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"In the Shadow of the Truth" is the first episode in Series 4 of Line of Duty and the eighteenth overall episode. It was first broadcast on BBC One on 26th March 2017.


DCI Roz Huntley is under intense pressure from her superiors to apprehend a serial murderer after months of fruitless investigation. When another young woman is abducted, Roz is on the scene to track down and charge a 24-year-old man. But doubts around the young man's guilt lead the chief forensic investigator to ask AC-12 to investigate. Is Roz ignoring forensic evidence that might prove the young man's innocence? AC-12's Supt Hastings places DS Kate Fleming undercover inside Roz's team to dig deeper into the case. With DS Steve Arnott piling on pressure from the outside, Roz is forced to act decisively. A mother of two and wife to Nick, Roz will do anything to stop her life from unravelling.


The episode opens on 9 March 2017 in Moss Heath and we see a bus pull up and Hana Reznikova says goodbye to her two friends as they get on the bus. Hana runs to catch her bus and starts running across a nearly empty car park. Before she gets halfway a black car, LY02 DXD, knocks her down. The car stops and a man in a black jacket and balaclava grabs her and pushes her in the car. There are plenty of observers nearby and a man in Hudson's Pub calls the police, watching as the car speeds away. We watch the car speed down a side street as Hana, still blurry from being knocked down, tries to get out of the car. She opens the door but the driver drives onto the curb so she can't open the door and pulls her back in. They fight back and forth and Hana manages to topple out of the door into the street, but she's not with it enough to get up and run away. The driver gets out and grabs her and puts her in the boot this time.

We move to Polk Avenue Station where we see a board set up for Operation Trapdoor, with two people listed Baswinder Kaur DOB 15/02.1995 and Leonie Collersdale DOB 29/10/1992. We see a brief shot of DC Jodie Taylor making a telephone call. DCI Roz Huntley is at home, with her son Ollie Huntley, when the call comes in from Jodie. Jodie tells Roz that they have an active abduction of a young female in the Moss Heath area. We can see DS Neil Twyler behind Jodie, getting ready to a head out to the scene. Roz confirms she's coming in, and Jodie apologises for calling her at home. Roz says this is what they needed and hangs up. Neil says they're going to get this bastard, and a picture taken from above of a man in a black balaclava is shown, looking very similar to the one that took Hana. He is the target of Operation Trapdoor.

Roz is leaving her house and is calling her husband Nick Huntley, asking where he is, she needs to leave to go to work. Nick says he's ten minutes away, his last meeting ran over. Not waiting for him to return Roz speeds away.

Roz pulls up to a Crime Scene, Jodie meets her at the cordon and both in stab vests head inside. Jodie confirms it's the car, it was reported stolen that morning. Roz starts to think, the man could still be right there. She asks Jodie to set up a Decision Log and dictates the first few lines confirm that she is SIO and she's taken command of initial scene management. Neil jogs over and says they've done a sweep and no sign of the driver or passenger and no witnesses yet. Roz is slightly deflated and says that they missed him by minutes. Roz's phone is ringing and it's ACC Derek Hilton. Roz can't believe he's heard already.

More police cars are arriving on the scene and Roz directs the officers to start a house to house. Jodie is following Roz around writing down everything she's saying in the decision log. Roz tells her to get a pair of GPDs and Jodie grabs two officers and tells them to start house to house and GPDs (General Purpose Dogs). Neil calls in for a Dog Unit to be sent to the Borogrove Estate.

We see two Alsations and their handlers turn up and enter the cordon. Jodie is questioning a resident, asking for any signs of Hana or Balaclava man. Roz has also joined in the house to house. The dogs are sniffing the car and then Neill runs over to Roz to tell her that the dogs have something. The dogs are leading their handlers on the scent over a large grass area. The dogs stop and are barking at a particular house. Roz pulls the dogs back and asks Neil to get onto Control. Roz starts calling it in and the house in front of them explodes, flames everywhere. Everyone pulls back, but Roz decides that balaclava man must be close, and takes a small team includes the dogs around the back to find him. Rox sends the dogs off to chase his sent and investigates the house, she can hear screaming from inside. Hana is cable tied to a radiator inside the house. Roz finds her and tries to free her, but sends a PC to get her cutters. The building is collapsing around them, Roz moves to shelter Hana. The PC returns back and cuts Hana free, they all escape the building.

