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"Terror" is the fourth episode in Series 1 of Line of Duty and the fourth overall episode. It was first broadcast on BBC Two on 17th July 2012.


Desperate for proof of Gates's corruption, Fleming pushes her relationship with him to the limit. But her behaviour causes Morton to question if she might not be such a loyal colleague after all.


Before AC-12 interviews with TO-20[]

DI Ian Buckells continues working on the Jackie Laverty disappearance/murder. He tasks Aidan and Kelvin with looking into her links with organised crime. He gets Tina and Richie to focus on finding the body;he confirms that whoever can be connected to the body is the prime suspect. DCI Tony Gates interrupts to speak to Buckells about the money laundering investigation, as he has been tasked by Tommy to make sure it doesn't lead back to him. Buckells is reluctant to talk to Gates. Gates tries to persuade Buckells that he doesn't have the skills needed for a serious financial crime investigation. Buckells says he knows enough and asks if Gates is nervous about something. Gates says that AC-12 have been trying to stick him for weeks, and if Buckells thinks he can do any better, he should try, but if he goes after a fellow officer he'll see how his team feel about him. Gates advises Buckells to dump it on Fraud Squad.

We see Ryan Pilkington riding around underneath a bridge, he demands the burner phone that Gates has been using and provides him with a new one, which rings immediately. Tommy demands information on the money laundering investigation, Gates says it's been transferred to the Fraud Squad. Tommy says he told him to shut it down, not transfer it. Gates says he is being watched, couldn't do that, no one could do it, but he's done the next best thing, it's a complicated white-collar crime and the offender's missing presumed dead, the CPS won't touch it. Tommy says they better not for Gates's sake. Gates says he's done what's been asked and now he wants Jackie's body and the murder weapon disposed of. Tommy ignores him and hangs up.

Whilst driving home, Gates has a flashback to where Jackie's body was stored, he remembers the red windows and the roadway. At home, Gates spends a long time working through an online database of images of the city to try and locate the building where Jackie was stored. Gates's wife and daughters can be heard in the other room.

DC Kate Fleming is waiting in a garage for Superintendent Ted Hastings to appear. Fleming and Hastings argue about what to do about DS Steve Arnott who quit at the end of the last episode. Fleming wants to call him, but Hastings tells her that he is winding down the operation as the Chief Superintendent, Derek Hilton, has agreed to sideline Gates provided AC-12 back off the investigation, but that was before they lost Arnott. Fleming asks Hastings to assign another officer, but Hastings says that he can't, he doesn't have the budget. Hastings says that they have Gates for what they wanted originally, professional conduct and general duties. Fleming objects that they are only going to charge him with Laddering when they should be charging him with complicity in murder and manslaughter. Hastings says that Gates's career is over, job done, and that he's calling Fleming in from her undercover role in Gates's team. Fleming says no, she's not done yet, she's spent months on the operation, she's going to nail Gates herself.

Back at Kingsgate Station, Fleming goes to speak to Buckells about the statement he wanted regarding the location of Jackie's phone. Buckells says it's a dead end and Fleming asks him if he has any other leads. Buckells accuses her of trying to spy for Gates and says that if Gates wants anything, he can put in a request the proper way for access to his files. DS Matthew Cottan ("Dot") and DC Nigel Morton watch Fleming suspiciously as she leaves Buckells's office and goes to Gates. Fleming tells Gates that Buckells is looking into Jackie's money laundering, which Gates already knows, and Fleming says she's worried it might connect to him. Gates says that it won't connect and Arnott was the real problem anyway, he's free to get back to work now he's quit. Gates then tells Nige and Dot to get back to Greek Lane. Gates asks if he's forgiven now for testing Fleming regarding the location of the whisky glass, Fleming says he only a box of milk tray away from being forgiven.

