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South Central Hospital is a hospital located in the city.


Run by HCT England & Wales, South Central is one of two hospitals three hospitals the city, the others being City General Hospital and St. Anthony's Hospital. Ambulance services are provided by the Central Ambulance Service.



Series 2[]

The Ambush[]

After the attack on the police convoy, Tommy Hunter, DS Jayne Akers and DI Lindsay Denton are taken to South Central Hospital for treatment. Staff are unable to save Akers, but are able to get Hunter in a critical but stable condition. Denton is treated for minor whiplash.

Hunter is relocated to the Intensive Care Unit, and placed under armed guard by officers from the Strategic Firearms Command. However, DC Jeremy Cole is able to distract the two armed officers and gain access to Hunter, killing him by injecting a ball of air into his bloodstream. During this, AC-12 officers DS Steve Arnott and DC Georgia Trotman attempt to stop him, but he gains the upper hand, knocking Arnott unconscious and throwing Trotman from a window.