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For the Series 4 episode of the same name see In the Trap (Series 4).

"In the Trap" is the third episode in Series 1 of Line of Duty and the third overall episode. It was first broadcast on BBC Two on 10th July 2012. The third episode in Series 4 is also titled "In the Trap".


Arnott is convinced Gates played a part in Jackie's disappearance. With Fleming's help, the anti-corruption team tries to trap Gates into revealing his involvement in covering up Jackie's crimes.


Before third interview of Tony Gates by AC-12[]

DS Steve Arnott is racing toward Jackie Laverty's House in his car, hoping to catch DCI Tony Gates there, Arnott is barely paying attention to the road and nearly crashes. He arrives at Laverty's house and Gates's car is in the driveway, he thinks he's finally caught Gates in the act. Arnott can't open the security gate so he climbs over the wall, as he approaches the front door he sees multiple drops of blood over the front steps. He pushes the door open slowly and there is nothing, no bodies, just bloody patches on the rugs. He investigates the scene and walks slowly into the lounge, where a half-empty bottle of whisky and two liquor glasses can be seen on the table. A shadow appears behind him, and it's revealed it's Gates, who is now fully conscious and wearing his coat.

Gates flicks on a light switch and notices the glasses on the table, one of which will have his DNA and fingerprints on from earlier that night. Gates pretends to Arnott that he is at Laverty's house to arrest her and he says he has been there for a few minutes investigating the ground floor. He points out that the front door was open and the blood was visible when he arrived. Arnott looks confused but follows Gates when he suggests investigating the first floor. Arnott says that she can't be upstairs as there is no blood trail leading up the stairs.

DS Matthew Cottan ("Dot") and DC Nigel Morton arrive at Laverty's and ring to be let in past the security gates. Gates with no hesitation picks up the receiver for the security system and buzzes them both in, announcing his team have arrived. Gates and Arnott continue upstairs to check the bedrooms, but after Gates gives a cursory glance into one room he says that he's going to look out the back and Arnott should continue investigating the bedrooms. Gates heads into the lounge and cleans the whisky bottle for all fingerprints. Dot walks into the lounge and surprises Gates and he is putting the handkerchief away. He instructs Dot and Morton to investigate the back to see if they can find Laverty. Once they have walked away he pockets the glass with his DNA.

Arnott calls for Gates and asks him where Laverty is. Gates says he knows as much as Arnott does, that it appears it was a kidnapping, a robbery or a meeting that went tits up. He says he'll start a door to door and get the dogs out to try to locate her. Arnott wants to remove Gates from the investigation, but Gates gets shirty with him that Arnott can't tell him what he can and can't do. Dot and Morton reappear at this moment to confirm there is no sign of Laverty outside the property. Gates instructs Dot to start going door to door and for Morton to secure the property and set up a cordon.

Gates is driving his car the next day, still with the glass in his pocket. He looks worried and pulls over next to a lake. He pulls the glass out ready to throw, but he spies a fisherman setting up for the day and changes his mind, pretending to be stopping for a pee instead.

Inside of Laverty's house, the whole TO-20 team an Arnott are there to investigate the crime scene, in full forensic gear. Dot receives a call and leaves. DC Kate Fleming approaches the table with one half empty bottle of liquor, one glass and one mark where a second glass appears to have been placed. Fleming gently indicates the table to Arnott to investigate. Morton looks suspicious of their interaction, as they try to play it as nothing significant. Arnott is checking out the ring mark on the table as Gates walks in with DC Deepak Kapoor. Arnott instructs a forensic tech to do dots and dabs on the table straight away, Gates interjects that it's his crime scene, not Arnott's. As Arnott gets up to leave, Gates instructs Deepak to log him out of the crime scene and not to let him back in. However, it's too late the forensic tech is already dusting the table for prints.

Superintendent Ted Hastings meets up with Arnott to get a case update. Arnott confirms that Laverty is missing having been attacked in her home, and they haven't found any trace of where she has gone. Arnott confirms that he has suspicious that not only was Laverty involved in the hit and run, but she also has connections with money laundering. Hasting wants to know if Arnott can connect Gates to everything. Arnott thinks about it and requests Hastings call in Gates for an interview, that he'll have something to report in one hour.

