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Central Police is the main police service in the show.


The exact jurisdiction of the force is unknown but it is implied to cover the West Midlands and specifically city of Birmingham. In the show the city is never referred to by name. DANIEL JOHN Central Police frequently liaises with the neighbouring East Midlands Constabulary.

Central Police sends its new recruits for training at multiple different locations. Some officers are trained at Hendon Police College alongside members of the Metropolitan Police. Others members have undergone training at various centres across the UK, including: Ryton-on-Dunsmore Police Training Centre, Garnerville Police College or Bruche Training Centre.

Throughout the show the force is shown to have a problem with corruption amongst its ranks, with its dedicated professional standards department Anti Corruption Unit 12 uncovering a large number of officers are affiliated in some way with organised crime.

Current Staff[]

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Uniform and equipment[]

The uniform of Central Police officers varies depending on the department.

  • Standard patrol officers wear combat-style trousers and a black zipped-neck polo shirt, along with a black stab vest and police fleece. Fluorescent jackets and stab vests are occasionally worn in necessary circumstances. Armoured caps and flat peak/bowler hats are worn by officers, with none seeming to wear the traditional custodial helmet on duty. Officers with the Traffic Division wear similar hats topped with white.
  • Officers working indoors in administrative roles (such as staff in the AC-12 Building), as well as senior officers ranked Superintendent or higher wear white collared shirts with epaulettes denoting rank (epaulettes on Sergeants and Constables also have a collar number) and a black tie for men or a black and white checked tunic for women . This is combined with either an informal fleece or formal dress jacket dependent on occasion.
  • Members of the Strategic Firearms Command wear similar uniform to patrol officers, in addition to body armour and helmets whilst on deployment.
  • All officers are required to wear an identification card on display when working in any building operated by Central Police.
  • Officers also carry a Warrant Card so they can identify themselves as police officers out of uniform.
  • Standard police officers carry CS Gas, ASP Batons, speedcuffs and police radios as standard equipment. Some officers are also seen armed with Taser X26s. Plainclothes CID detectives are not formally seen carrying any form of weapon throughout the series.
  • Authorised Firearms Officers with the Strategic Firearms Command carry the Heckler & Koch G36 assault rifle as their primary weapon and a Glock 17 pistol as a sidearm, and are seen to have access to other firearms such as Hekcler & Koch MP5 submachine guns and Arctic International Warfare sniper rifles. They also carry the Taser X26 as a non-lethal option.


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