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Gurjit Patel was an accountant who worked for Laverty Holdings.


Prior to the events of the first series, Patel realised that Jackie Laverty was using several businesses owned by Laverty Holdings to launder drug money for Tommy Hunter and his criminal syndicate.

Series 1[]

A Disastrous Affair[]

Discovering that Patel knows about the fact that Laverty Holdings is being used by the Organised Crime Syndicate for money laundering, Jackie Laverty proceeds to run him over close to her house in the Edge Park area. She then proceeds to report her car as stolen to Central Police and informs her lover DCI Tony Gates she believed she hit a dog whilst driving home drunk.

His body is discovered by PC Powers and the traffic unit, who classify it as a hit and run. Investigation of the incident is passed from TO-20 to the Criminal Investigation Department at Kingsgate Station. However, DCI Tony Gates later takes a personal interest, and pieces together that Laverty killed Patel to keep him quiet about her criminal involvement with Tommy Hunter.