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Hillside Lane Station is a large police station operated by Central Police in the city.


The station is a large building located on a grassy hill in the suburban Hillside area of The City, surrounded by a security fence. It contains a custody suite, large CID offices occupied by the Murder Investigation Team, and a detachment of Authorised Firearms Officers from Strategic Firearms Command (who wear patches on their uniform to indicate their affiliation with the station).

The station served as the base of operations for TO-9 in the early 2000's. Throughout the series the station is also referred to as Hillside Station and The Hill.




Series 1[]

A Disastrous Affair[]

When Chief Superintendent Derek Hilton is talking to DC Kate Fleming about divisional commanders being put on notice by Crime Audit to reduce knife crime, he mentions that Hillside Lane Station has already reached a 5% reduction rate.

Series 2[]

Police records show that DCC Mike Dryden was posted at the station in 1983 when he first joined Central Police. Records later show that DC Jeremy Cole was posted at the station in 2005, a year after he joined Central Police.


It is revealed that DI Lindsay Denton was stationed at Hillside Lane after being promoted to Detective Constable in 2003, where she worked in TO-9. When she is charged with conspiracy to murder by AC-12, she is remanded in custody in Hillside Station. This is because she is no longer known there (it having been a decade since she last worked there), so the staff are less likely to be biased.

Behind Bars[]

The station is briefly seen as DI Lindsay Denton is transferred via SurePen transport to Crown Court.

Series 6[]

The station heavily featured throughout Series 6, serving as the base of operations for DCI Joanne Davidson and her Operation Lighthouse team.