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This is the third episode of Series 6 of Line of Duty. It was first broadcast on 4th April 2021.



On the strength of evidence from a new witness, Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) Jo Davidson brings Terry Boyle back in for questioning about Gail Vella's murder. Detective Inspector (DI) Kate Fleming is torn between loyalty to Jo and wanting to assist AC-12's investigation. Tensions increase when Kate encounters a face from the past with links to organised crime.


Detective Sergeant Chris Lomax has made progress in his enquiries attempting to identify the pub where deceased Covert Human Intelligence Source (CHIS) Alastair Oldroyd was last seen in public. He has tracked Oldroyd to the Red Lion pub using surveillance footage. Having found the pub a witness has followed - a woman named Deborah Devereux. Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) Joanne Davidson congratulates him on the progress and authorises him to interview Devereux.

Devereux identifies Oldroyd and confirms that he was involved in a confrontation with another man. She does not identify Carl Banks and states that the other man involved looked "different" before worrying about being politically incorrect.

Detective Constable (DC) Ryan Pilkington brings Terry Boyle to the station for a further interview. DC Pilkington tells Boyle that he is still his best friend and all he needs to do is keep quiet. Boyle is agitated and largely unresponsive when questioned about visiting the Red Lion. He mentions that "another man did it" but becomes increasingly upset. DCI Davidson shuts the interview down, citing concerns that they will be seen as pressuring Boyle.

DC Pilkington escorts Boyle home with DC Lisa Patel. Pilkington diverts Patel away from the assigned route by telling her Boyle is staying elsewhere. Detective Inspector Kate Fleming tails the car. She calls DS Lomax and confirms that the route has been changed but does not share the information. She falls behind at a junction when Pilkington's new route takes them off a busy main road into rural lanes.

Superintendent Ted Hastings takes a call from Steph Corbett. He voices concerns about speaking on his work line. She states that she has been trying his mobile with no success. She discloses that Steve visited her and Hastings agrees to talk to her again on his mobile.

DI Fleming checks in with DS Lomax about finding Devereux. There was no corroborating witness and no closed circuit television footage. Fleming is suspicious about their good fortune and asks him to run a background check on Devereux.

PS Jatri is summoned for interview. Her custodian orders her to prepare to be handcuffed but instead twists her wrist upwards behind her back causing her to scream in pain.

DC Bishop reports to DS Arnott that PS Jatri is refusing to be interviewed and has been admitted to the prison hospital with a broken wrist.

DS Arnott visits Hillside station to question DCI Davidson.

DS Arnott returns to the Corbett's home. He questions Steph further about her finances. She claims to have invested in a hairdressing business. She convinces him to join her in a glass of wine and then invites him to bed.


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