Arnott goes to Rita Bennett, the civilian support staff who was originally assigned the hit and run to investigate. Arnott says he wants to talk to her about the case as it was reassigned to Gates, and she identifies him as part of AC-12 and remembers that Gates told her to come to him with anything first. Rita says that her union protects her from talking to Arnott, in case it causes undue stress and anxiety. Arnott says he could always arrest her for perverting the course of justice. Rita sits and listens, Arnott wants to know when Gates took over the case. Rita confirms that he took over the case when the information came through from county CID for the missing person match to Gurjit Patel. Arnott asks if that is the identity of the victim, Rita confirms that Gates took over the case when he found out that Patel has been Laverty's accountant.

Third AC-12 interview with Tony Gates[]

Gates's interview beginnings with Hasting, Arnott and Gates's police federation representative DCI Alice Prior in attendance. Prior asks for a delay in the hearing and confirms that Gates has just learnt that a personal acquaintance is missing presumed dead. Arnott remarks that Gates is now calling Laverty an acquaintance, and Gates says he wants to go ahead with the interview. Hastings says Arnott's point was a good place to start and asks Gates to clarify his relationship with Laverty, Gates confirms that they knew each other 20 years ago when she was Jackie O'Connor and the pair had been engaged. Gates confirms that Laverty broke off the engagement to marry a rich businessman called Andrew Laverty and they lost touch. Gates says they only reconnected five months earlier when Laverty approached him to ask if he knew of any retired officers who would be suitable to be her new head of security. Gates says he made a mistake and gave her his card, she then bombarded him with calls, and as it turns out she wasn't interested in ex-officers, she was recently divorced and wanted to pick up where they had left off 20 years ago. Hastings asked how did Gates respond, he said that he'd told her he was a happily married man with two young daughters but Laverty did not back down and began to stalk him. Hastings wants to know if Gates reported this, which Gates confirms he did not as she was a good looking woman and they had a past, he feared that he wouldn't be believed.

Hastings asks him how he got connected to the hit and run that Laverty reported. Gates says that it was initially a stolen car, it was only later that it was linked to the hit and run. Arnott asks if he was aware that the hit and run victim was Laverty's accountant. Prior stops them to advise that Gates is "entitled to be questioned by an officer who is at least one rank superior", so Hastings directly repeats Arnott's question. Gates admits that he did know the connection. Arnott tries to feed Hastings another question about when he acted on that information, but Prior objects, Gates tells Prior it's alright and to let them fire away. He says that as soon as he learnt of the identity of the victim he acted on it. Arnott wants to know if he means straight away, Gates says that he was concerned about Laverty's manipulative behaviour and went to arrest her for manslaughter as soon as he put that fear aside.

Arnott wants to know if Gates ever questioned Laverty's large expensive house and multiple cars if he wondered where she got the money from. Gates says she appeared to be a successful businesswoman and had received a large settlement in her divorce. Hastings wants to know if he ever suspected her of any financial irregularity. Gates says he had no suspicion of her. Arnott wants to know exactly when Gates found out the identity of the hit and run victim, as this was a critical piece of evidence against Laverty, so he must remember how it came about. Gates reaches for his water and Prior interjects that Gates was not prepared for this line of questioning and requests all questions in writing with the statutory 10 days to respond. Gates, however, confirms that Bennett informed him of the identity of the victim. Arnott then discloses that he took a statement from Bennett prior to the interview and wants to know if her recollection matches Gates. Gates, when pushed by Hastings, admits that the information was received from county CID three days after Laverty had told him about her stolen car. Prior requests a copy of the statement. Hastings says he'll see to it. Arnott looks confused and asks why the information that Gates has given, which matches what Bennett confirmed, isn't in the computer file. Gates says that Bennett must be mistaken. Arnott then accuses Gates of deleting the information. Prior interjects and says that computer problems happen, it's a reality, does Arnott have any proof of his allegations. Arnott says he could impound the hard drive. Prior says that the database can be accessed by any of the computers in the station, does he intend to impound them all. Arnott looks frustrated and says that Gates relationship with Laverty means it was inappropriate for Gates to investigate the hit and run and he should no longer be SIO (Senior Investigating Officer) on her disappearance. Gates says that he was not the problem, she was, and that he went to arrest her, and Prior it's something they should put to Gates's superior officer. Hastings switches off the tape and says that he certainly will, if he'll deem to respond.

