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"Behind Bars" is the third episode in Series 2 of Line of Duty and the eighth overall episode. It was first broadcast on BBC Two on 26th February 2014.


Lindsay is denied bail and finds herself targeted in prison. Growing increasingly desperate, she tells Kate about a relationship with an executive police officer and her theory of why she is being framed.


Before Kate's First Interview of Denton in Prison[]

This episode opens with DI Lindsay Denton's cell in Hillside Lane Station being opened. She is then taken in handcuffs to Crown Court by dock officers from SecuritVite. The County Clerk announces the Judge who enters and swears in Denton. The prosecuting counsel, Ms. Latimer, confirms that the charge is conspiracy to murder which is a very serious charge, which resulted from a complex investigation by AC-12.

We then see DCC Mike Dryden, with DCS Lester Hargreaves and Jo Wright, the new media manager after Jo Dwyer was replaced in the previous episode, giving a press conference at Pelbury House to confirm that a 36-year-old woman has been arrested on conspiracy to murder charges. Nick Ronson, a journalist, asks if there is any truth to the rumour that the victim was a protected witness granted immunity from prosecution. Dryden very firmly confirms that no further details will be disclosed at present. Dryden goes further to say that the arrest is a major breakthrough and that he is confident more arrests will follow. Nick Ronson is called on again and asks if Dryden believes the Witness Protection Scheme is fit for purpose. Dryden says no comments and leaves. Hargreaves congratulates him, after the messy conference he last gave. Dryden asks Wright casually about a false speeding story about him. She confirms that after this arrest the story is dead. Dryden looks pleased.

Back in Crown Court, the Judge asks if there is to be a bail application. Ms Anderson, the defence counsel, confirms that there is, Ms Latimer recommends that bail be refused due to the seriousness of the offence and due to their belief that as a police officer Denton has the means and knowledge to abscond. Despite the defence counsel applying to the contrary that Denton has no intention to abscond she wants to clear her name, the Judge refuses to grant bail. Denton is told she will be held until the 18th November 2013. Shocked at the news, Denton immediately voices concern for her cat, Bella.  

Bella is seen to be picked up by DC Kate Fleming, who joking says "has anyone got an evidence bag for this?" She is part of a crime scene team investigating Denton's flat.  

SurePen transport van then transfers Denton from court to HMP Brentiss, where she is booked into custody by Offender Management Officers Jenny Leland and Alison Merchant. They ask her a series of questions, where she is only allowed to answer yes or no. They confirm that she will be housed in the vulnerable person unit, will have a cell of her own and will have minimal contact with the other residents. Denton asks if she can request a piano keyboard and is laughed at. Leland and Merchant leave her alone having had all their questions answered, Denton sits down in her cell with a bed, a single plastic patio chair, a toilet and small desk in view.  

DS Steve Arnott and Kate bump into each other in the hall. They see DI Matthew Cottan ("Dot") through a window and Kate remarks "what's that tosser doing here", Arnott says he hasn't a clue. Kate served as an undercover officer in the team Dot worked on the previous year, TO-20. Superintendent Ted Hastings joins them and advises that as their investigation has expanded into witness protection, DCC Dryden ordered him to bring in a specialist from AC-9. Hasting says that Dot has distinguished himself since Tony Gates team was disbanded and that he was the only member of the team willing to give evidence against his boss, which all occurred in Series 1. Hastings thinks that he's a born anti-corruption officer, poacher turned gamekeeper.  

Back in Denton's cell, Leland bangs on her door and some food is delivered. Denton picks up the tray of porridge and squash. Denton hesitantly sniffs the porridge and then begins eating, she is next shown being violently ill in the toilet while cackles of laughter can be heard from outside her cell. Denton complains that shit was put in her food and yells at Leland and Merchant "Answering yes or no, don't you people check?" They just watch her and don't reply.  

