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"Last Words" is the fifth episode of Series 2 of Line of Duty and the tenth overall episode. It was first broadcast on BBC Two on 12th March 2014.


Lindsay fights for her life as troubling details emerge of a vicious conspiracy involving corrupt police officers. With growing evidence of links between DCC Dryden and the ambush, Hastings is under pressure to arrest his senior officer.


Before Lindsay Denton is Returned to Custody[]

This episode opens with DS Manish Prasad and DC Jeremy Cole driving into a parking garage in the black Audi they abducted DI Lindsay Denton in at the end of the previous episode. Cole goes to the boot and drags Denton out, she has now been gagged and bound with cloth. Prasad says that she's been in custody and she's been interviewed, he wants to know what she's told them. Denton says nothing, Cole doesn't believe her and lays her down on the floor with a cloth over her face, Prasad pours water over the cloth to waterboard her. They let her up, and after she coughs up all the water they ask her some more questions. They Prasad tells her that they know she's been cooperating with AC-12, Cole asks if the prison officers burning her hands wasn't warning enough. Prasad smashes a weapon down next to her head. He wants to know what she told them, she admits that she told them that Mike Dryden set the whole thing up, but that's all she said. Cole says they should just kill her, he's done one female copper he's not afraid to do another. Prasad pushes her again, she says that Dryden set her up, it's the whole truth. Prasad takes his weapon and beats Cole to death. Denton manages to sit up and looks terrified as Prasad looms over Cole. Prasad asks Denton if she recognised him, that he's been a liability since the E-fit came out. He then yells at her to get back in the boot of the car. He tells her that she's a liability too and she better think about telling him the truth.

Superintendent Ted Hastings arrives at the scene of the prison van crash. He says that the two prison Guards Regan and Carroll are looking ok, he asks about Denton. DS Steve Arnott says they don't know if she was kidnapped. DC Kate Fleming adds that maybe she was being sprung from custody. A uniformed officer broadcasts a mesage on his radio that "Lindsay Denton has escaped from custody. Denton is known to employ misrepresentation and deciet." Hastings tells them to get out there and find her, they can't lose her.

Back with Denton, Prasad is using the cloth that was tied around Denton to wipe his weapon for prints. He lays it down beside Cole. Denton is still tied up in his boot but doesn't have a gag. Prasad runs up and down to get his breathing up and then calls into the station with a fake tip for the location of Denton. He says that Cole was in pursuit of Denton but that he's lost them. They keep asking for his location, but he says he's going after them and hangs up as he runs off. Prasad then opens the boot to find Denton missing. She has managed to crawl through the car and is in the driver's seat. She puts it into reverse and hits Prasad multiple times with the care, eventually crushing him against a wall. She gets out and he says he needs an ambulance, she asks if he has a phone, and gets him to pass it to her.

She says she'll get to the ambulance in a minute but that she wants him to record a statement first, about the ambush, Dryden, her involvement, everything. Prasad says that if he talks he'll be a dead man, and Denton says maybe you are anyway. Denton asks him why they chose him to do the ambush, he said that they had stuff on him and Cole. Denton asks if the other guy is Cole, Prasad confirms he's Jeremy Cole. Denton wants to know what they had on them, Cole says that they're Vice, to use her imagination. Denton asks what they have on Dryden, and Prasad says they have the same stuff on him. Denton says that's the story and starts recording. She says into the microphone

[Denton] The suspect has asked me to record what he believes is his Dying Declaration, following his receiving life-threatening injuries in a road traffic collision and finds himself in the hopeless expectation of death. State your name.

[Prasad] You really think you're going to get out of this? Not going to happen!

[Denton] You killed Wallis and Butler, your mate killed Georgia Trotman. All Police, all innocent!

Denton gets back in the car and rocks and back and forth into Prasad with the car some more, whilst hearing him scream. She gets out and presses record again.

[Denton] Now talk

[Prasad] DS Manish Prasad. In the hopeless expectation of death, I record my Dying Declaration.