Gates and Dot head to Greek Lane to review the crime scene for the double murder again as the search team have finished operations. Fleming and Morton are already inside the house. The only forensics are hydrogen peroxide residues in the kitchen and areas consistent with household bleach and some books in Arabic. Morton says he'll chase up the translators.

Hastings finds Arnott watching, from a distance, the funeral for Karim Ali, he had been in the morgue for weeks after three post mortems were carried out following the shooting from episode one. Arnott blames himself and thinks he should have done more to challenge the Fahrenheit order, and that Karim would still be alive if he had. Hastings tells Arnott that Fleming is still working the case, that she hasn't given up. Arnott says that Fleming can sit in judgement on Gates, that after what happened he isn't right to. Hastings tells him that it's a matter for his own conscience, but because Arnott walked out Fleming has been left high and dry.

Dot and Morton look suspiciously at the box of chocolates on Fleming's desk. Dot says he never got chocolates and Fleming jokes he looks more like a flowers man. Morton looks unhappy and walks off. Gates and Fleming go for a drink, just the two of them that evening. Fleming asks about his marriage to Jools Gates, Tony says they have been married 10 years. Fleming clumsily asks about Jackie. Gates looks shocked and says it won't sound very good. Fleming says she won't judge him and Gates says they're off duty, she doesn't need to call him sir. Fleming says it would feel weird calling him Tony, and then says that he's right, they don't need to talk about difficult stuff. Gates tells Fleming about how he met Jackie. Jackie was his estate agent 20 years ago and showed him his first flat when he was a DC. He joked that now she knew his address she should come by. Three nights later she came round and they started dating. Six months later he proposed to her in a nice restaurant with a ring, and then she left him for a millionaire. He spent a couple of years feeling sorry for himself and then he met Jools. Six months ago, Jackie reappeared, newly divorced, and he started reliving his youth with her as if nothing had changed. Gates feels responsible, he thinks it's his fault that she's dead. He apologies to Fleming for using her to flush out the rat, but he was backed into a corner. Fleming says she doesn't like being manipulated and that he can just ask if he needs help. Fleming says she believes when Buckells goes through Jackie's finances he'll find a link to Gates. Gates denies it, but Fleming pushes and says she can make it disappear. Gates asks how she would do it, and she says she'd have to get to it before Buckells. Gates looks uncertain and leaves, taking his phone with him, but not before Fleming sees the wallpaper of Gates's daughters in their school uniform.

Fleming goes for another meeting with AC-12 and is happy when Arnott turns up. Arnott says he was missing the glamour and Fleming jokes that the operation has been missing a blunt instrument. Fleming tells Arnott that she believes there is a financial connection between Gates and Jackie. Arnott says he studied his finances and didn't find anything that stood out, no exotic holidays or second houses, so he hasn't gotten a clue what he's spending it on. Fleming says the same as anyone, the thing he cares about the most.

Cut to Gates reading bedtime stories to his daughters, Natalie and Chloe. The doorbell rings and Jools answers it to Morton. Morton invites him to the Arms for a pint. Gates says he'd love to, but he's snowed under. Morton says that's why he thought Gates could do with a night off, but Gates declines. Morton gets worried and asks why Gates has stopped talking to him. Gates says he hasn't, that Morton is still his best mate. Morton looks dubious and Gates says that they should all get together for Curry on Friday night, Jools and him and Morton and Mel, and they'll get a babysitter. Morton looks happy and Gates says he appreciates this.

The next day Arnott is watching Gates drop his kids off at Edge Park Preparatory School. Arnott goes in to speak to an administrator about fees. He's informed that the fees are £3,500 per term, with a deposit for new students of £1,000 to secure their place and the first term in advance. He asks if Gates has had any trouble with the cost, and the administrator confirms there has been nothing improper, which Arnott says doesn't answer his question. The administrator says he can't expose their parent's financial records, Arnott says he'll be back with a court order and the administrator isn't to tell anyone.

Fleming and Arnott meet up and Arnott confirms there is something there to find. He'll push from the outside and she should push from the inside. Fleming welcomes him back.

