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Farida Jatri is a Sergeant in Central Police.



Jatri was born on 29th October 1992 to Mrs S Jatri and an unnamed father. She is of South Asian and Scottish descent. She is sapphic, and prior to the events of Series 6 was in an intimate relationship with DCI Joanne Davidson. She lived in a small house on 29 Stalton Drive in a suburban area of The City.


Jatri joined Central Police on the 5th January 2011, having undergone training at Lennock Police College. Prior to the events of Series 4, she was transferred to Polk Avenue Station to work on Operation Trapdoor. Between the events of Series 4 and Series 6, she was promoted to Sergeant and transferred to Hillside Lane Station.

Series 4[]

Jatri is introduced as one of the many police officers from Polk Avenue Station, working under the command of DCI Roz Huntley. She is one of a number of officers that accompanies the team on the chase of Hana Reznikova's kidnapper to the Borogrove Estate, and is seen guarding the perimeter during the subsequent forensic investigation.

Following the arrest of Michael Farmer on suspicion of kidnapping Hana & murdering Baswinder Kaur and Leonie Collersdale, Jatri is seen celebrating with her colleagues at Polk Avenue Station. They make light hearted jokes about her briefly appearing in news footage covering the events, which is broadcasted along with a televised statement by Assistant Chief Constable Derek Hilton.

Series 6[]

Episode 1[]

Having been promoted to Sergeant during the time between Series 4 and Series 6, Jatri is shown to have been reassigned to Hillside Lane Station, as part of Operation Lighthouse, led by DCI Joanne Davidson, along with DI Kate Fleming and DS Chris Lomax. She is on night shift with Lomax and PC Fields when they receive actionable intelligence from a CHIS regarding the identity of a suspect in the enquiry. Despite Davidson and Lomax preparing the team for immediate action, the deployment is delayed by DSU Ian Buckells, who questions intels reliability.

The deployment is approved the next morning, but whilst en route to Beechwood House to arrest a suspect in the murder of Gail Vella, Jatri shares her colleagues confusion and concern when Davidson reroutes the convoy and Authorised Firearms Officer's to deal with a robbery of Hickey's Bookmakers. This significantly delays the teams response time to arrest the suspect, although Terry Boyle is eventually arrested when the officers finally arrive at the location in the Moss Heath area.

Concerned about Davidsons conduct, Farida approaches DS Steve Arnott at the AC-12 Building, having previously dealt with him whilst she worked under DCI Roz Huntley out of Polk Avenue Station during Operation Trapdoor. She insists her identity is kept anonymous. Steve assures her that he and DC Chloe Bishop will look into it, and he will keep in touch with her discreetly. During his further investigation Arnott tries to contact her again by phone but she doesn't pick up.Upon hearing the news that Alastair Oldroyd, the CHIS who provided the team the intel about Beechwood House has died in mysterious circumstances, she exits the station and calls Arnott again. In tears, she tells him what has happened and withdraws her cooperation from the investigation, telling him with regards to Davidson "you have no idea what she is capable of".

That evening it is revealed that Jatri and Davidson were previously in a relationship, and are currently in the process of separating. Davidson arrives at Jatri's house with a suitcase to collect the remainder of her things, and the two argue. Davidson claims she is leaving because of Jatri's paranoia and accusations of cheating, with Jatri suspecting she is sleeping with DI Kate Fleming. Joanne dismisses the accusations, claiming she never cheated and would not have anyway with Fleming (who is straight). Jatri then remarks that she feels Davidson is ashamed of her and never treated her as an equal in their relationship, noting she has never even met Davidson's family. When Davidson responds by saying she "doesn't have" a family, Jatri accuses her of lying again, however then tries to persuade Davidson to stay with her. However, Davidson leaves the house, leaving Jatri hunched over crying. Davidson briefly considers posting her set of keys through the letterbox, but decides against it.

Episode 2[]

Unable to continue working alongside DCI Joanne Davidson as part of the Murder Investigation Team after their separation, Jatri approaches DSU Ian Buckells and puts in a transfer request. Buckells is shown to not be aware of her personal connections and relationship with Davidson, and is happy to have her transferred to another station to avoid argument. She is replaced by PC Ryan Pilkington, who in reality is a deeply embedded member of Organised Crime Group. As Davidson leaves the Croxford Street Residence, she noticed Jatri stalking her in plainclothes from across the street.

After Davidson is arrested for perverting the course of justice by Superintendent Ted Hastings, she suggests that searches are carried out on all other officers involved in Operation Lighthouse to check it was not they who were leaking information about the investigation. When DC Chloe Bishop presides over a search of Jatri's house, a stash of several unregistered burner phones are discovered under the floorboards. Jatri is arrested and questioned by Anti Corruption Unit 12, where she insists she has never seen the phones before. DI Steve Arnott notes that her DNA has been found on them, matching an elimination sample she provided upon joining Central Police. Jatri insists she is being framed by Davidson, and reluctantly reveals the extent of their relationship and accuses her of being a pathological liar.

Despite this, Superintendent Ted Hastings informs her she is under arrest, and the Crown Prosecution Service has authorised charges against her. Jatri is escorted out of the AC-12 Building by Bishop and other uniformed officers. Hastings and Arnott suggest that Jatri could have brought the accusations of corruption against Davidson for reasons of personal retribution, thus jeopardising the legitimacy of the evidence against her. Hastings concedes that without Jatri's evidence there is not enough to charge Davidson with perverting the course of justice, and calls Decker Avenue Station to order she is de-arrested and released.

Episode 4[]

While still incarcerated Jatri's home is searched again by forensics to try to detect Davidson's fingerprints which leads to AC-12 uncovering a crucial familial link between Davidson and another key individual while also confirming that she was indeed present at Jatri's home with plenty of time to hide the stash of burner phones to implicate her ex-lover. Her name is also mentioned by DC Chloe Bishop when AC-12 consider lawyer Jimmy Lakewell's concerns over the police staff at HMP Blackthorn and how Jatri was beaten into silence by the OCG.

Episode 6[]

Under questioning by AC-12, DCI Joanne Davidson admits that she planted the burner phones in Jatri's house in order to frame her for leaking information to the OCG about the planned raid on Dorton Villas as part of Operation Lighthouse. In reality, it was Davidson herself who leaked the information, and she tried to frame Jatri to deflect any suspicion away from herself. Davidson concludes by saying Jatri is innocent.

Episode 7[]

All charges against Farida Jatri have been dropped, she has since returned to active duty as a Sergeant at Hillside Lane Station.