Gates wants to leave, but Arnott brings up phone records he has for his mobile and Laverty's. Hastings tells him to sit and, restarting the tape, explains that the records were only received that morning. Arnott confirms that the recent calls confirm Gates version that Laverty called him, but that further back in the records it shows Gates calling her and texting her. Arnott offers to read out an example of the text he was sending her. Gates declines. Hastings requests that Gates explains the true nature of his relationship with Laverty. Gates admits they had a one night stand for old time sake, but when he tried to end it, Laverty wouldn't leave it alone and Gates wanted to protect his family. Hastings says that they have grounds to remove Gates from the case, which Gates agrees to.

Arnott then asks him for his whereabouts on the previous night, when Laverty went missing. Prior objects and Arnott says if it's too short notice to come up with an alibi he understands, but it's a simple enough question. Despite Prior's protestations, Gates doesn't want to back down, so he says that he went home late and didn't want to wake his wife so he slept in the spare room, but couldn't sleep for worrying about the case against Laverty. That was when he decided to go an arrest her. Arnott wants to know if he has any witnesses, Gates says he was careful not to wake his wife. Arnott presses again and asks Gates if he's sure he didn't spend the night with Laverty. Gates says he did not. Arnott wants to know why Gates didn't call for back up when he arrived and found evidence of violence. Gates says he knew his team were on route and then he saw Arnott turn up and figured they could handle it. Arnott then says that he had to climb over the gate to get into the property, and asks Gates how he got it. Gates stumbles and Arnott pushes that he knows Gates's car was parked on the drive beyond the locked security gate. Arnott says did you climb over the gate with your car tucked under your arm, or did Laverty let you in? Gates sips his water and thinks then says that he opened the gate himself. Arnott demands the code to the gate. Gates says it'll be in his phone under Laverty's contact info. He presses a few buttons and says it's 2366.

Prior then takes the opportunity to call an end to the interview and tries to advise Hastings that she doesn't believe they have enough evidence to suspend Gates. Arnott pushes for another question, the last number Laverty's mobile called was 07900 024731. Arnott wants to know who it was. Gates says he's got no idea. Arnott asks whether Gates was there at the time. Gates says he wasn't. Hastings tries to stop Arnott from continuing, but he pushes forward and confirms that the forensic investigators at Laverty's house will be looking for any traces of who was in the house. Gates says yes, and they are likely to find some of my DNA because he's not denying he wasn't ever there, and that he was obviously there that morning with Arnott. Hastings terminates the interview and confirms that there will be no suspension for Gates. They all look exhausted.

After third AC-12 interview with Tony Gates[]

Gates and Prior leave AC-12. Arnott watches them leave. At the bottom of the escalator, Gates glances up and, seeing Arnott watching, glares at him.

Gates goes to the bathroom to wash his face and a man in a black hoodie, gloves and a blue bandana over his face hits Gates over the head with a baseball bat once. Gates hallucinates Laverty standing over him with her hand on her bleeding throat, saying his name. It then flashes back to him washing his face and the whole thing had been a daydream.

Back in the TO-20 squad room, Fleming, Morton, Dot and Deepak are gathered discussing the recent developments. Everyone goes silent when Gates walks in. He slowly walks to the front of the room and admits that he let the team down, that a relationship compromised him professionally but none of it reflects badly on the team, in fact, it makes their loyalty all the more humbling. Gates confirms the Chief Superintendent Derek Hilton is appointing another officer to lead the case into Laverty's disappearance and probable murder and they will render that officer every assistance.

Arnott goes to check up on the forensic investigation. He speaks with Mandy Taylor, who confirms that the glass found was very moist and had fingerprints. She confirms that the prints match the control from the house and are likely a match to Laverty. Taylor confirms that there were no prints on the whisky bottle, that it had been wiped down. Arnott thanks her and says he'll be back for the DNA reports.