Gates continues looking through street footage, looking for the red windows he saw when he was in the abandoned building with Jackie's body. Fleming interrupts to tell Gates that Arnott is on the case again and was at his daughters' school. Gates looks upset and storms out, Fleming follows to try and calm him down. Gates says he's not having it. Fleming tells him she got worried when she heard Arnott was back and had uniform drive past his house and his daughters' school. Gates and Fleming go for a drive. Gates confides in her that when his daughters got into their school he got slapped with a £9,000 bill and they were in danger of losing their places if he didn't pay, so he was trying to get a loan to cover it. Jackie paid the bill for him without telling him, calling it a gift. Gates knows he should have said no, but it was for his kids and he wanted to be different than his father and give them good things. Fleming says she'll keep tabs on Arnott, and whatever he finds, she'll tell him.

Fleming and Arnott meet up again in secret, Fleming tells Arnott about Jackie paying the initial school fees for Gates. Arnott is amazed that Gates opened up to Fleming, and she says she'll do her side if he does his. They discuss that they will be able to prove a financial link from Jackie and her organised crime origins to Gates. Fleming also mentioned that whoever took out Jackie, also did the Greek Lane murders and Arnott wonders if Gates was involved in that. Fleming says that they should target Dot as he was the one who pulled the surveillance off on the night of the murders. Arnott thinks Dot is too close to Gates to give him up. Fleming retells the argument that she heard Dot and Morton having at the Greek Lane site in episode 3, where Dot's loyalty was wavering. Fleming tells Arnott that Morton made a dig at Dot about ticking boxes, and it sounded like a sensitive subject. Arnott says he'll bring in the whole squad for appearances and focus on laddering, which Fleming agrees makes sense. Fleming asks if Arnott is going to disappear on hr again. Arnott says he had a wobble. Fleming asks no more wobbles, and Arnott confirms, no more wobbles. Fleming says good, and leaves.

AC-12 interviews of TO-20[]

Morton is being interviewed by Arnott and Hastings and is only will to respond "No comment, sir" to the questions. Hastings asks if Gates laddered offences to increase his crime stats and where he was the night of Wesley Duke's murder, the same night Jackie Laverty went missing. Arnott begins questioning Gates professionalism, by suggesting that he was uncontactable the night his team confirmed a triple homicide and Morton still refuses to answer any questions. Hastings says they've built a very damning case against Gates. Morton says they won't need to turn him, then. Arnott tells Morton that when the bomb goes off, there's going to be a lot of collateral damage. Morton tells Arnott that he's been a DC for 20 years, and still will be when he retires, he just keeps sailing on, unlike ambitious blokes like Arnott who get buffeted by every little wind of change. Hastings angrily terminates the interview and tells him to piss off. Morton responds "Thank you, sir. Pissing off, sir," and welcomes Arnott back. Morton gives Dot the thumbs up as he leaves.

Hilton storms into the interview room to confront Hastings. Hilton believed that they had an agreement, but Hastings said they had a discussion. Hilton was going to restructure the Tactical Ops teams, disband TO-20 and sideline Gates, he had gone as far as sending his plan to the Chief Constable. Hastings says that the charges against Gates in respect of laddering need to have additional evidence added to them so that Gates cannot sue for constructive dismissal. Hilton looks upset and admits that perhaps he misunderstood, and Hastings says that if it's his fault he apologises but he needs to interview Gates's team to ascertain if he was working alone. Hilton understands but is still flustered. Hilton wants to know what Hastings has found out, and Hastings says he can't confirm at this stage. Hilton says he thought they were working together on this, and Hastings says they are, but he wants to ensure that Gates laddering isn't rooted in institutionalised malpractice. This worries Hilton and he stops talking and walks out, after all, Gates reported his figures directly to Hilton.

