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Palisades Shopping Centre is a large shopping centre and leisure complex located in The City.


The centre is large, modern and open plan, with multiples stories being connected by walkways and bridges. In addition to shops, it also boasts a cinema and large number of restaurants in a food court.

Although not explicitly stated, it can be presumed to be located in the Kingsgate area of The City due to its modernity.

Series 5[]

Episode 4[]

John Corbett informs Steve Arnott that H has agreed to meet with the Organised Crime Syndicate at 4pm in the Palisades Shopping Centre. Corbett advises Arnott not to tell anyone in case the information is leaked to H, who is suspected to be a senior ranking officer within Central Police. However, Arnott is left with little choice but to tell Superintendent Ted Hastings when he demands to know what was said between him and Corbett.

Corbett, along with Miroslav and Lisa McQueen turn up to the meeting at the shopping centre, whilst being discreetly observed by AC-12 and a team of Authorised Firearms Officers from the Strategic Firearms Command. However, the threat to the public of an armed engagement is deemed too high and the AFOs are ordered to stand down. H does not turn up, and the Organised Crime Syndicate leave without being apprehended.