The fire brigade is just arriving as Roz returns to the front of the building with Hana. Jodie tells her that an ambulance will be there in a minute. Roz asks a nearby constable to record this on his body cam. Roz asks Hana for a description of balaclava man. Hana says she never saw his face that he wore something dark with two holes for the eyes. Roz asks what his voice was like, Hana says he never spoke. At this point, Hana's hands go instinctively to her painful bleeding ears. Roz asks what happened, Hana said he tore out her earrings. The paramedics arrive and Roz lets her go.

Neil comes running back and tells her that there is no sign of him in the back alley but the dogs are still looking. Roz then decides to lock down all roads in a one-mile radius, put out all patrol obs on the suspect and find out whose house Hana was found in.

We see Tim Ifield arriving, as the forensic coordinator and signing into the cordon. Roz says hi and Tim decides to make a point. He tells her that the scene log has a huge number of names on it and with so many people walking around it'll be very difficult for his team to secure any evidence. This get's Roz's back up and she tells Tim that it's a live search and that takes priority, she'll send him in when FARS OIC declare the building safe. Tim equally frustrated says fine. Roz says she'll need one of his FIs to process the witness, Tim says that's what they are there for.

Jodies comes over with an update for Roz, she has the info on the house from the electoral roll. "residents as Eileen Farmer, born 1946, and Michael Farmer, born 1993. Neighbours say they haven’t seen Eileen for ages. And Michael, the grandson, they describe him as a loner, rarely seen out on the estate. PNC’d Michael Farmer. He’s on the Sex Offenders Register." Roz looks like she's found her man and says "Bingo".

Tim in full forensics gear is now inside the still smouldering house, he finds some jewellery laid out on a shelf. A necklace, two earrings and a hairgrip. He looks intrigued.

Outside Jodie on the phone comes up to Roz to say that they've located Michael Farmer, he's just clocked on for a night shift. Roz says that would fit the timeline, he can't use it as an alibi. Jodie says they'll take her car, but Roz says that no one who has been on the crime scene can have contact with him until he's been forensically processed. She goes on to say that no clever barrister is going to confuse a jury with cross contamination problems on this case. Roz tells the person on the phone that police will be arriving shortly for Michael.

We see the police car drive up to the depot where Michael works. He's busy loading shelves, his name badge says "Package Handler". The manager points him out to the officers who tell him that they are going to arrest him on suspicion of abduction and attempted murder. When he hears this he runs off, he only gets as far as the end of the depot and the two officers have him cornered. He stops and they handcuff him. It's confirmed that forensics are on the way but the suspect is currently co-operating.

Michael Farmer's First Interview at Polk Avenue[]

Neil asks Michael why he ran from the arresting officers. Michael who speaks for the first time, is softly and slowly spoken and says "I was frightened". Roz is watching a video feed of the live interview, Michael has a solicitor and an appropriate adult present, Neil and Jodie are interviewing him. Neil asks where Michael was between 8pm and 10pm the night before. Michael leans towards his solicitor Rob Morganstaff, but Rob offers him no assistance. Michael says he went to see his nan at the nursing home from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm visiting hours. Neill asks him where he went after that. Michael says nowhere, and Jodie asks for clarification. Michael says after he visits his nan he goes and eats his sandwiches and has his drink, and he was sitting on a wall.

Neil asks why he didn't stay with his nan, Michael replies that he's not allowed after 8:30 pm. Jodie says that if Michael had his phone on him they could use it to prove his whereabouts. Rob interjects to say that Michael's phone isn't a smartphone. Jodie tells Rob that he should realise they can triangulate any mobile sim via relative signal strength. Rob concedes the point. Michael puts his head down on the table during this to take a nap. Jodie sees Michael and asks if he'd like to take a break.