Back in TO-20 squad room Gates is advising his team that they are now focused on the double homicide on Greek Lane and the killing of Wesley Duke. DS Leah Janson interrupts and calls Gates away. Arnott is outside the station, trying to get access to Gates's car. The whole of TO-20 witness Gates asking Arnott to stop. Arnott says he wants Gate's car impounded as evidence and cordoned off and that he wants Gates kept away from it. Gates tells him to get a warrant but when Arnott sets off the car alarm Gates allows him entrance. Arnott plays his hand and tells Gates that he believes he wiped down the Whisky bottle and took the glass, as it was the only proof he was there. Arnott finishes looking through the car whilst TO-20 watch, laughing at him, and Gates locks it again. Fleming watches Arnott from inside the building.

Fleming goes to meet Arnott by a busy roadway. Fleming confirms there is no sign of Laverty, nothing was found during the thorough search of her property, no-one matching her description has been admitted to hospital and a track on her mobile phone gave them nothing as it's been switched off all day, and that's as far as they got when Gates was brought off the case. Arnott says he fought tooth and nail to keep it because he knows what the forensics will sound like in front of a jury when the body's found. Fleming says that whoever killed Laverty did it quickly, and moved the body without leaving a trace. She believes it was a professional job and that maybe Laverty won't be found. Arnott says that the whisky glass is the only physical evidence that places Gates at the crime scene. Fleming looks annoyed and tells Arnott that his search of Gates's car came off as desperate. Arnott gets defensive and says Gates is the one who's desperate. He walks away telling Fleming that he'll push from the outside and she'll push from the inside and Gates will crack. Arnott tells Fleming to make Gates lead them to the whisky glass. Fleming looks exasperated.

The TO-20 squad are back at the Greek Lane property, Dot confirms that the only DNA found at the crime scene was from the two victims, which leads Gates to believe it was a professional crew with gloves and the works on. Morton says no drugs were found, but there was a residue of very pure crack cocaine. Fleming posits that the two victims weren't just muscling in on their territory, they had better quality drugs and were out-competing. Gates says he's going to go to the alleyway to look at the Duke crime scene, Fleming asks to join but Gates takes a call. Dot starts to complain that Gates could bring the whole of TO-20 down, Morton reminds Dot that Gates stood by him. Dot says Gates isn't a saint and that the squad members are only there because they tick a box with the top brass. Morton agrees and says they all know which box Dot ticks. Dot gets annoyed and walks off. Morton calls after him, asking if he's worried he backed the wrong horse.

At the alleyway, Fleming tells Gates that the Greek Lane murderers know they're after them. She believes that they were blatant in showing that the Duke murder was done by the same people. Gates's asks if she thinks it's a warning, she says maybe or they are taunting the police. It's one thing to kill two people behind closed doors, but to hang Duke up for everyone to see is very different; this is a triple murder now. Fleming then confirms CCTV for Greek Lane has come in from nearby traffic cams, Gates tasks her with reviewing it. Fleming asks who is taking over the Laverty case, and Gates confirms it's DI Ian Buckells. Gates asks why she's asking, and Fleming says that the station heard Arnott accuse him of being with Laverty. Gates gets defensive saying Arnot has nothing on him, Fleming says she only wanted to say that he lost someone and if he needs to talk she's there.

Gates arrives home to his wife, Jools Gates, apologising about last night. She hugs him and tells him she's glad he's alright, that one of his team is there telling her all about it. Gates looks worried and walks into the room to see Arnott sitting there, who confirms he isn't on his team but is in another department that's taking an interest in last night's events. Gates asks about his daughters and Jools says they're at clubs. She then leaves, taking their dog, Sammy, with her. Gates tells Arnott to leave, and Arnott confirms he was asking about last night. Jools had been relieved to hear that Gates had been working and had confirmed that the spare bed hadn't been slept in. Arnott says he has strong circumstantial evidence to prove that Gates's statement is false, all he needs to is the whisky glass and he has hard evidence that Gates was an accessory to the crime. Which Gates says he doesn't have. Arnott says he'll find it and tries to pressure Gates into calling his solicitor and changing his statement. Gates doesn't play ball and tells Arnott that he's not going to do his job for him, if he wants to take him down, he'll have to do it himself and to get out of his house. Arnott tells him he's in a hole and he should stop digging, for his wife and daughters' sakes. Gates tells him to get out. Arnott says "Nice house. Shame. Have a good day, sir," and leaves.