The scene cuts to Arnott and Kate driving around, they get a chirp on their radio announcing a sighting on Denton. Arnott then recieves a phone call. He's more than a little surprised when it's revealed it's Denton. She says she's detained the two gunmen who carried out the ambush. She says they're in a bad way so she's recorded a Dying Declaration. Arnott asks where she is, Denton tells him to check his inbox for the audio file. Kate confirms receipt of the file, and Denton says that she's at the old Highpoint Building and she'll keep the phone on her so they can triangulate to her position. Arnott and Kate head over to Moss Heath, where Highpoint is, blue lights on.

Denton puts the phone down where she was standing but doesn't hang up and goes over to Prasad. She holds the cloth over his face an attempts to quietly suffocate him, he's already wheezing badly. Denton is shaking and crying whilst trying to suffocate him.

Police arrive at Highpoint, Denton is now gone. Hastings arrives on the scene and is informed that there are two bodies. He wants the scene secure and gives the paramedics permission to enter the scene. The paramedics pronounce Cole dead and move to check Prasad. Dot says she's on foot, she can't have gone far. Kate is ordered to put out Obs and Arnott says he has an idea where she might be and leaves. The paramedics say that Prasad is still alive, Kate announces that she wants to stay with him and keep the firearms units to make sure he makes it to Hospital safely. Hastings agrees that it is a good idea and assigns Dot to stay with Kate. Kate calls Arnott and tells him that Prasad is still alive.

Arnott arrives at Ashcliffe Nursing Home, where Kasia has told Arnott that Denton is in her mother's room. Arnott tells Kasia to stay out of the room but to call 999 immediately if she hears any commotion. Arnott goes to Elizabeth's door and announces his arrival and says that he's going to enter the room, he doesn't get a response and gingerly opens the door. He finds Denton sitting in a chair pointed at an empty bed staring into space. Arnott says that he's very sorry for her loss. Denton says that she should have been with her. Arnott says that he can arrange for her to see her mum if that what she wants. Denton says that they've already stripped her room, and her belongings were very important and that they mustn't lose them. Arnott agrees that, of course, they have to be returned to Denton. Denton asks how Arnott knew where she was. Arnott says because she was your mum. Denton says she'll come along with him now, but Arnott says she can take as long as she needs, he'll be outside. He closes and door and can just hear her sobbing.

Prasad made it to the hospital alive, but he is in a coma and on a ventilator. Dot and Kate discuss whether they think he'll survive. Kate says he has to, that chances are this arsehole's the caddy, they need him to talk. Dot sees a CCTV camera and calls Kate away from it to talk.

Denton and Arnott leave Ashcliffe, Denton says that she understands how bad the crime scene must look. Arnott asks her what happened and Denton says that she was just defending herself, she only meant to immobilise him. Arnott says she succeeded and Denton tells him not to make light of it, that it was horrible. Arnott asks what happened to Cole, Denton says that Prasad murdered him. Arnott asks her copper to copper if Cole was definitely the one who murdered Georgia. Denton says yes, he confessed and puts her hand on his shoulder. Arnott drives Denton back to the station, they talk on the way. Denton wants to know if Arnott has listened to Prasad's whole confession, that he confirms Dryden ordered the whole thing. Denton wants to know how they'll proceed to build a case against Dryden with both Cole and Prasad dead. Arnott says they'll manage. Denton asks if him being the DCC will be a problem as the driving offence against him went away. Denton says that this is all coming from Hastings, every rank about DCI is more politician than policeman. She doesn't think Hastings will take Dryden on. He says that she doesn't know Hasting, but she says she knows him though. Arnott doesn't think so, but when she spells it out that Dryden ordered the killings of four police officers, one of which was Georgia, Arnott's face twitches.

