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Chloë Bishop is a Detective Constable in Central Police. She is assigned to AC-12.




Between the events of Series 5 and Series 6, she was assigned to AC-12.

Series 6[]

Episode 1[]

Bishop is shown working in the AC-12 Building under the direct supervision of DS Steve Arnott. She is assigned to primarily low level investigations, such as officers falsifying expenses and taking unsanctioned time off work, although such offences are still potentially worthy of them being issued a Regulation 15 Notice.

She later informs Arnott that PS Farida Jatri is wishing to make an anonymous complaint regarding the professional conduct of DCI Joanne Davidson, who is investigating the murder of Gail Vella as part of Operation Lighthouse. Bishop escorts Jatri to a private meeting room, where she speaks with Arnott. Bishop later accompanies Arnott to Hickey's Bookmakers, where Davidson is alleged to have diverted an urgent police convoy to intercept an armed robbery. She observes that the bookmakers is down a side street, so would have been especially hard to notice on its own (never mind a potential robbery getaway vehicle parked next to it) whilst travelling at high speed. On Arnott's orders, she enters the bookmakers to obtain CCTV of the robbery.

When DS Steve Arnott is given permission from Superintendent Ted Hastings to open an official enquiry into DCI Joanne Davidson, Bishop is the first person he informs.