Jools comes back in and questions what Gates was up to the previous night, he avoids the question and says he's handling a triple murder. Gates tells Jools that Arnott is AC-12, Jools gets worried that they have something on him. Gates says they have nothing, which is why Arnott is so desperate. Jools asks why Arnott is round their house and Gates says it's because he's a prick. Gates then promises to sort it and hugs Jools, who is uncertain. Jools heads out and tells Arnott to stay away from her family, nothing will come between them.

Fleming is working on the CCTV and updates Gates on where she is at with the timeline. Four hours prior to the murders, as 23:12, the unmarked car carrying Dot and Deepak appears on the CCTV, they are heading to their surveillance position on Greek Lane. Two hours later, at 01:16 a Subaru is spotted heading to Kingsgate from Moss Heath. 10 minutes later at 01:25 the same Subaru takes the same route and again at 01:36. They conclude the Subaru is doing circuits, checking the Borogrove Estate where Dot and Deepak were parked. Two hours later at 03:32 Dot and Deepak are seen leaving the area, and at 03:38 the Subaru comes around the junction again for the final time. It isn't seen leaving the area. The plates have been cloned, so there is no way to identify the owner or driver. They conclude that the cars are harvested for the jobs and then dumped. Gates asks Fleming to put out an instruction for all officers to look out for cloned plates, she says she's already done it, and Gates looks impressed.

Back on the Bog we see Ryan walk up to a car, with two people getting busy in the back. He smashes the window and steals the phone. The next morning, the same phone is seen on a kitchen counter in Ryan's house where his mother, Keely Pilkington, is being woken up by banging on her door. It's PC Simon Bannerjee who has come to find out where Ryan is, he was supposed to come into the station to provide a statement regarding the incident with Alf Butterfield from Episode 2. Keely lets Bannerjee in before returning to lying on the sofa watching television. Bannerjee tells Keely that he checked at Ryan's school and they said he hadn't been in all week. When asked, Keely says she has no idea where Ryan is. Bannerjee says that this is serious, and Ryan needs to be accompanied to his interview by a responsible adult. Keely says it's nothing to do with her and that his social worker is the responsible adult. She then pulls the duvet over her head.

Back at the station, Alf Butterfield is being interviewed by PC Bannerjee and PC Karen Larkin. Mr Butterfield says that if Ryan hasn't shown up then there is no case to answer. He is advised that as a crime number has been generated it can't be dismissed. He needs to either accept the caution or go to court. Larkin strongly suggests he take the caution, as he'll be home in time for Bargain Hunt. Bannerjee confirms that it would mean Mr Butterfield would then have a criminal record for a public order offence, which Larkin rolls her eyes at. Mr Butterfield gets upset at the idea that he'd have a criminal record when it was Ryan and his friends who attacked him. Larkin looks annoyed and screws up the paperwork she was filling in. Mr Butterfield says he remembers that there was a detective who said she'd sort everything and hasn't done anything, it's all her fault and that they should speak to her.