Before first interview with DS Manish Prasad[]

Arnott walks into AC-12 with Denton and everyone migrates towards them. Hastings tells them to get on with the work and calls Dot and Kate to the interview room entrance. He stops at the doorway and announces that no one present at the Highpoint Crime Scene should enter the room to prevent cross-contamination. Hastings points at Denton and asks if she has been arrested and cautioned for escape from lawful custody. Denton says that she was kidnapped. Hastings says that's for a court to decide. Arnott confirms that they weren't trying to release her, they were going to kill her. Hastings asks Kate to arrest her, and tells Denton that'll they'll need her clothes and they'll get a doctor to look at her.

Arnott is about to leave the interview room when Hastings stops him and tells him that they'll need his clothes too. Arnott says there is an audio file and when he listens to it he'll understand that she's innocent. Hasting says he will listen to it. Hastings orders them to place Denton in police custody in a random station under a false ID, and tells Kate to officially arrest for escaping lawful custody.

Hastings listens to the Prasad's Dying Declaration in his office. It continues from above as follows.

[Prasad] DS Manish Prasad. In the hopeless expectation of death, I record my Dying Declaration. I carried out the ambush with DC Jeremy Cole. Under orders from Deputy Chief Constable Dryden.

Hastings takes off his headphones and whispers "Mother of God." Dot and Kate barge in wanting to show him the CCTV footage from the City Hall event on 16th September 2013. They show how close Prasad and Dryden look and their personnel records show that Dryden was Department Head of Vice when Prasad joined as a DC. Kate also points out 15-year-old misper Carly Kirk who is seen waitressing the event. The catering company have no record that she was an employee of theirs that night and they believe this is the last time she was seen alive.

Hastings goes straight to Dryden office, DCS Lester Hargreaves is already in there talking to Dryden. Dryden chastises Hastings and says that his office has been asking him all day to report. Hastings says that he wants to be sure of his facts. Dryden wants to hear his facts. Hastings confirms that they have the gunmen, one recorded a confession admitting to the ambush and naming his accomplice. Dryden and Hargreaves look astounded at this news, Dryden congratulates Hastings and Hargreaves immediately requests access to the recording. Hastings says he will not share any leads with Hargreaves, and Hargreaves gets angry and says it's a joint operation they should share everything. Dryden kicks Hargreaves out to talk to Hastings.

Hastings admits that the gunmen were two services officers assigned to Vice. Dryden understands the sensitivity of the matter, and it's the right thing to do to keep a lid on it. Dryden asks for their names and Hastings refuses. He will only say that it appears the conspiracy is the two gunmen and Akers. Dryden corrects him to add Denton's name to the list. Hastings says it's possible there are more people in the conspiracy that we haven't identified yet.

Dryden tells Hastings that there could be a promotion in this for him if he wants it. Jo Wright appears in the office to tell Dryden that they are ready. Dryden tells Hastings it's a shame he can't appear on camera, but he should stick around for the press conference. Hastings asks him what press conference, and Dryden says this news was too big to sit on, and they are preparing one now.

Arnott and Denton are at the hospital, a nurse tells them that Dr Kaur is waiting to see Denton and then the burn specialist will come and look at her hands. Arnott says he'll wait for her. Arnott overhears that Dr Kaur wants Denton's notes downloaded as she was seen earlier this year. He sends an email regarding her medical records.