Dot presents that file that Witness Protection had on the protected witness, starting in June 2012 with the double murder at Greek Lane, Moss Heath, which was originally thought to be drug-related and was recrimed as a terrorist incident. Dot introduces John Thomas Hunter, says that he used the name Tommy and had proven links with organised crime. Dot confirms that Tommy cooperated with the investigation into the Greek Lane terrorist incident in return for immunity from prosecution. Dot confirms that Tommy was the target of the 5th September ambush. While in the Witness Protection Program, Tommy was given the new identity of Alex Campbell, DOB 10-05-65, and was located at the safe house at 12, St James's Close. Dot continues to describe the events of the 5th September, that DS Jayne Akers had reported a credible threat and had tried to move Tommy to the 4th Street Station. Dot confirms Akers died as a result of her injuries, and Tommy received critical injuries but was considered stable. Dot confirms that 9 days after the ambush another successful attempt on Tommy's life was carried out at South Central Hospital.  

Arnott points out that no prosecutions resulted from the Greek Lane terror operation. Dot then says as the Witness's immunity was in jeopardy because of this and it was known that the only way for him to stay out of prison was to prove his value. Hastings asks if Dot thinks that the fact Tommy was going to have to give them some real information got back to the Witness's criminal associates and they prompted a plan to silence him? Dot agrees with Hastings, that it is exactly what they think. Dot goes on to say that Akers was closest with Tommy, trusted by him, and she would have known if he was going to give up any names. Kate wants to know if Dot thinks Akers betrayed Tommy, she doesn't think it fits as Akers was killed in the ambush. Dot thinks that Akers was also a target of the attack as she knew too much information, but that she might not have known that. Kate says it sounds like he's guess, but Dot calls it a working hypothesis. Arnott says that they've charged Denton and wants to know if AC-9 have anything to connect Tommy and Denton. Dot says not that he knows of, and Hastings interjects "yet". Hastings confirms that he is in charge with Dot also giving assignments, and they should report to either of them with information, the ends the briefing. Dot offers some hand-outs to the officers, Arnott refuses to take one.

Kate's First Interview of Denton in Prison[]

Kate leaves and goes to visit Denton in prison, Denton is sitting in the visitors' room and notes the CCTV camera looking at her. Kate asks Denton how she is, Denton replies "tickety-boo." Kate says she needs to conduct a further interview about the night of 5th September and that Denton remains under caution. Denton reminds Kate that there are strict rules for post-charge interviews. Kate says yes, and one of those rules is to ensure the detainee has all relevant information put them that has come to light post charge. Kate asks Denton if she knew who Akers protected witness was. Denton says she didn't know, she was never given a name and never saw them. Kate shows Denton a picture of Tommy and Denton denies having ever seen him before. Kate says "Fine. Have it your way" and puts away the photo. Denton asks if that was it - if that was the protected witness. Kate looks stubborn and Denton lets it go, reaching for the button to end the interview. Kate then asks Denton why she didn't tell Hastings that she had received a call from Jayne Akers husband the night of the ambush. Denton says that she didn't need to, that Hastings made Greece look solvent and Arnott couldn't keep it in his pants. Kate says that their transgressions are minor in comparison, irrelevant. Kate wants to know how Denton figured out she was an undercover officer. Denton laughs and says she's not giving her tips for when she goes after the next innocent officer. Kate says that she did a good enough job on Denton. Kate hates that Denton has the information about Akers hanging over her, she says that Denton wants her on a string, wondering when she's going to screw up her career, but Denton says vshe doesn't like it that the shoe is on the other foot. Kate points out that Denton is facing conspiracy to murder and that's a life sentence. Denton says that she's innocent and will clear her name, when or even if it gets to trial. Denton asks why Kate isn't going after the real killers, and then she can drop all the charges against Denton. Kate says that they have evidence on Denton, which Denton says is only circumstantial. Kate says it was enough to persuade CPS and it will persuade the courts too. Denton says that in court, it will come out that Kate is connected to someone much more likely ot have set up the ambush. Kate says there's no connection. Denton congratulates Kate on her lying skills, saying that by hiding that call, Kate has made herself her ticket out of there. Kate says that whilst she's in prison, their investigation is continuing to gather more evidence against her. Kate also wants to know why Denton was really sniffing around A&B Carriage Repair, Denton says that she's already told her. Kate says they'll see.

