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The Eastfield Police Storage Facility, also known as the Eastfield Depot, is a secure evidence storage facility located on the outskirts of The City.  


The facility is used by police services in the entire Midlands region to store evidence, primarily confiscated contraband such as narcotics, weapons and valuables.  

Three police forces use the site: Central Police, the East Midlands Constabulary and another unnamed Midlands based force.

Despite being used by multiple police agencies, security for the facility is contracted out to a private company (but not SecuritVite).

The facility is located in the Eastfield area of the city. Paperwork shows the depot's address as: Cerrington Industrial Estate, Cerrington, B39 7YP.


Series 5[]

Episode 1[]

Prior to the events of Series 5, a large cache of heroin with a street value of £10 million was confiscated by Central Police from a biker gang run by Paul Slater, and placed in the Eastfield Depot for secure storage.

The drugs were eventually scheduled for incineration by administrative staff, including Junior Administrator Vihaan Malhotra, who signed off on the transfer. A team of Authorised Firearms Officer's from Central Police Strategic Firearms Command, led by Sergeant Jane Cafferty, was assigned to provide security for the transport from the depot to the incinerator. However, en route to the incinerator the convoy was attacked by members of the Organised Crime Syndicate, who killed three of the AFO's providing security (PC Ray Randhawa, PC Carl Waldhouse and PC Kevin Greysham), sparing the lives of the civilian driver and Sergeant Jane Cafferty.

The attack was later revealed to have been orchestrated in conjunction with Cafferty's team, whose members were either complicit in the activities of the Organised Crime Syndicate or were simply being blackmailed.

Episode 3[]

After Lisa McQueen is able to pay off multiple security guards and drivers working at the facility, her and other members of the Organised Crime Syndicate led by John Corbett are able to enter the facility grounds late at night and conduct the robbery. Having made use of corrupt officers in Central Police, they are able to both delay police response to the robbery and also distract and draw away locally positioned Authorised Firearms Officer's to another location.

The group ties up the security personnel and gain access into Warehouse 2, threatening the staff with automatic weapons and neutralising them with ease. Miroslav, Ryan Pilkington and other members are examine and select the most valuable items stored in the facility (including cash, drugs and gold bullion) to steal. Although the majority of evidence is tagged with tracking devices, the group is aided by corrupt police officer DCS Lester Hargreaves, who aids them in disabling the devices.

In the aftermath of the robbery, it is revealed by DS Steve Arnott to Superintendent Ted Hastings that the group was able to steal valuables with a value of around £50 million.