17 October 2013, Dot is seen waiting by some old disused factories leaning on his car when a silver Volkswagen turns up. A cane appears from the driver's side followed by DC Nigel Morton, who was Dot's colleague under DCI Tony Gates in the TO-20 squad which appears in series one. Morton calls Dot Sir (sarcastically) at every opportunity and asks if he's packed up all his bad habits, namely smoking, now he's gone squeaky clean. Dot says that off duty he can still call him Dot, but Morton won't let it drop. Dot asks Morton to get him some information on an executive office, one who was splashed across the paper for his wife's SP30. Dot says it's a paper that he knows Morton uses to throw the odd titbit every now and then. Dot says he doesn't care if Morton's making some extra holiday pay, its a perk of the job. He says that what happened with Dryden counts, he wants to know what really happened that night of the speeding ticket. Morton says Dot's been in anticorruption 5 minutes and he thinks it's ok to grass on one of his own. Dot asks incredulously if Morton really thinks Dryden is one of their own. That Dryden is having posh lunch with the PCC and shagging on expenses. Morton says if he has a choice between sticking it to AC or the Exec he'll have to think about it. Dot pushes him that this is off the record. Morton confirms that it was going around the wives, she was in a right panic about the embarrassment of a ticket and then all of a sudden it was Dryden driving. Dot asks what he was up to. Morton tells Dot that he heard this from Vice, he never heard it from him. Morton says that Dryden likes them young, Dot asks for a name from Vice as a source, Morton says Jez Cole's mouthy he'll do. Dot tells Morton that he's heard people called him the Caddy, Morton says he'll have to take Dot's word for that. Dot asks him if he will, that AC is terrible and he needs to get a box ticked and if he can just say he's heard Cole being called the Caddy then Dot will ensure his name is kept out of the Dryden saga, Dot says that the DCC won't be pleased if he finds out who leaked the speeding ticket to the press. Morton changes his mind and quickly comes up with a story as to how Cole was called the Caddy, that he work golf jumpers but never played so they called him the Caddy. As Morton drives away, Dot lights up a cigarette.

Prasad in hospital is off the ventilator but still unconscious, Kate and Steve watch through the window. Kate says they'll know the truth when he talks. Arnott says he's already talked, Kate says it was under extreme duress. Arnott says he hasn't told Denton that he's alive yet. Kate says she's going to stay with Prasad until he wakes up. Arnott looks surprised at this but leaves.

Arnott takes Denton to another station and has her placed in custody. Denton pleads with him to hold her on the original charge, but let her make another bail application, she's going crazy being locked up.

Kate goes back to her hotel and finds a bill for £212 with PLEASE PAY written in red.

Dot is back at AC-12 writing a report on Cole, which states that DC Morton knows him by the nickname Caddy.

Denton is back at Crown Court where the Judge is willing to hear Denton's second bail application as put forward by Ms Anderson, Denton's defence counsel. Anderson confirms that the defendant, Denton, has proven that she is not a flight risk by willingly surrendering herself into police custody, she is also fully cooperating with AC-12s investigation. Ms Latimer, the prosecution counsel, confirms that the prosecution no longer opposes bail for Denton if she surrenders her passport, commits to residing at her home address and is willing to wear an electronic tag to monitor this. Latimer also stipulates that Denton has to cooperate fully with AC-12 investigation. The judge grants bail, subject those conditions.

Arnott drives her home and she gets settled back in, Arnott confirms there will be a uniformed officer stationed outside at all times for her protection. Denton's fridge is empty and Arnott gets them fish and chips for tea and a bottle of wine. Arnott asks after her cat Bella, Denton confirms that she was put in a shelter when Denton was put on remand and has been adopted now. Denton says that Dryden was allergic to cats and said he'd never move in if she had one, so she gave up her cat thinking he'd move in, and he never did. Arnott asks if she hates him for that, she says no, it was just a cat. Denton cracks open the bottle of wine and pours two glasses. Arnott tells her that Prasads not dead and that he's in a bad way but there is every chance he'll talk. Denton considers for a second and then says "Good", he looks relieved and then tells her he better leave her to settle in.

First interview with DS Manish Prasad[]

At the Hospital, Hastings is interviewing Prasad as he is now conscious. Arnott and Kate are present. Hastings asks if his dying declaration was true, that he carried out the ambush under Dryden's instructions. Prasad says it's irrelevant whether it's true or false, it was obtained under duress so it isn't admissible in court. Arnott says that they have a pile of evidence that is admissible. Hasting reads out the charges "Kidnap, attempted murder, murder, conspiracy, perverting the course of justice and sexual activity with a child. You are going down for a long time fella." Prasad's charming response is "I'm looking at three muppets who know I'm their best witness."

Kate asks her about Carly Kirk, that people reported him as her boyfriend, that he collected all her items so her body couldn't be identified. Hastings asks if he killed her or if Dryden did. Prasad says "I request immunity and enrollment in the witness protection programme." Arnott says that they have him on tape at a City Hall function with Dryden and Carly Kirk. Prasad's only response is "immunity".