Fleming calls Gates to let him know that TO-20 have all been called into AC-12. Gates wants to know what for and Fleming tells him that they're not saying, but they have copies of all their recent cases, including the Greek Lane murders. Fleming is pulled in for questioning at this point and hangs up on Gates.

Hastings and Arnott get to interview Fleming about laddering. She lets Hastings explain what he thinks laddering is, then she tells him he's got a nerve questioning the integrity of Gates as he is the best detective in the city and they should do everyone a favour and go after some proper criminals.

Dot is the final person called in to be interviewed by Hastings and Arnott. His Police Federation Representative, DS Raser is also present. Hastings begins by trying to build a rapport with Dot, asking what he should call him, and saying he's a likeable fellow, a confident copper who can handle himself. He suggests that not everything is at it seems and that he'd never peg Dot as having mental health issues. Dot says he was a gambling addict. Arnott reads out that in 2009 Dot received a final written warning for dereliction of duty. That he was in large amounts of debt and lost his wife because of this, causing him to have a breakdown, and they know that Gates picked him up and helped him out. Gates transferred Dot into TO-20 and gave him enough overtime to help him clear his debts. Arnott says that no matter how hard he works he will never be able to repay his debt to Gates for helping him out. Hastings suggests that Dot being placed on surveillance the night of the Greek Lane murders was no coincidence. Hastings confirms that anything Dot says in the room is treated with the utmost confidence and if DS Raser says anything it'll be the end of his career. Hastings says that they were meant to be watching the house, but they took an early swerve. Dot says that they'd gotten the call that the next surveillance team were on their way and they'd had notices about unnecessary overtime so they decided to go. Hastings presses Dot to reveal who gave the order to leave the surveillance early, saying it was against police procedure and directly lead to the death of two young men. Hastings asks directly if Gates told them to leave early, saying that with the two yellow notices on file for Dot it wouldn't take much to get him bounced from the force, no job no pension. Hastings threatens Dot with a full criminal conviction and Arnott tells Dot that he owes Gates for giving him a second chance, but he doesn't owe him his future or a cover-up for a double murder. Dot admits that Gates gave the order for them to leave early. Hastings thanks him and lets him go, saying they'll be in touch.

After AC-12 interviews with TO-20[]

Morton, Dot and Fleming leave AC-12. Arnott and Hastings watch them leave, then discuss the findings, that it makes sense that Gates would need to protect Jackie's income to pay for his daughters' education. They believe that Gates knew about the money laundering, and needed to stop the rival gang that was being set up on the estate from interfering in Jackie's profits. Hastings and Arnott look happy and arrange to go for a drink.

PC Simon Bannerjee is in the evidence room. Dot gets him to leave so TO-20 can meet there in secret, to discuss what happened with the AC-12 interviews. Gates asks what's going on and Morton tells them him that they are investigating laddering. Gates says they're coming after him and Morton says they're all in this together. Fleming says what if it's a smokescreen for something else. Gates admits that they have something else on him, and looks at Fleming but won't tell them anything else. Morton gets upset when he realises that Fleming knows and he doesn't. Morton starts pointing fingers at Fleming, saying that she's had a complaint made against her but that AC-12 don't seem to care about that. Morton also points out that Fleming was the one that wrote up the arrest report which leads to the first investigation from AC-12 about the free breakfast. Fleming argues that AC-12 have bigger fish to fry and they all know the complaint came from the muggers. Gates gets upset and yells "Do you not see, Christ, they're into me for everything? The laddering, the breakfast, Jackie, fucking everything!" Morton says "All the crap you took at Hendon." Gates says "Jesus, Nige, what the hell did you tell them?" Morton confirms he said no comment to everything, and Fleming says she told them where to stick it. Dot says he said no comment too. Gates apologises to Morton and tells them all to go home, he needs to think. Gates then sees the books in Arabic that were found in Greek Lane.

Arnott goes back to the Classic Hair Studio hairdresser that was owned by Jackie Laverty, where Miroslav seems to work/live. Arnott pushes in and declares he's there to search the property.