After Michael Farmer's First Interview at Polk Avenue[]

Tim is waiting anxiously outside the interview for Roz, he wants to show her the forensics on the jewellery he found at the crime scene. Roz tries to dismiss him, she wants to watch the interview, but Tim says she's got time. He shows her pictures on his laptop of the jewellery and Roz looks dismissive and says that she's up to speed on the forensics. Tim tries to tell her that it's a subtle point that might be missed but directly says she probably missed it. Roz is very annoyed at this accusation on her skills and tells him that she hasn't missed anything. Neil interrupts to say that the Duty Solicitor, Rob, Says Michael is ready to carry on. Roz very happy to leave Tim behind tells him to email her the info and walks off. Tim says he knows his place, Roz turns sharply and says she will read his concerns, absolutely. Tim walks off, exasperated.

Michael Farmer's Second Interview at Polk Avenue[]

Hilton arrives at Polk Avenue and Farida Jatri shows him through. She nervously asks if Roz is expecting him, Hilton says no. Hilton walks into the room Roz is watching the interview form.

Neil is asking Michael to confirm that from 8:30 pm to 9:45 pm he was sitting on a wall. Michael says he was. Jodie asks him again to tell them where the wall was, he again says he can't remember. Neil asks if anyone saw him sitting on the wall, Michael says he doesn't think so.

Hilton asks Roz what's happening. Roz says that Michael is a convicted sex offender and has no alibi. Hilton is happy and asks if they'll be able to charge him within 36 hours. Roz says there is a lot of evidence to go through, Hilton says she's right to be meticulous but they need a breakthrough. They are being killed on twitter... Hilton says he's never rejected his choice of SIO on Trapdoor, but he's had to stick his neck out for her and many others would have taken the case of her by now.

Jodie asks Michael if there was a young woman at the wall, Michael says there wasn't. Neil asks Michael about the fire, asks Michael to tell them about it. Jodie adds that it was a big fire at his house. Michael says he doesn't know. Neil asks if that means he had nothing to do with the fire, and Michael says he didn't. Neil shows Michael pictures of Baswinder Kaur, Jodie adds that her dismembered body was found on 11th November. They also show him a picture of the hairgrip found in his house. Neill asks if Michael has seen either before. Michael looks at the photos and says he's not sure.

Jodie shows him a picture of Leonie Collersdale, saying she went missing on 25th January and no one has seen her since. Neil shows a picture of the necklace found at Michael's house and asks if he's seen either before.

Roz's phone pings and an email shows up from Tim regarding his concerns on Michael's case. She opens the email and the body says that he has significant forensic anomalies which cast doubt on Michael's guilt. He wants an urgent review.

Jodie shows Michael a picture of Hana and her earrings. Michael say's he's not sure again. Neil shows him a picture of balaclava man and asks if that's Michael. Jodie says it's important he thinks, that this photo was taken on 25th January the night Leonie disappeared, she asks if it could be Michael. Michael again says i'm not sure. He's obviously confused and overwhelmed by the whole process, he doesn't really know what's going on.

After Michael Farmer's Second Interview at Polk Avenue[]

We see Roz's team in the squad room popping champagne and toasting as a news press conference by Hilton confirms that they arrested Michael Farmer for the crimes. Tim is watching from the door, looking disappointed as Roz congratulates the team on a job well done.

The same press conference is heard as we see DS Steve Arnott, DS Kate Fleming and Superintendent Ted Hastings in the AC-12 offices. They are going about their days but listening to the news. Hilton continues to gush over how well the team did in this investigation.

At Roz's house later that day we see her husband, Nick, arrive home. He sees that Roz is already home and opens his boot to grab his briefcase. He goes inside to find Roz sitting quietly on the bed, just staring out the window. Nick says he's sorry about last night, he's heard the news, if he'd known... Roz sighs heavily. Nick puts his arm around her and asks what wrong. She says nothing is, it's the opposite, it's over finally. Nick hugs her but looks worriedly out the window.

In the AC-12 office, Steve is shutting down for the night. PC Maneet Bindra walks over to him and says she's sorry but a guy has arrived and will only talk to him and won't give a name. Steve motions Kate to come and watch the interview, to see what it's all about.

