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The Borogrove Estate (nicknamed The Bog) is a council estate located in the Moss Heath area of the city.


Series 1[]

Series 4[]

Epiosde 1[]

DCI Roz Huntley and other officers working with Operation Trapdoor chase a suspects vehicle to the estate. They then proceed to rescue the kidnapping victim, Hana Resnikova from an address on the estate which has been set alight by the kidnapper.

Series 5[]

Episode 3[]

The Organised Crime Syndicate is shown to operate a large illegal brothel on the estate out of Pulton House, where trafficked women such as Mariana Niemec are forced into sexual slavery

Lisa McQueen and Miroslav visit the estate so McQueen can obtain blackmail information from the brothel. It is later raided by AC-12 and the Strategic Firearms Command.