Chief Superintendent Derek Hilton is in his office when Gates is shown in by Sheila. Hilton says he can't stop to talk to him he's in a rush, Gates pushes to talk to him. Hilton says that the AC-12 interview puts them in a delicate position. Gates says he thought it was best he came clean, but Hilton doesn't want to get involved and wants the dust to settle before he does anything. Gates confronts Hilton, saying he was happy to stand next to him when he was getting his medal. Shiela interrupts to bring in DI Ian Buckells, who has taken over the Laverty case. He provides a brief update, there is no sign of the body and they are proceeding to investigate her money laundering for a connection. Buckells looks uncomfortable speaking in front of Gates, who interrupts to confirm that they have a breakthrough on the triple murder and should have it cracked in two or three days. Hilton looks excited about the movement and asks if he can take the information to the Chief Constable. Gates says absolutely, Hilton congratulates him and walks out. Gates tells Buckells not to assume anything about Laverty's fate, that she could have faked the whole thing as she was facing a manslaughter charge, that she had the money and resources to get herself out of the country. Buckells tries to avoid commenting, but Gates continues that Laverty's ex might be involved and that Buckells should ignore AC-12 as they are chasing shadows. Gates warns him that he could be stepping on a slippery snake and should watch out if he wants to climb the ladder.

Moss Heath Operation[]

Gates walks back to his office, his phone buzzes and it's a message from Laverty saying "Help me Tony". Whilst Gates is trying to figure out what to do, Fleming walks in to update Gates on the cloned plates. Patrol have found a car in Moss Heath and they are ready to roll. Gates orders Tactical Ops to be mobilised with full armour and says that they will do the risk assessment en route. Morton calls Dot who will meet them there. As TO-20 are getting into their cars, DS Leah Janson stops Fleming from joining the team, she informs Gates that Fleming has been restricted to desk duty. Fleming tries to Gates to overrule her but says he doesn't have time. Before Gates speeds on he informs Fleming that there has been activity on Laverty's phone and to get it triangulated and then phone it through.

Morton, in the car with Gates, asks what's going on with Fleming, Gates says he doesn't have a clue. Morton tells Gates that something's been bugging him, the only people that knew Gates wasn't answering his phone the night of Laverty's disappearance were him, Dot and Fleming, so how did Arnott get so certain that he was with Laverty that night. Fleming calls Gates with the triangulation of Laverty's phone. Janson informs Fleming that the complaint made by Alf Butterfield is why she's been assigned desk duty. The base station is 93016 where Laverty's phone pinged, which is on the corner of Goswell Road and Spedmore Avenue. Gates calls the team chasing the cloned car and informs them to carry on but he's going on another call. Morton asks him what he's doing, Gates tells him that Laverty is alive. Fleming gives them further information on the movement of Laverty's phone and sends them to Alexander Avenue southwest of the intersection with Prince Charles Avenue. Gates and Morton follow the directions but end up in a dead end. They get out to look around and hear over the radio that the black four-wheel drive with cloned plates is heading south on Prince Charles Avenue as is being chased by the other team. Gates takes off on foot to chase down the car and sees the guy from his earlier daydream with the black hoodie and the blue bandana in the back seat of the car. Gates runs back to his car and tells Morton to get in they are going after the car. Morton tells him that they are no in a designated pursuit vehicle, but Gates ignores him. They follow the car into a row of garages but can't locate where the car went. Gates then sees the car at the top of the road and tells Morton to follow in the car, he's going to chase it through the back streets to guide the backup to it. Nige tries to follow Gates, but can't keep up, so turns back to the car. The car is heading north on Prince Charles Avenue now. Gates runs out to locate the car and gets hit by it. Ryan gets out and kicks his radio away. Three adults in dark clothes, including Miroslav, wearing gloves and balaclavas bind his wrists and hold him up to the phone Ryan has which is Laverty's and has the message sent to Gates. They stuff him in the back seat and drive off.

In an abandoned building Gates is brought it with a hood on and put on a single chair in the centre of the room. The men pull on their balaclavas and Gates has his hood removed and sees through some red-rimmed windows that he is next to a flyover. Ryan takes some bolt cutters from a freezer and Gates is brought over to have a look inside. He sees Laverty's dead body wrapped in plastic in the freezer, the knife his fingerprints were placed on is inside with her. Ryan takes a call from Tommy and holds to the phone to Gates. Tommy informs Gates that Laverty was working for him, so now Gates is working for him. If Gates doesn't agree Laverty's body is going to turn up with enough evidence to convict Gates. Tommy tells Gates to keep the phone and they'll call him when they want something. Ryan shoves the phone in Gates's pocket and calls him a pig bastard four times.