Tim Ifield's First Interview with AC-12[]

It's Tim, he takes out his laptop and starts explaining to Steve about the forensics on the case against Farmer. He tells Steve that the crucial finding was the three items that linked this crime scene to the previous victims. Hana told police that the suspect forcibly removed her earrings. Tim shows him the earrings from the three items and confirms that they matched her blood and she identified them. Steve says that it seems pretty sound to him. Tim agrees but says that supposedly these earrings were supposed to have been kept with items belonging to the previous victims. Steve questions the supposedly.

Tim then challenges Steve, and asks how forensically minded he is. We see Kate smiling at the question. Steve says he managed ok. Tim goes on to say that some officers think forensics are cut and dried, but he believes that forensics have to be interpreted carefully. Tim starts complaining about so-called expert witnesses. Steve tries to get him back on point.

Tim understands and starts explaining. He tells Steve that he ordered environmental profiles on the three items. The hairgrip and necklace bore the same pattern of carpet fibre deposits. He starts explaining that this is due to residents walking around, but Steve cuts in to say he understands, it's from when people move around "tiny amounts of carpet fibres are thrown into the air and settle on objects in the immediate vicinity." Steve goes on to say that they can use this to estimate how long an item has been in said location.

Tim looks happy that he understands the point. He then tells Steve that "no carpet fibre deposits were found on any of the items connecting the crime scene to the previous victims. None of the suspect’s DNA either." He's worried that they were planted there. Steve looks concerned, as does Kate from the observation room.

Tim carries on and says that there is a spare footprint. There is one footprint found which doesn't match the resident (Michael) or any of the people who signed into the crime scene after the cordon was set up. Ti says that this proves someone else was in the house at the time of the offence. Steve asks why Tim hasn't taken this to Roz, the SIO on Trapdoor. Tim says he has, he really has.

Tim says that evidence may have been planted, evidence may have been suppressed and he's worried they've charged an innocent man. He's come to AC-12 because that's what they do.

After Tim Ifield's First Interview with AC-12[]

The next day we see Steve and Kate in with Hastings telling them about Tim's accusations. Kate tells him that Tim has 15 years experience he was promoted to grade G two years ago on the back of first-class performance reviews. Steve says that Tim came to him specifically, which makes Kate roll her eyes. Steve says that Roz has no history of misconduct or corruption allegations, he team are also clean. He says they have no links to the suspect in the database.

Steve thinks it's reasonably cut and dry, that Michael is a registered sex offender and that trophies were found in his house linking him to the previous victims. Kate says that, according to Tim, Roz disregarded forensic evidence that cast doubt on Michael's guilt. Steve says that Roz must have discussed the evidence with other officers and must have presented it to the Crown Prosecutor. Kate says that they can't know until they start looking into it. Hasting looks sceptical about investigating this one.

Kate says that how they treat Tim's claims speaks volumes about anyone that witnesses corruption or is in two minds about coming forward. Steve tries to tease her about being a DS now, she's concerned with how things look. Hastings says even more important that their points, there is a young lad who might go to prison for crimes he didn't commit, and if police wrongdoing is part of that, he wants to know.

Kate and Steve leave Hastings office, Steve says that could have gone better. Kate says that her promotion shouldn't be an issue. Steve tries to recover and says that they should get together on the facts before they talk to Hastings in the future. Kate says that she agrees on that.

Back in Polk Avenue Station Roz is at her desk, which is sporting a congratulations card for the arrest. Jodie knocks at the door, tells Roz that there is a DS from East Mids there in the incident room. Roz goes to meet this DS and finds Kate waiting for her. Kate introduces herself as DS Kate Flynn and immediately congratulates her on closing the case. Roz says that she's caught her unawares, and starts pinning evidence up on the boards behind them. Kate says that she thought the liaison has been agreed, she's missing persons in East Mids and they have a disappearance which might fit. Similar juvenile offences and on off history of prostitution. Roz says that everything that has been released to the press has played down their difficult upbringings, that it wasn't a fact, they could have been any woman. Roz says that Hana worked two jobs, all hours she was a cleaner and a waitress.

