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Jake Kilorgan is a minor criminal, known to Central Police.



Kilorgan was born on 16th April 1993. Before the events of Series 6, he resided at 55 Rouen Street, Hillside, VM42 1RJ.

Criminal Record[]

According to the PNC, he has previously been charged with the following offenses:

  • Theft
  • No insurance
  • Drunk & disorderly behaviour
  • Violent disorder

Series 6[]

Episode 1[]

Kilorgan, along with Daniel Peronell, Kevin Farmount and two others, are intercepted by Central Police whilst trying to escape after robbing Hickey's Bookmakers. The convoy, led by DCI Joanne Davidson, was headed to a separate call to Beechwood House to arrest a suspect as part of Operation Lighthouse, but was redirected last minute when Davidson saw their van parked suspiciously outside the bookmakers. Peronell, Kilorgan and Farmount surrender to PS Briggs and his team of Authorised Firearms Officer's, however one of their accomplices is shot dead.

DC Chloe Bishop and DS Steve Arnott of Anti Corruption Unit 12 later study Kilorgan's record when it is uploaded onto the Central Police Portal, and remark that for such a low level offender it is unusual he was involved in such a high level armed robbery. Furthermore, the fact that a group of such inexperienced criminals happened to be doing so just at the same time the convoy led by Davidson was passing raises their suspicions more.

Episode 4[]

When DI Kate Fleming and DS Chris Lomax begin re-examining the type of weapon used in the murder of Gail Vella, they begin comparing the cartridge found at the scene to the weapons recovered from the robbery of Hickey's Bookmakers. Although the weapon used to kill Vella was "workshopped" (an untraceable firearm often converted from a replica or blank firer) and the robbery weapons were not, Fleming still has Kilorgan brought to Hillside Lane Station for questioning. He is assured his cooperation will be relayed to the Crown Prosecution Service and could result in a reduction in his sentence.

In the presence of his solicitor, he is questioned by the detectives as to where he and his accomplices obtained the guns they used in the robbery. He tells them that he and the others drove to an industrial estate (implied to be an area used by the Organised Crime Group) and were provided with the firearms outside a workshop by an unknown man. They were offered "workshopped" converted guns, but didn't want to risk them misfiring so opted for the regular, older weapons (a sawn off shotgun, Walther P38, Colt 1911 and Webley revolver) instead.