After Moss Heath Operation[]

Arnott goes back to the forensic lab and Mandy Taylor tells him that they got DNA from the whisky glass and it only matches Laverty. Arnott doesn't have anything to tie Gates to being at Laverty's house the night of her disappearance. Hastings calls him away to tell him off for searching Gates car in front of the whole station, and for visiting his wife at home. Arnott says he's trying to put pressure on him and play Gates at his own game. Hastings says "How can we expect our officers to behave professionally, if we can't behave professionally ourselves?! You're over the line here son, you're way over the line." Hastings puts pressure on Arnott to come back with something for the sake of the whole AC-12 team.

Gates is back at the station and tells the TO-20 squad that as they've ID'd the vehicle they should expect it to turn up at a scrap yard soon, which means they are now at a dead end. Gates says he'll go and tell Hilton what's happened and the team should head home. Gates declines an offer of a pint from Morton. Gates asks Fleming why she was assigned desk duties today, Fleming confirms it was nothing and it's been sorted. Fleming asks Gates if he is ok, he was out of contact for over an hour that day. Gates says the doctor ok'd him, but Fleming pushes and asks what happened. Gates says he was chasing around and made a tit out of himself, and doesn't want to say anymore. Fleming jokes that maybe Gates needs that pint after all and says that she just wants to help. Gates says he's not sure anyone can. Fleming tries to reassurance Gates and says AC-12 are robots, they don't understand the difference between a corrupt copper and a decent one who made a mistake, she says she does. Fleming asks Gates to let her prove herself to him, that if there is a piece of evidence out there that AC-12 wants she can handle it. Gates tells her it's a conversation they shouldn't be having and that the evidence doesn't exist. Fleming keeps pushing, saying if Arnott finds it, that's his career over, a genuinely talented officer, all for one silly mistake. Gates gets upset and says he's not bent, she knows that. Fleming says yes, but keeps pushing for the location of the whisky glass. Gates looks around like he's deciding what do and bends down and whispers to Fleming that it's in a skip.

The next day Fleming identifies the skip and is about to call Arnott when Gates rushes past. Fleming follows him and finds AC-12 and Buckells investigating a drain for the whisky glass, Morton confirms that they got a tip-off about its location. Gates gets annoyed with Arnott. The search finds nothing in the drain. Gates leaves after calling Arnott and Buckells tits and saying their investigation is going down the drain, which annoys Arnott. Fleming asks Gates about what just happened and he explains that he made up a story about a phantom piece of evidence and told Fleming it was in a skip, Dot that it was in a pond, Morton that it was in a ditch and Deepak was told it was in a drain. Fleming then has a go at Gates, telling him that she was up all night weighing her career against helping him out and it was all a rouse, she calls him a bastard and walks away.

Hastings and Arnott are heading back into the station, Hastings says they have a contact request from Colin Brackley the senior fire officer that was involved in the incident where Karim Ali was killed in Episode 1. Arnott doesn't want to have anything to do with him but Hastings says he shouldn't burn his bridges.

Arnott's meeting with Colin Brackley[]

Arnott reluctantly goes to see Brackley in a pub. Brackley offers to buy Arnott a drink but he isn't interested. Arnott just wants to hear him out and then he'll leave. Brackley says that his whole team are getting twitchy, they are still suspended from active duty and are worried that Arnott is going accuse them of lying to cover up breaking into the wrong flat. Arnott says he's heard they are going to accuse him of sending the wrong orders, sending them to the wrong flat. Brackley says it's all gotten out of hand and that's why he's there. Arnott says he knows how brave the team were to go in there thinking there was a bomb, but they've all been asked to lie and he's the only one not going along with it. Brackley says he knows the problem was a failure of intelligence, the op was thrown together without proper preparation and no one wants to admit that which is why they are putting it on the team. Arnott says there is no us. Brackley says there is if they all tell the same story. Arnott asks if that means none of the lads will point any of the blame in his direction. Brackley says they're in this together. Arnott tells him that an innocent man is dead. A tearful Brackley says he thinks about it every day, he pulled the trigger, the guilt is unbearable for him. Brackley asks if Arnott feels the guilt too. Brackley says that Arnott knew the kill order was suspect, and if he hadn't passed it on it wouldn't have happened. Arnott offers to get him a drink, Brackley says that nothing is going to bring him back, getting them fired for this mistake won't help anybody, but if they go back to work they can put it behind them and be the cleanest/most dedicated officers there, he says that Arnott has figured it out which is why he joined anti-corruption. Arnott buys Brackley a pint and returns to AC-12, deep in thought.