Before second interview with DCC Mike Dryden[]

Kate calls Arnott to look at some evidence. She shows him a laptop that was recovered from Prasad's car. There are files date 01/08/13 05/07/13 08/07/13 11/07/13 12/07/12 14/07/13 16/08/13 and 18/08/13. There are photos of Dryden driving Carly Kirk in his car dated 16/08/13, they appear to be pulled over and she appears to be giving him head. The 18/08/13 file shows pictures appearing to show Carly Kirks mutilated body in her waitress uniform waiting for burial at the industrial unit.

They show the photos to Hastings and he is confused about something, if he has the photos of Dryden, then that would make him part of the effort to blackmail Dryden, not take orders from him. They all agree that there is only one way to proceed, and that is to talk to Dryden. Prasad's immunity agreement is still being discussed and he won't say anything until it is. Dot says that if Dryden wasn't a DCC they would have called him in already. Hastings reluctantly agrees to call Dryden in for questioning on their latest investigation.

Arnott and Kate arrive at his red brick house and asks Dryden to come with them to East Midlands, that Hastings thought it was the most sensitive way to proceed. Dryden's wife, Helen Dryden, looks around the corner and Dryden tells her it's work and she goes back inside. Dryden says he's not going to make it easy for them, Arnott says that he isn't being arrested at this time, but that if he doesn't accompany them for questioning they will be forced to arrest him. Dryden tells them to go home, it's past their bedtime. Arnott says that they aren't going anywhere unless Dryden accompanies them. Dryden crosses his arms and stands firm. Arnott arrests him.

Hastings is in the pub waiting for Roisin who looks pleased to see him. Hastings asks her to sit down, he tells her that he got ahead of himself. Roisin says that he got her hopes up, and asks why he would do it if he couldn't follow through. Hastings tries to explain that it was about work, and he had to make the right decision. Roisin doesn't understand, because he isn't giving her any information, and she gets angry that yet again he made decisions that affected her without considering her. She storms off.

Denton is seen at home, watching the press conference in which Dryden announced that the gunmen have been caught.

DCC Mike Dryden's Second Interview with AC-12[]

Dryden wakes up in a cell in East Midlands Stations and heads for the interview room with his solicitor. Arnott and Kate attend the meeting and confirm that as he is now a suspect he no longer has the right to only be quested by one rank superior. Arnott starts the tape, Hastings and Dot are watching from behind the one-way glass. Arnott starts with the phone call Dryden recieved from Denton the night of the ambush. Dryden says that they've covered this. Arnott asks again what was Dryden's relationship to Denton prior to the night of 5th September. Dryden says there was no relationship, and that it is outside of the scope of the investigation. Arnott says that they are allowed to investigate any connection to the ambush, its conspirators and its alleged conspirators. Dryden finally admits that they worked together in Crime Audit, a six month posting around five years ago. Kate tells Dryden that Denton was only on duty that night because Dryden had invited Inspector Joseph Barlow to a Crime Executive Seminar. Dryden says that the Crime Executive Seminar invitations are random and sent out by his office not him personally, that they get pulled from a list. He insists Barlow wasn't cherry-picked that it was a coincidence.

They tell Dryden that Denton states the Dryden called her Linda when he answered the phone. Their theory is that he was trying to conceal from his wife who he was recieveing a call from. He says it's ridiculous, they must want to face a lawsuit for wrongful arrest. Kate directly asks if he denies having an affair with Lindsay Denton. Dryden says he does deny it. Kate asks if he also denies spending evening together at her residence, at the Queens' Arms Hotel, among other places. Dryden says that he strenuously denies having an affair with Denton. Arnott asks if perhaps he considers sexual relations different from an affair. Kate asks if he had sexual relations with Denton. Dryden doesn't answer and then asks for a definition of sexual relations. Kate reads out a definition that "a person engages in sexual relations when the person knowingly engages in, receives or causes: contact with the genitalia, anus, groin, breast, inner thigh, or buttocks of any person with an intent to arouse or gratify sexual desire. Contact means intentional touching either directly or through clothing." Dryden replies "I shagged her a couple of times, she was a bunny boiler, and I moved on. Obviously, she wanted there to be more to it."

