up with the families of Wallis and Butler. Denton looks resigned and asks who else is on this unit, Mallick says he'll find some DC or other to help, if someone will work with her.

Kate is listening to Denton's interview and Georgia is writing up a timeline of events.

21:46 Akers Calls 4th Street Station

21:50 Denton Calls Mallick

22:13 Denton Calls Dryden

22:20 Denton + Co depart 4th street station

22:37 Arrive at Safe House

22:41 Convoy departs Safe House

22:52 Ambush

Arnott asks Georgia if her computer is on the blink, Georgia replies that she's an old-fashioned girl. Kate reveals to Arnott that she listened to the tape. Arnott teases her that she didn't want to be involved. Kate says she believed Denton picked the route and was trying to pin it on Jayne Akers. Kate says that it's the easiest ploy in the world, blame the dead person. Kate straight away goes in to see Hastings.

Denton starts looking through missing persons - Rose Williams, born 1982, missing since July 2012 - Bailey Evans, born 1979, missing since May 2012 - Claire Lewis, born 1985, missing since June 2012 - Jackie Laverty, born 1967, missing since June 2012 - Carly Kirk, born 1997, missing since August 2013. O'Neill and the rest of the station gather laughing and joking and head off the pub without a second thought for Denton. Denton opens her packed lunch and eats at her desk.

Denton goes to see Bob Carson and Tessa Carson who are Carly's foster parents. Denton asks for background on Carly, whether they'd noticed anything strange about Carly's behaviour prior to her disappearance. Her foster parents say that she could be a difficult kid and that she'd fallen back into what they'd been told where her old ways, being out late, drinking and seeing boys. They'd even found a used condom in her room, but they'd done their best not to push her away.

Arnott and Georgia arrive at the 4th Street Station to talk to Denton. Denton says that any questions should be asked following legal notice and in the presences of her police federation rep. Arnott says that they can do all that if she'd prefer, but she's being interviewed as a witness, not a suspect. Denton remarks that she's heard that before. Arnott apologises and says that they had a job to do, but that this isn't a trap. Georgia says that Denton was the last person to see Akers alive and they want to know about her mental state. Denton agrees to let them in, she tells them that Akers was on edge and appeared to be very nervous. Georgia wanted to know if Akers let Denton know why she wasn't in contact with her own team, Denton said she didn't. Kate walks in to give her some paperwork and Denton introduces her as her new DC Kate Foster. Despite being shocked, they all manage to play it cool as if they didn't know each other if a little suspicious. Arnott asks Denton if Akers mentioned any process of clearing her actions with her superiors, Denton says she didn't. Georgia asks if Akers talked about the roles played by her team, Denton again says she didn't. Georgia wanted to know who Akers appeared to be working with, Denton said she appeared to be working alone. Arnott thanks her and leaves. Denton looks suspiciously out of her window.

Hastings and Arnott talk work over a pint. Hastings says he asked Kate to check out operational options for going undercover, neither of them suspected that she'd be embedded so quickly, but there was an unfilled post for Denton's DC. Arnott complains that a heads up would have been nice, and Hastings asks if he wants a row, and what was Arnott doing there interviewing her again. Arnott admits that as they aren't allowed to investigate Akers he asked Denton about her, Hastings gives him credit for an ingenious way to get around the rules of not investigating witness protection. Arnott wonders if Akers was the inside woman.

Hastings wife, Roisin Hastings, arrives and sits down for dinner with Ted and Arnott. They start some small talk and Georgia walks in to join them. They have some nice chat, Georgia reveals she transferred from armed robbery into AC-12.

We see Denton at home playing an upright piano in her lounge. She's interrupted again by her noisy neighbour who likes dance music with a lot of bass.

The team at dinner finish up and head home. Georgia offers Arnott a lift, but he questions if she's ok to drive. She suggests a nightcap instead. She orders a pint, a half and a double vodka. Arnott grabs a table as she downs her vodka and joins him with her a half pint.

Hastings and his wife drive home in awkward silence. It's revealed that their relationship is on the rocks and that she'd agreed to keep up appearances for the sake of necessity, but she didn't think tonight counted. Hastings says he's their boss, and that she'd always wanted to try that restaurant. Roisin doesn't look impressed and can't believe that he picked up the tab, and was it for her benefit.

Back in the bar with Georgia and Arnott, he's switched to bottles as they have work in the morning and Georgia's necking her drink. She challenges Arnott about what he talked to Hastings about the first day after a little pushing Arnott reveals that he was asking for more information on her. Georgia decides to play a game with him, and says here are three facts about me, but one of them is false. Arnott sees that a personal challenge and he'll be able to tell. Georgia starts with - "I'm a gifted horsewoman" - "I won a poetry competition when I was 11" - "I'm a secret pool hustler." Arnott challenges her pool ability, saying she doesn't know one end of a cue from another. She then proceeds to wipe the floor with him at pool.