Kate says that her boss has asked her to rule out any connection, and she was sure he'd sent an email. Roz says it's been a bit hectic around here. Kate presents Rikki Neville, a 21-year-old who went missing before Christmas. Roz asks what she needs. Kate says that they've arranged a post-charge interview with Michael to ask him questions, Roz says that's fine. Kate says she'll wait there until one of her team is free. Rox moves to leave and then decides that she'll be present for the interview.

Michael Farmer's third Interview at HMP Blackthorn[]

Roz and Kate turn up at HMP Blackthorn to interview Michael later that day. Michael limps into the room, and he's shackled at the wrists. Rob is also there, look his usual unkempt self. Michael is very obedient with the Offender Management Officers and holds up his wrists without even being asked. Michael is looking beaten up, his face is cut. Kate and Roz introduce themselves again. Kate asks how he is, if he's been in a fight. Michael says he's had one of his falls.

Kate says that she knows it's difficult in prison for certain kinds of offences, even if on remand, and that they can speak to the offender management officers and explain that he's cooperating and maybe they can do more to protect him. Michael just says thank you. Kate tells Michael that he remains under caution. He looks blankly at her, Kate looks at Rob. Roz cuts in to explain to Rob what it means, that he shouldn't say anything unless he's okay with it being used in court against him. That he can avoid a question by saying no comment and he can stop the interview at any time.

Kate listens closely to what Roz has told him, bearing in mind his solicitor is silent. Kate asks Michael about two weeks after new year. She asks if he travelled to Leicester around them. Michael thinks, then says he doesn't remember. Kate asks if he remembers leaving town at all. Michael says he doesn't get out much. Rob appears to have dozed off at this point. Kate asks if he remembers taking a bus or a train out of town. Michael says it was a while ago, that he's sorry and he might've forgotten.

Kate asks if he's ever driven out of town. after a hesitation he's certain on this one and says no, he's never driven out of town. Kate shows him a picture of Rikki and asks if she looks like Hana to him. he stutters but doesn't have time to answer before Kate asks if he stole anything from her. He again stutters but doesn't answer. Kate presses that Roz explained that Hana's earrings were found in his house. Michael looks frightened and confused.

Kate says that Rikki was seen getting in a strangers car, which is what was alleged to have happened to Hana. Michael is struggling and managed to say, directly to Roz, that he doesn't want to get in any more trouble. Roz tells him that he can answer however he likes, and that if he wants to change his story he can, but it's important that he know it can harm his defence in court. Rob wakes up enough to agree with this statement, then his head immediately drifts off again.

Kate says to Michael that it's important because what happened with this car is what is alleged to have happened with Hana. Michael looks confused and upset and says he doesn't want to get things wrong, that he gets muddled sometimes. Michael starts to get upset and anxious. Kate asks what he gets muddled and upset about. Michael can't figure out what to say in response. Kate looks on uncomfortably. Roz asks if Michael wants to stop the interview, he says yes, please. Rob wakes up again and says they'll leave it there.

Michael is taken away, and Roz asks if Kate got what she needed. Before Michael is taken away fully he turns o them and asks if he did alright. Kate asks in what way does he mean. Michael says that she said if he did well then, his voice gets quiet here, she said she'd tell them to look after him better. Kate looks at him and tries to reassure him and agrees that she'll talk to them.

Roz and Kate leave Blackthorn. Kate apologises to Roz for the wasted time. Kate asks if she can ask some questions now. Roz very bluntly tells Kate that she's barking up the wrong tree, that Michael took trophies from each victim and there were only three sets found in the house, there is no fourth victim.

After Michael Farmer's third Interview at HMP Blackthorn[]

Kate meets Steve in their usual subway location. Kate starts in straight away, she's interviewed him, she could believe him guilty of a crime of passion, but two or three over several months, leaving no clues, she doesn't believe it. Steve says he's been diagnosed with learning difficulties when he was 11, and it doesn't mean he was incapable of committing the offences.

