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Deepak Kapoor is a Detective Constable with Central Police, who previously served in the TO-20 unit.


A young and new detective, prior to the events of Series 1 Kapoor was picked by DCI Anthony Gates to be a part of the TO-20 unit, operating out of Kingsgate Station.

Series 1[]

A Disastrous Affair[]

Kapoor is first seen alongside Gates and the rest of the TO-20 team during the ceremony at City Hall where Gates is given the Officer of the Year Award by Chief Constable Edward Thomas.

At Kingsgate Station, Kapoor is seen dumping a large collection of files (that TO-20 doesnt want to investigate) on the desk of DC Kate Fleming, apologising hardheartedly. He then makes his way to the teams offices, handing out coffees. Later, when Kate is a prospective recruit for the team and the group meet at the pub, he buys her two half pints, not knowing how much she wanted to drink.

Kapoor is then put on surveillance duty with DS Matthew Cottan, keeping an eye on drug dealers operating on Greek Lane in the Borogrove Estate. On Cottans orders, he decides to drive the two away once their shift is over, despite the next unit not having relieved them. This results in no police being present when gang members working for Tommy Hunter break into the drug house and murder the occupants (rival dealers).

The Assault[]

Under orders from DCI Anthony Gates, Deepak proceeds to follow and carry out surveillance on DS Steve Arnott, a task he is apprehensive and nervous about engaging in due to the power of AC-12. When Gates tells him that "we're all in this together", he replies that it is only Gates who is under investigation.

In the Trap[]

Deepak is present along with the rest of TO-20 during the forensic examination of Jackie Laverty's home after her "disappearance". When DCI Anthony Gates notices that DS Steve Arnott is also present, he orders Deepak to log him out and prevent him from reentering.

In order to test the loyalty of his colleagues, Gates tell each of them a different (fake) location of where he hid the missing whiskey glass from Jackies house. It is revealed that Deepak then divulged this information to AC-12, as they carry out a fruitless forensic search of the location. Betrayed and furious, Gates fires Kapoor from TO-20. Whilst packing his belongings in the office, he discovers his colleagues have placed a dead rat in one of his drawers. Before leaving for good, he chastises Gates for dragging down the rest of the group with him, calling him an "arrogant wanker".