Ryan, Carly and Dean push into Terry Boyle's flat, predominately to harass him. Terry gets them drinks and snacks and, when asked by Ryan, says he doesn't mind them popping in. Dean decides to pee on Terry's plant, and Carly smacks him in the face while asking if he has a problem. Carly then accuses Terry of looking at her tits. Ryan snoops around and notices Terry's new shiny fridge freezer.

Gates arrives home and pats Sammy the dog. Jools is there any Gates comes clean about the trouble he's in. He tells her about Jackie, that she's a businesswoman he met at work who helped with the girls' school arrangements. Jools asks why would she do that, and asks if he was having an affair. Gates denies it and says he would never do that to her, but that Jackie said she could pull strings to make sure they got their places. Jools says that they didn't need her it worked out fine, but Gates admits she paid for their first set of fees. Jools asks again why would she do that, and Gates admits it was to get him in her pocket. Jools links this to the AC-12 investigation and says that Gates has to fix it, there must be something the can do. Gates says he's tried.

Hilton walks into the TO-20 squad and gathers everyone around to listen to an announcement. The chief constable has ordered Hilton to take charge of the operation as SIO. Hilton then nominates Gates as deputy SIO owing to his familiarity with the case. Gates updates everyone on the status, that the books found in the Greek Lane property have been translated and they were found to be chemistry books, Hydrogen peroxide was found on the scene which is a constituent of IEDs, and they now believe that there are strong links to a terrorist operation. Gates is reframing the investigation to investigate them as a part of a terrorist cell and says that the men were most likely killed for their silence, and the wider terrorist group poses an ongoing threat to the public, so they will be working with Counter Terrorism officers and the security services to uncover the infrastructure that supported the cell and prevent the remaining elements from executing their plan. Arnott hears all of this and challenges Gates and tells him that its all rubbish. Gates accuses Arnott of having let the real terrorists go in the failed raid from episode one, and he's just clearing up his mess.

Hilton sees Arnott and walks away to his office, Arnott follows to talk to him and find that Hastings is also waiting for him. They go into the office and Arnott tells Hilton that Gates is playing him, the chemistry books were for the crack and the bleach was to clean their sinks. Hilton doesn't falter and says that they were selling drugs to finance their terrorist activity, which is a recognised Al-Qaeda method. Arnott starts in on Hilton that he is just hoping to get a promotion with this nonsense and Hastings has to pull him back into line. Hastings informs Hilton that they have evidence to prove that Hastings pulled off the surveillance on the Greek Lane property to facilitate the murder. Hilton wants to hear the tape and they have to admit that there is no tape, Hilton says then it's he said he said case. Arnott confirms that they have evidence of financial impropriety in regards to Gates and Laverty. Hilton informs them that Gates was at pains to tell him when he brought the change in direction of the case that he'd received a one-off payment from Jackie to secure his daughters' places at school, and that he paid the money back. Hilton says that Gates's knowledge of this case makes him invaluable.

Hastings and Arnott argue outside of the station. Hastings wants to proceed with the laddering charge, but Arnott thinks it's not enough. Hastings says "Look, we've been round the houses, Steve, round the houses and down the bloody drains." Arnott says that Hilton blows with the wind but he thought Hastings was better than that. Hastings says that if anyone should know that counter-terrorism can get you off anything then Arnott should. Arnott asks what Hastings means by that and Hastings straight out tells Arnott that he's only free and walking the streets because the operation that was messed up, where an innocent man died was related to terrorism, and the senior brass would rather 10 innocent men die than see one terrorist walk free. Arnott asks why Hastings recruited him into AC-12 and Hastings admits he's been asking himself the same question. They go their separate ways.