Kate says he was supposed to have stolen a car to have taken Hana, and she's not convinced he can even drive. Steve asks if the solicitor brought that up, Kate says not to get her started on him. Steve asks if she pressed Roz. Kate says not to worry she knows how to run an undercover. Steve gets a bit defensive and says he didn't say she didn't. Kate with a poorly judged joke, says that they could leave it to him but they might end up in court again. Steve looks bothered by this. End of meeting.

Hastings meets with Kate and Steve in his office. Steve says that Tim has raised legitimate concerns, but that all the disclosures are what he would expect at this point. Kate says that triangulation places Michael at his grandmothers nursing home and not near Hana's abduction site. Hastings says that they know how it works, the team investigate, it goes to the SIO who then presents it to the Crown Prosecutor. Kate says that the Crown Prosecutor can only consider what has been put in front of them, and they don't know what Roz said when she put it forward.

Steve says that there is nothing in Roz's records to suggest she's ever done anything like this before. She's got no connection or grudge against him. So perhaps she thinks on the balance of evidence he's guilty, that she's an honest copper doing her job. Hastings says the job she's been given. Steve asks for clarification. Hasting says that her superior officer won't have been kept in the dark on such a high profile case. Kate says that she found out Hilton arrived in the building the night Michael was being questioned. Kate leaves and Steve waits to talk to Hastings.

Steve tells Hastings that he's been a DS for 5 years, he's passed the National Inspector's Exam and he hopes Hastings will back him as he believes he's proved himself. Hastings gives him full marks for ambition and that Steve should rest assured that Hastings will give it due consideration. Steve thinks that an underwhelming response but leaves anyway.

The next day we see Hilton and Hastings having a posh sit-down lunch. Hastings says it's too early for wine for him, but that Hilton should consider a glass of champagne to celebrate. Hilton looks chuffed but says it's too early for him too. Hastings says that the expectations of the public are too high, that they expect forensics to lead them to offenders doors. Hilton says that public trust has been restored so they can relax. Hastings says that it's a trying situation when the levels of heightened anxious filter down the ranks. Hilton wants to know what he means. Hastings says that expectations to get a result can lead to undue pressure on a detective to close a case. Hilton says it's not always a bad thing, sometimes you have to light a fire.

Hastings says that sometimes a detective under that kind of pressure can bend the facts to suit the expectations of their superiors. Hilton looks offended for a split second, then says he has better antennae than that. That he can't be a micromanager. They have to trust the officers to conduct themselves with integrity.

Back at the AC-12 office, Ted calls Steve aside and tells him that they are now formally investigating Roz's charging of Michael. Hastings didn't buy Hiltons act at lunch.

Later that day Steve visits Jade Hopkirk at her house. Jade is the person who caused Michael to be on the sex offenders register. Steve rings the doorbell and Jade answers with "What's he done now?". She lets him in to talk. Steve sits down in the mess interior and says that he wants to talk about Michael Farmer. Jade says she knew him from the estate, that they both walked the same way home. Steve says that the records say a complaint was lodged against him by her mother on 18 June 2009. Jade wants to know why he's bring it all up, Steve says that it may relate to a current inquiry he's working on.

Steve wants to confirm details, she acknowledges she was 15 and he was 16. Steve asks to confirm it happened at his grandmother's house. Jade says that his nan was out and they were along listening to music and that. Steve asks if they were friends before this. Jade said that she thought he just wanted to be friends. Steve asks if she made clear to him that she didn't want to have intercourse before it happened, she says yes but her baby crying interrupts them. Steve pushes her as her answer seems unconvincing, he says that Michael says that she went along with it. Jade counters with he changed his story and said he did it, so she doesn't see the problem. Steve looks perplexed at what the truth might be.

Back at Polk Avenue Roz arrives to start her shift. She bumps into Neil who is walking in the corridor. Neil asks her how long she wants to give the DS from East Mids. Roz says she doesn't know what he's getting at. Neil says she's going through the interviews and witness statements, Roz realises what's going on and rushes off.

Roz rushes in to confront Kate, she asks her what's going on. Kate says that her gaffer wasn't happy with what she got out of Michael, that he thought there were holes in his statement. She needs more to rule him out. Roz looks very uncomfortable. Kate apologises and says the team seemed fine with it, she didn't want to disturb Roz at home. Roz says she's the SIO and Kate should have asked her. Kate apologises again and says she meant no disrespect. Roz tells her to desist, while she takes it up with her senior officer. Kate starts to clean up the files she's been looking at, but Roz says she'll get someone to do it and Kate should leave right now.