They next present Dryden with his telephone records, he comments that Hastings signed them off. He confirms that he made a call to Denton on 16 August. He claims that Denton had been following him, that when he thinks she got the message she turns up again. Dryden says that she knows she can get away with it because there is no way he'd let Denton have her say about them in front of his wife and he is alleging she is a stalker. Kate asks in what way was Denton stalking him that night. Dryden says he isn't saying that she was stalking him that particular night, but that she had a habit of turning up and hassling him. Dryden says that Denton is too smart to let there be witnesses, that she managed to get Kate's phone records, Hastings's financials and followed and took compromising photos of Arnott and there weren't any witnesses to that either. Dryden says that Denton is manipulative and conniving and you can't trust a word she says. Arnott asks to be clear that Dryden accepts that the phone record is accurate. Dryden says it is.

Arnott asks him to check document 8 in his folder. This is a quote from their previous interview regarding the SP30 notice. They confirm that Dryden previously said that his wife was at home and he was driving. He has just confirmed the phone call to Denton which took place on the same evening and happens miles away from where the speed camera is. Arnott says this proves you weren't driving the car. Dryden says that his working life has taken a toll on his marriage and his wife attends AA meetings and was ashamed of them, and she was worried it would get out ifanyone were to dig further into the speeding ticket. Dryden claims that his wife mailed the form without telling him and he hoped it would never come up, and it wouldn't have except someone leaked it to the press. Kate tells him that they understand that Mrs Dryden has a clean license, and confided in friends about the ticket. They don't believe that she would see there would be any risk and want to lie. Arnott says that the only reason they can come up with for changing the ticket is to give Dryden himself an alibi for the night of the 16th August or for him to sieze the oppourtunity to create one. Dryden say that he didn't fill in that form, but he's not going to testify against his wife. He says that the real villain here is whoever leaked that story, and they did it because the politcians and hte PCC don't like him telling the truth about service cutbacks. Arnott asks why he's talking about service cutbacks. Dryden says he's trying to open Arnott's eyes, Arnott says they're open and asks what he was doing that night. Dryden has had enough and doesn't want to answer any more questions, but Arnott won't stop the interview.

Kate shows him document 10, which shows the possible area he could have been in that evening. She asks him to confirm his location, his response is "No comment". Arnott asks if he was in the Edge Park Area. Kate shows him photos of Prasad and Cole who she confirms carried out the ambush on 5th September and Arnott asks if he was meeting them. This gets a response and Dryden says "What is this? Are you insane?" Arnott replies to tell him to look at document 11 an evidence list of the items in Akers car, and Item 14 is a mobile magnetic radio tracking device. This allowed the gunmen to find the cars no matter what route they took, Arnott accuses Dryden of knowing about this information but allowing AC-12 to make a case against Denton regardless. Dryden said that the investigations were separate at the time and it felt like the right way to go, he certainly didn't keep track of every piece of evidence. Arnott accuses Dryden of being happy that his alleged stalker was being charged and remanded, that he was setting her up to take the blame for something she didn't do. Dryden says that it's really Denton who is out to get him, and she using them and they've fallen for it.

Dryden says that Arnott is running out of time, Arnott reminds him that they have 36 hours to hold him and they have plenty of time left. Arnott wants to move onto document 13. This is a copy of his statement from 9th August when he discusses repugnant offenders who should have their immunity from prosecution taken away. Arnott says that one such individual would be Tommy Hunter, who they have recorded threatening Dryden with his intention to blackmail him.

