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Dylan Ventridge was a low level criminal known to Central Police.



Ventridge was born on 10th January 1992. Prior to Series 6 his listed address was: 40 Herondale Gardens, Hillside, VM44 8BJ.

Series 6[]

Episode 1[]

Ventridge, along with Kevin Farmount, Jake Kilorgan, Daniel Peronell and Peter Broomfield participate in an armed robbery of Hickey's Bookmakers. Their getaway vehicle is spotted by DCI Joanne Davidson whilst she is leading a convoy to a separate incident as part of Operation Lighthouse. Davidson redirects the convoy to the bookmakers and orders the Authorised Firearms Officer's under her command to intercept the robbery.

Ventridge was shot dead by AFO PC 4878 after refusing to surrender his weapon during the robbery of Hickey's Bookmakers.