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Her Majesty's Prison, Blackthorn or HMP Blackthorn is a men's prison located in the city.


It is under the control of the UK Prison Service, but is semi-privatised, with the majority of security and day to day operations being carried out by SecuritVite.

It is one of three prisons located in The City, with HMP Brentiss catering to female prisoners and HMP Queen's Chase catering to Category D low risk prisoners.




Name Occupation Charges Sentence Notes
Manish Prasad Detective Sergeant in Central Police Vice Squad Kidnapping, attempted murder, conspiracy to murder. Unspecified Said to be helping the Crown Prosecution service by providing information of Vice Squad corruption. Given immunity from prosecution for child sex offenses.
Hari Bains Constable and Authorised Firearms Officer in Central Police Murder, attempted murder. Unspecified
Patrick Fairbank Chief Superintendent in Central Police Misconduct in public office,perverting the course of justice, aggravated indecent assault of children under 13. 10 years Initially tried to discontinue legal proceedings by claiming he had pre-senile dementia, however this was later proven false.
Jimmy Lakewell Criminal defence solicitor in Lakewell, Dean & Stevenson Perverting the course of justice. Unspeciified Chose to serve time in prison instead of testify against the Organised Crime Syndicate. He was then strangled in Series 6 by Lee Banks after talking to AC-12.
Vihaan Malhotra Junior Administrator in Central Police Conspiracy to commit robbery, malfeasance in public office, conspiracy to murder. Unspecified
Lee Banks Criminal Operative in the Organised Crime Syndicate Unknown Unknown N/A
Scott Turner Unknown Unknown Unknown N/A
Christopher Wood Unknown Unknown Unknown N/A
Robert Thomas Harris Unknown Unknown Unknown N/A


Name Occupation Charges Sentence Notes
Michael Farmer Package Handler at VON Package Services. Murder, arson, kidnapping, attempted murder. None Released when it was discovered he was framed by the Organised Crime Syndicate.
Ted Hastings Superintendent in Central Police Conspiracy to murder, misconduct in public office. None Released when evidence is presented that he is innocent and has been framed by Gill Biggeloe and the Organised Crime Syndicate

Series 3[]

Snake Pit[]

After being arrested by DI Matthew Cottan, PC Hari Bains is remanded in custody in HMP Blackthorn.

Series 4[]

Episode 1[]

After being arrested as the prime suspect in Operation Trapdoor, Michael Farmer is remanded in custody in HMP Blackthorn. He is later interviewed in the prison by DCI Roz Huntley and DS Kate Fleming (undercover as DS Kate Francis).

Episode 6[]

After being found innocent, Michael Farmer is released from the prison to be sent to an undisclosed location with his grandmother. Huntley is sentenced to ten years in the prison for manslaughter and the subsequent coverup. For his part in the criminal conspiracy, Jimmy Lakewell is charged with perverting the course of justice an also remanded in HMP Blackthorn.

Series 5[]

Episode 1[]

After being arrested by AC-12 for providing the Organised Crime Syndicate with sensitive information, Junior Administrator Vihaan Malhotra is remanded in HMP Blackthorn. Whilst inside, he is attacked and injured by the gangs operatives on the inside as retaliation for snitching to the police. He is later visited by his cousin, PC Maneet Bindra, at the prisons visitors centre.

Episode 4[]

It is revealed that Lee Banks was incarcerated in HMP Blackthorn after being arrested by AC-12 and the Strategic Firearms Command at the residence of Sergeant Jane Cafferty. He is later visited by Superintendent Ted Hastings.

Series 6[]