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Hickey's Bookmakers is a small gambling business located on Platemere Street in the Hillside area of The City.

Series 6[]

Episode 1[]

En route to raid the address of a suspect in the murder of Gail Vella, Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) Joanne Davidson notices a silver Vauxhall van sitting outside the bookmakers, and redirects the convoy. After Detective Inspector (DI) Kate Fleming checks the Police National Computer for the van's number plate, it transpires to have fake plates with the registration number belonging to a red BMW 3 Series. DCI Davidson orders the accompanying team of Authorised Firearms Officers (AFOs) led by PS Briggs to deploy around the bookmakers.

When the AFOs move in, the van driver is apprehended after briefly attempting to flee. Moments later a group of four robbers emerge from the bookmakers. Daniel Peronell, Kevin Farmount and Jake Kilorgan are arrested for armed robbery, with a fourth robber being shot dead by an PC 4878 after he refuses to drop his weapon.

The area surrounding the establishment is later examined by DS Steve Arnott and DC Chloe Bishop of Anti Corruption Unit 12, who question the likelihood of Davidson being able to spot a potential getaway vehicle whilst moving at speed and en route to a more important call. CCTV footage from the nearby street and the bookmakers itself is acquired by them and shown to Superintendent Ted Hastings.