Before OCG abduct Steve Arnott[]

Gates meets up with Ryan again and gets a new phone. Tommy tells Gates that DS Arnott is poking around Jackie's hairdresser. Tommy complains that he's got to shut the place down and clear it out by tonight, and he'll have to shut up every business Arnott knows about and it will cost him a fortune. Tommy shouts that Gates was supposed to have stopped this and he should have done what he was told. Gates tells Tommy that Gates is anti-corruption, so that means he's after Gates, not Tommy. Tommy yells that Arnott is all over his business, and he's not going to turn a blind eye. Tommy says if it's only one bloke, then he can be fixed. Gates asks to take a breath, but Tommy says with Arnott gone, Gates will be free to do as he's told, he'll set it up and tell Gates when and where to take Arnott and Gates has to get him there. Gates refuses to do it, and says he's out and drops the phone. Gates yells at Ryan that if he sees him again, he'll arrest him. Ryan reminds Gates that Tommy's got Jackie's body with his DNA all over it and the murder weapon.

Back at the station, Morton asks Gates about getting a baby sitter for curry night. Gates says sorry but he can't. He goes back to looking through street footage trying to find the red windows and flyover where Jackie's body was being kept. He thinks he's found it, but he looks up and realises it the next morning he's been there all night. DS Leah Janson puts her head in to tell Gates that everyone is waiting for his briefing. Gates locks the door to his office and tells Janson to put the briefing back a couple of hours and walks out headed to the address he just found. Morton chases after him with Fleming watching, but Gates leaves anyway.

Gates drives around the city until he finds the building. He pulls up to the building and uses a crowbar to break in. He has found the right building the freezer is still there. He stares at it and slowly opens the top. It's empty, she's not inside. He flips out and starts smacking the freezer.

Next, we see two guys pulling wheeled suitcases in a housing complex. They knock on a door and Terry opens it, and they push past him without saying a word. Inside the suitcases are two halves of the frozen body of Jackie Laverty. Terry doesn't look very happy but doesn't say anything. The two guys unload Jackie into Terry's new shiny freezer and also add the knife on top of her.

Gates is still at the building where Jackie had been previously stored. He receives a call from Tommy on his mobile. Tommy declares that he is giving Gates one last chance.

Arnott is investigating the market where Jackie held several properties via Laverty Holdings Ltd. He observes some dodgy dealing between two individuals at a fruit stall, where a very large sum of money was handed over for a box of bananas. Arnott receives a call from Miroslav who tells Arnott that he was at the hair salon and can get all the information Arnott needs. Arnott says he'll need proof that the information is good. Miroslav tells Arnott that Jackie had her throat slashed in the front hall of her house and that there was a policeman with her, named Gates, and that he's in on all of it. Miroslav tells Arnott that he'll give him the information, but he won't go to the police station and he won't tell anyone but Arnott. Arnott agrees and asks for a location.

Morton, Dot and Fleming are in the TO-20 squad room while Gates is still missing. Morton gets a call that Wesley Duke's stepbrother has arrived to be interviewed. Fleming asks if they should wait for Gates to get back and Dot says no and goes to the interview. Fleming gets a text from Arnott saying Call me.

PC Karen Larkin and PC Simon Bannerjee knock on Terry's door, they are responding to a call Terry made to them reporting a break-in. Larkin asks if they can come in, she seems familiar with Terry. He invites them in and says he called 999 and they wrote it all down. Larkin asks how the burglars entered the property, Terry says he let them in, Simon asks what they took, Terry says drinks and crisps. Simon asks to confirm that they stole the items, and Terry says he gave them to the people. Simon tries to get details of their appearance and Larkin stops him and presses her radio to pretend to get a call. She outright lies to Terry that the noise was a secret signal that they have a very serious emergency to go to and if the people come back to get their names and call the station. Larkin walks away and says to Simon it's not a crime, it's a social problem, but Simon doesn't look convinced.

