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Jacqueline "Jackie" Brickford is a police Constable and Authorised Firearms Officer in Central Police. She is assigned to the Strategic Firearms Command.



Prior to the events of the third series, her and PC Rod Kennedy were in a relationship.


Brickford is an Authorised Firearms Officer stationed at South Ferry Station. She is part of the VC5 team within the SFC led by Sgt. Danny Waldron. Her callsign is VC5-3.

Series 3[]


Brickford is part of the VC5 team, one of four Strategic Firearms Command teams sent to intercept Ronan Murphy as part of Operation Damson. After Danny Waldron rushes ahead and kills Murphy alone, she along with the rest of the team is blackmailed into corroborating his version of events. Waldron threatens to report that she, along with Kennedy and Bains, didnt arrive on the scene in time, and if they had the suspect would have surrendered.

She is later interviewed by AC-12 regarding the shooting, where she is accompanied by her Federation Representative, Wilson and her solicitor Mr. P. Makersmith.