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Daniel "Danny" Waldron was a Sergeant and Authorised Firearms Officer with Central Police. He was assigned to the Strategic Firearms Command unit.



When Waldron's mother died when he was 11, he moved up North to live with his father and stepmother. The arrangement did not work out, so he moved back to the Midlands, taken into care and placed in the Sands View Boys Home. It was there he was subjected to horrendous sexual abuse by many high ranking people, including Ronan Murphy, Dale Roach and Patrick Fairbank, in a paedophile ring run by the criminal underworld.

His address at the time of Series 3 was: 5 Croxford Street, Pulton, MK 3DB.


He later joined Central Police and qualified as an Authorised Firearms Officer, being assigned to the Strategic Firearms Command (SFC). He was based at South Ferry Station and under the command of Inspector Tracey McAndrew. Within the SFC, he was the leader of the VC5 team, with the callsign VC5-1 (Victor Charlie Five One).

Series 3[]


Later in the episode, whilst at the pub with the rest of the SFC, he meets Rachel O'Connor. The two begin talking, and share a kiss at the end of the night.

He has a handwritten list of the names of the people that once abused him as a boy.

The names that are crossed out on the list are those that are deceased.