Back at the station, the interview with Wesley Duke's stepbrother, Jermaine Duke is underway. Fleming and Morton are watching, while Dot is in the room asking Jermaine if he knows that his brother was receiving drugs from the two guys who lived at Greek Lane. He only gets "No comment" as an answer. Dot tries to persuade Jermaine that they are trying to find out who killed him, they aren't interested in pinning things on him. Fleming excuses herself and leaves, which makes Morton suspicious.

Fleming calls Arnott and he tells her he's seen the money laundering operation in action, that they pay £500 for a bunch of bananas. He tells her he's on the way to meet an informant with information on Gates. Fleming tells him not to go, that Gates is AWOL and she thinks he set up something with Morton. Arnott tells her he needs to move now, no more wobbles, and hangs up. Morton has followed Fleming outside and is looking at the two identical phones she's holding, he tells her he knows there isn't an innocent explanation. Fleming asks where Gates is and what he's up to. Morton tells her it's all her fault Gates has kept him out, and asks if she's got any idea how that's felt. Fleming tells him she doesn't care and he smacks her with his cane around the head in full view of PC Larkin who runs over as Morton stalks off.

OCG abduct Steve Arnott[]

Arnott drives up to the abandoned building where Jackie's body was being kept, Gates's car is still there. Arnott gets a wheel wrench out of his boot and see's Gates walking towards him. Arnott tells him this is pointless. Gates tells him that it isn't about him verses Arnott anymore, the people in business with Jackie are all over him now. Arnott tells him to get in the car and turn himself in. Gates says he wishes it was that simple. Arnott then sees three guys, one is Miroslav and one other is wielding a baseball bat, they are all dressed in dark clothing and walking towards him. Gates says he's sorry.

Fleming runs back into the office and wants to get into Gates's locked office. She grabs a fire extinguisher and throws it through the glass door. Janson runs over and tells her off as she tries to access Gates's locked computer. Fleming blows her cover and yells at Janson "I'm AC-12, call IT now and get them to unlock this bloody computer."

Arnott is bleeding from a head wound and unconscious in the abandoned building with his hand trapped in a large vice attached to a table. He is slapped awake by one of the heavies and sees bolt cutters nearby on the table, as were used in Greek Lane and on Wesley Duke to remove fingers. He sees the chest freezer standing in the corner. Gates is standing behind him. Ryan walks up to him and holds the phone that he was seen stealing in episode 3 to Arnott's ear. Tommy tells him that he was poking his nose into his business, he wants to know what he knows, that Arnott's going to tell the boys and he'll be listening. Ryan puts the phone on the table and Arnott tries to distract him long enough for him to get close and head butt. But before Arnott can work on loosening the vice, the three lads grab him and hold him down. Gates grabs the phone and walks away and we hear Arnott screaming in the background. Gates tells Tommy that he's gotten what he wants, that Tommy can give up Jackie's body now. Tommy tells him that's never going to happen and hangs up. Back in the building, they've subdued Arnott and Ryan wants his revenge for the headbutt and demands the bolt cutters to take a finger. The three heavies are trying poorly to get answers, it seems more about inflicting pain than anything resembling interrogation. Gates gives the phone back and walks away, hearing Arnott scream all the way back to his car. Ryan is not very adept at using bolt cutters thankfully, so he hasn't yet managed to detach a finger. Gates drives off leaving Arnott behind.


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  • Mohan Randhawa as DI Singh
  • Adrian Dobson as CID Officer


Scenes from this episode were filmed at Shannon Road, Tay Grove, Teviot Grove, The Fold, Kings Norton, Birmingham, of which was a partially derelict housing estate awaiting new housing developments in 2012. Other filming locations include Birmingham Municipal Bank (AC-12 Building), The House of Sport, Bridge Street (Kingsgate Station), The Queen's Arms, Newhall Street (The Queens Arms pub), and The Old Central Fire Station, Lancaster Circus (where Arnott gets tortured).


  • The last scene to be filmed in series 1 is in this episode, where Gates and Fleming go to the pub.