After Arnott's meeting with Colin Brackley[]

Gates and the TO-20 squad watch Deepak packing his desk, someone has put a dead rat in his desk drawer. Deepak accuses Gates of trying to take the whole team down to protect himself, and calls him an arrogant wanker. DI Buckells asks to speak to Fleming about the trace of Laverty's phone. He tells Fleming that's its the best lead they have to her whereabouts. Gates interrupts and tells Buckells to put any request for his team in writing to Gates. Buckells meekly walks off. Rita Bennett comes to speak to Gates and tells him that the anti-corruption stuff is causing problems with her nerves, and she jokingly says she'll have to go on the sick. Gates coldly tells her she'll be missed and walks away. Bennett goes to the kitchen, saying that in the last three months her migraines have gotten worse and she's sure her union will have something to say about it. A cleaner is emptying the dishwasher, the contents of which includes a small whisky glass.

Hilton and Hastings are having a posh dinner to discuss the current situation with the Gates investigation. Hilton admits that he has been avoiding this conversation, and says he sympathises with Hastings saying he spent two years in AC himself and can see both sides. Hilton says that if Gates had solved the triple murder he could have shaken the AC-12 allegations, but he has failed to do so and he is now a dead man walking because of the allegations. Hilton asks why AC-12 have kept digging, and Hastings says they are digging for proof that Gates was at a murder scene. Hilton says there are only so many drains they can look down before AC-12 becomes a laughing stock. Hilton advises Hastings to cool the investigation into Gates. Hilton alludes to the fact that Gates is Black by calling him "from the South" and suggests that if the investigation continues it may look like AC-12 is prejudiced against certain racial groups within the police. Hastings refutes this and says that they follow procedure and everyone receives the same treatment. Hilton, however, says that they don't want to even appear to be pursuing this case with unusual alacrity and Hastings reluctantly agrees. Hastings gets Hilton to agree to put Fleming back on full duties with TO-20 after the Alf Butterfield complaint.

We next see Gates waiting to pick his daughters up from school when the burner phone Ryan gave him rings. Tommy says that Laverty's money laundering business will lead the police to Tommy and that Gates has to sort it out. Gates says he can't make a move without being watched. Tommy says that's Gates's problem and hangs up. Gates pockets the phone as his daughters, Natalie and Chloe, appear and Gates hugs them.

Arnott has had enough, he doesn't know what he's doing anymore. He texts Hastings and Fleming and says "I'm the wrong man for this job. Gates has won." Both Hastings and Fleming look disappointed as Arnott drives away in his car.


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  • Andy Sanderson as Forensic Officer
  • Jonathan Garratt as Crime Scene Officer
  • Nick Owenford as Parent


Scenes from this episode were recorded at Shannon Road, Tay Grove, Teviot Grove, The Fold, Kings Norton, Birmingham, of which was a partially a derelict housing estate awaiting new housing developments in 2012. Other filming locations include Birmingham Municipal Bank (AC-12 Building), The House of Sport, Bridge Street (Kingsgate Station), Paradise Circus (where Arnott and Fleming meet), Millionaire's Row (Millionaire's Row), Small Heath (Moss Heath), Sutton Park (where Gates attempts to dispose of evidence) Old Central Fire Station, Lancaster Circus (where OCG take Gates) and The Queen's Arms, Newhall Street (The Queen's Arms pub).


  • The first scene ever to be filmed is in this episode, when Gates attempts to dispose of evidence in a lake.
  • The first of Arnott and Fleming's clandestine meetings is also in this episode. The scene was filmed before Gates's name was changed, hence you never see Arnott or Fleming's lips when they say Tony Gates. The scene was later dubbed over.