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Stephanie Corbett (née Miller) is the wife of John Corbett.



Corbett was born in 1981 in the Liverpool area to David Miller and an unnamed mother. In 2009 she married DS John Corbett and the two subsequently had two young daughters, one of whom is named Gemma. Despite her husband working for Central Police in the West Midlands, the family live on the outskirts of Liverpool.


On her marriage certificate, her occupation is said to be a secretary. In Series 6 she tells DI Steve Arnott that she has purchased a share of a friends hairdressing salon, entitling her to a share of the profits, and also works there part time for a wage.

Series 5[]

Episode 2[]

Stephanie is visited at her home in Liverpool by AC-12 officers DI Kate Fleming and DS Steve Arnott, who question her about her husband. She appears unconcerned about the fact he is undercover and has potentially committed crimes, believing he is using his work as an excuse to engage in infidelity and abandon his family. She tells the detectives she doesn't want him found.

However, she is later contacted by John Corbett using a secret burner phone, where they tearfully speak and Corbett apologises for not calling more often. She puts the phone next to one of their daughters, Gemma Corbett, so John can listen to her sleeping. The two appear to still be very much in love, and it is revealed the story of animosity she told Central Police was a lie she was instructed to tell them by her husband.

Episode 6[]

In the epilogue, whilst visiting John Corbett's grave at a cemetery in Liverpool, she is approached by Superintendent Ted Hastings, who has with him an envelope containing £50,000 of the £100,000 given to him by Mark Moffatt on behalf of the Organised Crime Group.

Series 6[]

Episode 1[]

Now 18 months after the closure of Operation Pear Tree and the death of DS John Corbett, Steph and Superintendent Ted Hastings appear to have got to know eachother. It is assumed that he explained his background with Corbett's mother, Anne-Marie McGillis and the subsequent efforts of Gill Biggeloe and the Organised Crime Group to manipulate John into a vendetta against Hastings.

Steph travels down to The City from Liverpool and requests to see Hastings at the AC-12 Building one evening. He meets her in the lobby, and she tells him that HM Revenue & Customs have contacted her regarding discrepancies with her newfound income. Hastings asks her to not try to meet with him at work, and suggests they go somewhere more private. Unbeknownst to both of them, this conversation is overheard by DS Steve Arnott.

Arnott later visits her in Liverpool, claiming he is working on a joint operation between Central Police and Merseyside Police. She invites him in, and it is shown that she has placed numerous photos of John Corbett around the house in an attempt to prevent their daughters from forgetting his face. Arnott remarks that he is impressed she was able to keep the house, as due to Corbett's criminal acts she was ineligible to receive his pension after his death. Steph replies that John had a private life insurance policy which has paid out. He then unexpectedly experiences a painful back spasm (as a result of his injuries sustained from being attacked by Robert Denmoor in Series 4), and Steph runs to his car to obtain his painkillers.

Episode 7[]

After a consultation with occupational health, Steve Arnott is told his commanding offer (Ted Hastings) is to be informed of his addiction to pain killers. Wanting it to come from him first, Steve Arnott tells Hastings, but is surprised that Hastings already seems to know. Later, Hastings tells Arnott that Steph Corbett had already told him.

Whilst driving, Steph Corbett leaves Steve Arnott a voice message to check up on him. Steve listens but does not call back.

Hastings admits to Steve Arnott and Kate Fleming that he told Lee Banks that there was an undercover police officer within the Organised Crime Group during an interview at HMP Blackthorn. He admits that he knew there was a risk that he might blow John Corbett's cover, but that he told Banks in the hope a risk to his cover would scare John Corbett into handing himself in. He tells Flemming and Arnott that Steph Corbett does not know about his potential involvement in the death of her husband, and that he profoundly regrets his actions. He also admits that he gave Steph Corbett the missing £50,000 of OCG bribe money but way of atonement.

Kate Fleming asks Steve Arnott over a pint as to whether he plans to drive up to Liverpool that evening to see Steph Corbett, suggesting Steve is in danger of ending up alone and that Steph is a potential partner. Arnott says he would like to go and see Steph Corbett but doesn't think it is a good idea as he doesn't see it becoming a serious relationship.