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Linus Murphy was a criminal and former employee at Sands View.


In the 1990's he worked as a caretaker at the Sands View Boys home. Along with his nephew Ronan Murphy, Councillor Dale Roach and Chief Superintendent Patrick Fairbank, he engaged in various sexual offenses with the boys.

Before his death, Linus lived at 19 Colbridge Road, Pulton.

Series 3[]


Murphy first appears attending the funeral of his nephew Ronan Murphy, who was shot by Waldron. Waldron later breaks into his apartment, and tortures him into providing names of those involved with the abuse at Sands View. Waldron then decapitated Murphy and orally raped the head, before storing it in his lockup.

The Process[]

After discovering Linus's dog Rosie in Waldron's flat, Arnott has PC Maneet Bindra trace the mobile number on her collar. The records show Murphy's address, allowing AC-12 to search his home and find his body.