Hastings drops his wife off at their family home. He asks if it is so hard to comprehend a man wanting to spend the evening with his wife. She says this hurts her too, and walks away.

Georgia and Arnott are enjoying themselves, they are getting closer, but both acknowledge that it's a bad idea. They work together. Arnott tries to get her to reveal the lie, but she won't tell him. They end up kissing.

Denton is kept awake by her noisy neighbour playing her music constantly. She's at her wit's end, she gets up and goes around to see her neighbour, Lorna Barratt, and bangs on the door. Lorna opens the door and Denton strikes her with a wine bottle. Lorna falls into her flat but is conscious. Denton grabs her by the hair and starts pounding her head against the rug. Denton is shouting "I.. will... not... take... it... any... more" Denton walks away and Lorna is left conscious on the floor as Denton wipes off the bottle and hides it in someone else's bin.

Arnott appears slightly hungover the next day in the office, Georgia appears no different to usual. Hastings comes out with some news. The witness has improved enough for the doctors to want to try him off the ventilator that afternoon. Arnott wants to know when they can interview him, Hastings says they have a foot in the door. Hastings says he's aware that if anyone has any answers it'll be him.

Dryden is in a car reading a review of his speech in the newspaper and complaining that they got him all wrong. He's with Jo Dwyer who is giving him media strategy advice. Dwyer says that there's a news vacuum and she's concered about what will be used to fill it. Dryden confirms that they are all worried that it will be leaked to the press that they are investigating the possibility that a police officer might have leaked information leading to the ambush. He says that they are investigating using anti-terror legislation to keep it quiet. Dwyer worries that if they give the media anything they'll want more. They stop at the station and Dryden is mobbed by the press. A journalist, Nick Ronson, presses Dryden for an update, he wants to know if they have found anything. Dryden says they are persuing several productive lines of enquiry and that he's very pleased with the progress of the investigation. When pushed further, Dryden says "a breakthrough is imminent." which frustrates Dwyer as that was the opposite of what they had discussed.

Back at the 4th Street Station, the officers are watching the statement and criticising Dryden. Denton leaves to run an errand and refuses to let Kate tag along. Kate gets suspicious and follows Denton in her car. Denton pulls up on the corner of Ridgeway Street and Sandhurst Lane and immediately takes off her neck brace. She enters a phone box and makes a call. Kate calls in to find out who Denton is ringing from the phone box. Denton then leaves and makes a stop at Ashcliffe Nursing Home, where her mum, Elizabeth Denton, is living. Kate receives the information that the call Denton made was to the main switchboard of the General Hospital. Denton walks into the home and hugs her mum, who is accompanied by Kasia. Kate calls Arnott with the information about the call Denton has just made and tells him to get over to the hospital and check on the witness. Arnott and Georgia head over to the hospital and Kate drives off.

Hastings on the phone to Arnott says that they have had no response from the Major Violent Crime guard unit, that he's trying again but they need to get there as soon as possible. Arnott and Georgia arrive and put on their vests and run into the hospital. They arrive on the fifth floor and find that the guards are missing from their post. Arnott asks Georgia if she's good to go inside the Intensive Care Unit and check, she looks reluctant but says yes. Arnott slowly opens the door and walks inside. He sees a blonde nurse giving the witness an injection, he looks relieved and walks in. He knocks on the window and the nurse turns around and it's clear it's actually a man in a wig. Arnott immediately opens the door and pulls the fake nurse off the witness. Georgia runs back into the main corridor and starts shouting for help. Arnott tries to pull the needle out of the witness, but the fake nurse smashes him over the head and he drops to the floor unconscious. Georgia rushes back in and prepares to fight the fake nurse, They grapple and his wig and mask come off, Georgia has now seen his face. He grabs her by her jacket and takes her over to the window. He pushes her violently against it until it opened and then he pushes her through the window. The witnesses vitals are spiking and the fake nurse manages to finish the injection, which causes the witness to flat line.

Kate back at her desk in the 4th street station sees Denton arrive back from her errand and close her blinds.


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Scenes from this episode were filmed at Investin Northern Ireland HQ (AC-12 Building), Ormeau Avenue (4th Street Station), St Anne's Cathedral (cathedral) Somme Nursing Home (Ashcliffe Nursing Home), Queen's University (South Central Hospital) and Belfast Central Library (Pelbury House). This was the first episode to be filmed in Belfast instead of Birmingham.