Kate enters into evidence a photo of Dryden and Carly Kirk in his car. He looks stunned and can't speak. Arnott asks him to confirm who the male is in the photo, Dryden reluctantly agrees that it's him. They ask him who the girl is and he says he doesn't know. Kate enters the other photos into evidence and again Dryden confirms that it's him in them too. Kate identifies the girl as Carly Kirk and says that she was last seen alive working the City Hall event he attended. Kate then reveals that she is only 15 and Dryden looks horrified. They reveal that Carly Kirk is a young girl groomed by Prasad and that they have evidence that Dryden and Prasad knew each other, they worked together in Vice. Kate asks if Prasad provided him with young women for sex. Dryden says "absolutely not". Arnott says maybe not, but he knew what you liked and reveals a photo of Carly Kirk waitressing at the City Hall event. Arnott asks if there was a crime committed between him and Carly that night. Dryden says that it's not what it looks like, he came to his sense and stopped her before she even started. Kate wants to know why he let it get as far as the pictures indicate, and Dryden say you know, and Kate replies "I'm not an old perv so you'll have to tell me". Dryden says he was tempted for a moment, but then he chucked her out of the car.

Kate says that they believe these photos were used by Tommy Hunter to blackmail him and that Tommy Hunter was the target of the ambush. Dryden says he never knew about Tommy Hunter or those photographs. He isn't a criminal. Kate says according to the photos, he is. Dryden wants to know what the girl in the photo says was happening. Arnott and Kate get very quiet and then bring out a new batch of photos. These show the mutilated body that was found under the floor of the garage in the industrial estate. Dryden looks shocked and dismayed. Arnott and Kate both ask rapid-fire questions about whether he killed / strangled / mutilated Carly or if he knows who did. He says no louder and louder with each question.

They advise Dryden that his home and car have been searched while he's been in custody. That they were looking for the clothes he is wearing in the photos. They advise him that they were unable to locate the clothes and ask him where they are? He says he doesn't know and Kate asks him if he purposely disposed of them to remove any trace of this girl's DNA or clothing fibre. Dryden says he must have had a clear out and given them to charity. Arnott says that it's the same with the car, he had it valeted and steam cleaned the very next day. Dryden says he wanted to make sure his wife didn't find anything, like smelling her perfume. Arnott wants Dryden to confirm that he is admitting to taking measures to conceal evidence he was with Carly. Dryden says because he knew how incriminating it would be.

Kate says that Dryden is the last person to see Carly before she disappeared, the last person to see a girl who is later found buried under the industrial unit. Dryden says there's no evidence that he did it. Kate tells him to look at the photos, he killed Tommy to silence him and he needed to kill Carly too. Dryden says they have nothing linking him to the body. Kate tells him his career is over, possibly his marriage as well, why keep up the lies. They tell him that they know he orchestrated a conspiracy and four police officers were murdered because of it. Dryden starts calling for Hastings to come in. He asks if Hastings is behind this if he was bribed to get him out his the financial mess he was in. Dryden says that's all going to come out now and that Hastings will be finished. Dot advises Hastings that it's an empty threat.

Arnott advises Dryden that they will be submitting the file to the CPS to get the authority to charge him with the following offences "Murder, Conspiracy to Murder, Perverting the Course of Justice and Sexual activity with a Child." Dryden has tears in his eyes and says that he's innocent, someone is setting him up. Arnott terminates the interview and leaves. Hastings looks like his whole world has come crashing down around him.

Back in the AC-12 office, Arnott receives Denton's medical files. He finds a record of a termination of a pregnancy in her file dated 21 May 2013, stating she was at 13 weeks gestation. A news broadcast about the ambush is playing in the background.

At Denton's house, she is sipping wine watching the news report on the case updates. She smiles when it is announced that Dryden has been arrested.


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  • Chrissie Harris as Police Officer AC-12
  • Hugh Irvine as Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) Burslem
  • Christine Harris as AC-12 Uniformed Officer


Filming locations in this episode include Invest Northern Ireland HQ and Belfast BT Riverside Tower (AC-12 Building), Belfast Central Library (Pelbury House), Somme Nursing Home (Ashcliffe Nursing Home) and Queen's University (South Central Hospital).