Kate tries to make nice as she leaves, and tells Roz that they are both on the same side, just trying to solve a crime. Roz says of course. In her office, Roz calls Kate's superior officer and tells them that she finds Kate a disruptive influence. Luckily the call had been intercepted by their undercover ops handling service.

Kate says that Roz is definitely hiding something, she just doesn't know what. Steve says that the original sex registers case against Michael checks out. Hastings says that maybe they got the right man after all. Steve looking uncomfortable hesitates and stutters but in the end agrees with Kate that it's worth more digging.

The next day we see Steve turn up at Polk Avenue to talk to Roz. Farida leads him through. Roz looks worried and asks who he is there to see. Steve says that he's making inquiries into operation trapdoor. Roz wants to know more, Steve says it's only early days and he's just making a courtesy call. With that, he leaves.

Roz slowly walks out of her office, looking worried. Kate is standing there waiting for her. Roz asks what she's doing there. Kate says that they haven't been able to rule out Michael's involvement, so they are creating a bilateral task force and she's been placed on temporary secondment. Roz looks very worried.

We see Hilton in his office later that day, Jan lets Roz in to see him. Roz wants to know why AC-12 is examining Trapdoor. Roz says she's not corrupt, neither are her officers, they met the threshold and surpassed it. Hilton says that he stuck with her because she's better than her career break suggests. He means that years off she had to be a full-time mum. That some would worry it would cost her her edge, but he knows first hand how good she is. Hilton says that there is lots of evidence, pro and con, and whilst there are facts there is also the trust, and he knows she won't let him down.

Back at Polk Avenue Tim goes to the evidence locker and asks to see extra evidence reports. When leaving he bumps into Roz who acts very suspiciously of him.

Tim Ifield's Second Interview with AC-12[]

Steve arrives for work at the AC-12 building. Maneet tells him that his friend has been waiting for him, for a couple of hours. Steve looks over and Tim is staring back from the meeting room. Steve goes to see him, and tells him that he can make an appointment. Tim says he doesn't want people knowing he was there, but he wants to know how it's going. Steve says that he can't tell him anything relating to an ongoing inquiry. Tim interrupts that to mean that they are investigating, and he's pleased. So he presents new information which he thinks will help.

Tim tells Steve that if Michael abducted her, bundled her into his car and dragged her into his place then there should be some of his clothing fibres detected on her clothing. Steve agrees that's logical. Tim says that no fibres matching Michael's clothes were found on Hana. Tim says the only fibres found on her were black fibres from a cotton and polyester blend. Steve says that Michael was wearing different clothing when arrested, he could have changed Tim says no black fibres were found, and no black fibres were found in his hair from a balaclava.

Tim says that Roz is too clever to have missed it all. That he feels like his alone, out on a limb. He tries to sympathise with Steve, saying he'd understand he was a whistleblower too, with the shooting of Karim Ali. Tim says it was why he wanted to talk to him. Tim says that he can only think the forensics investigators are in on it too, or were silenced by Roz. Steve wonders what the conspiracy is for. Tim says to ignore evidence pointing to another suspect.

Tim shows him the photo of balaclava man, which was taken on 25 January. Tim says he has a biometric program which can tell him info. Steve says it's all be done, and his height can't be estimated without a wide margin of error. Tim says that's correct, but they can do foot size as it's a horizontal measurement. Tim says that the shoe size is a UK size 10, and Michael is a UK size 8. Tim says he doesn't believe balaclava man is Michael, and more so the spare footprint in Michaels house is a UK size 10 too. Tim says he believes that the man in the balaclava killed them all, and isn't Michael, and Roz has stopped everyone looking for him.

After Tim Ifield's Second Interview with AC-12[]

Roz is back in the station and tells Jodie that she's going to send through a list of forensics she wants re-investigated. She sents the file name C/F # 82-836 with the note "Michael Farmer's clothing ? black fibres:"

Tim is wondering the streets the next day and purposefully enters a cafe when he sees that Hana is the waitress. Hana doesn't recognise him, so he plays it like any other customer. He sits down waiting for Hana to bring his tea over. He picks up the business card on the table and see's it's cleaning by Hana. Hana arrives with his tea and tells him that it's her on the card. Tim says that they should fix a time for her to come around and size up his falt, Hana looks happy and says he shouldn't leave before they put something in the diary.

Tim spots a perfect fingerprint impression left by Hana on his glass teacup. He studies it.

Back a the station, Tim looks worried having come out of the forensic submissions door. Jodie looks curious and decides to see what he was up to. Jodie reports back to Roz, Tim was checking out the reports on Hana and Michael's clothing.

Roz is at her house, her children Ollie and Sophie are in the lounge. Roz looks again at Tim's email regarding the inconsistencies. The news report keeps saying how much pressure was put on them to find the criminal. Roz turns off her phone and leaves it in the kitchen. Her husband, Nick, comes down the stairs and sees how worries she is, he asks if she's ok. She says she needs to go back to work and leaves. Nick sees she's turn off her phone.

At Tim's flat, we see him preparing to cook a stir fry, he has the oil heating in the pan. His doorbell rings and the video camera records Roz at the door. He buzzes her in and we see Nick's car out the window pulling up outside. Tim shuts his study door and goes to open the main flat door. Rox flatly tells him that he needs to get his buzzer fixed, she was ringing for ages. He says it's silent, all controlled by computer. She rolls her eyes at him, irritated.

Rox comes out straight and asks him what is going on. She says that she's SIO and whilst he's in charge of forensics, he answers to her. He agrees to this. Roz wants to know why he's questioning her valuation of the evidence. Tim agrees that he can see where she'd be upset, and perhaps they'd be better discussing this at work. Roz says she wants to discuss it then. Tim says she's come to his home, it's night, she's clearly emotion. Roz cut's him off and tells him not to make out she's in the wrong when he's the one going behind her back.

Tim goes to his hob and quietly turns everything off. Roz says that he knows exactly what she means. Tim counters that he had no choice. Roz says he could have talked to her, Tim says he tried. Roz says it was some halfhearted effort to discuss some minor anomalies in the evidence. Tim says they were hardly minor. Roz says it's a complicated case and it takes an experienced SIO to cut through everything and recognise the truth. Tim says that the evidence is the truth. Roz says she knows Michael is guilty.

Time says that she's led them into an avenue of blindness into the possibility of another suspect. Roz says there are no other suspects. Tim says Balaclava man is the other suspect. Roz says that Michael is Balaclava man, the items were found at his house, of course, they appeared different, they were treasures, the shoe print can be discounted it was a busy estate. Roz accuses him of having a narrow view due to his specialism. Tim asks her to leave as she's angry, he puts an arm up to her shoulder and she aggressively shoves it away.

Roz asks Tim who the hell he thinks he is, Tim responds that she shouldn't push him. Roz says that she's right about Michael, he should be able to see it. That riles Tim, who says that he can only see someone who can't admit they are wrong. Roz fights back that it's her life, her career and she won't let a sad little wanker mess it up. Tim challenges her, and asks if that's how she sees Michael, someone she can frame and lock up. Tim says that she framed an innocent man, and that she picked a man retarded enough for her to frame.

Roz shoves Tim at this point, he puts a hand out and it lands in his frying pan and he scalds himself. He lashes out in retaliation and hits Roz. She replies that he just assaulted a police officer, and she's leaving. He says she's staying and grabs her. they fight and she falls back and slams her head into his counter and drops down unconscious. He reaches down for pulse and can't find one, he thinks she's dead. He goes to put his burnt hand under cold water and thinks.

He rummages through his stash of forensics finds, and finds a newly purchases balaclava for tests. He makes up his mind. Later that night, he enters a DIY store and is wearing the dark clothes. He returns to his flat and lays Roz out on a new roll of plastic He gets all his tool ready, and he's starting with the saw as he brings it to her corpse, her eyes fly open she's alive.