After Kate's First Interview of Denton in Prison[]

Kate and Arnott arrive back at A&B Carriage Repair to investigate and find a connection between Tommy's killer and Denton's missing person. Kate looks at the floor and notices that it isn't level. Arnott says it was level when they did their initial search. They get the ball rolling to bring a search team to investigate under the floor.  

Back at AC-12 Building Arnott and Kate go over the case. They have the link between Tommy and Akers, but they still can't connect Denton to either one. Dot comes over and talks to Kate about Akers, having heard from Hastings that they were on probation together. Kate says that they went through Ryton together, and that Akers was an honest copper. Arnott complains that they're playing catch-up, everyone else got the information on the case first. Dot says that they looked at this at the beginning and they couldn't find anything, they had never worked together, never called each other, never met until a few minutes before the ambush. Arnott says that agrees with Denton's statement. Fleming points out there's a lot of evidence against Denton, which Dot agrees with. Dot then tells them both that he's been asked to do a job, it's not his fault they were kept out of the loop, but around the office they should be calling him Sir. Arnott and Kate call him Wanker and Twat under their breath as he walks off. Arnott reviews Akers phone records and sees that she called her husband's phone number a few minutes before she called Denton to arrange the transfer. Arnott wants to talk to the husband and offers to set it up, Kate says that she'll do it, but can they arrange it for tomorrow so she can do some shopping.  

Kate turns up at Richard Akers's and tells him that she's going to return the next day with Arnott to take a statement from him. She expects Richard to answer all questions honestly, with the exception that she wants him to omit that Jayne requested him to call Kate and that he did try to contact her. Kate goes to leave, but Richard stops her and explains that he understands and doesn't want to embarrass her.  

Hastings, still estranged from his wife, sits alone in his bedsit and considers calling his wife, Roisin Hastings. He stops himself. The next day he goes to see Dryden, who is overly excited at the prospect of bourbon cream biscuits. Dryden asks why Hastings didn't inform him that he was arresting DI Denton. Hastings says he did't realise he had to. Dryden argues they are on the same team. Hastings says that there was an agreement on no reciprocity. Dryden says that this is the biggest case the force has ever seen, he's being watched like a hawk and needs the information. Hastings wants to know if there are any difficulties with Denton's arrest, Dryden says there aren't and that Hastings did the right thing. Dryden says they have managed to play the development in their favour but agrees he would have liked more notice. Hastings tells Dryden that he'll be sending the recording of Denton's interview, where she levels accusations at two AC-12 officers with the intention of discrediting them. Arnott's liaison with a witness, which Dryden says "It happens", and Hastings financial losses. Hastings says that he believes Denton's actions in obtaining his financial information was unlawful, but that the information is nevertheless correct. Hastings reveals that a retired colleague invited him to invest in a property deal in the Irish Republic. Dryden tells Hastings he wanted to know how Denton accessed his records, Hastings confirms it's still under investigation.  

Dryden tells Hastings that the prosecution is going for Public Interest Immunity against Denton, and they are may mix AC-12 evidence with witness protection, and there is a chance it might all get brushed under the carpet. Public Interest Immunity involves parties refraining from disclosing evidence if it is considered against the public interest. Dryden says that coming forward with the information from Denton shows his integrity but that notwithstanding he'll still have to consider Hastings's position. Hastings looks shocked, but thanks Dryden and leaves.  

Arnott and Kate turn up at Richard Akers flat. Arnott introduces himself and confirms that he is aware that Richard and Kate know each other (just not how intimately). Richard lets them in and Arnott asks if him and Kate have seen each other since the funeral, Kate says no. Richard confirms that Jayne left for work as usual on the morning of 5th September and didn't mention anything unusual. Arnott asks if Jayne ever revealed anything about the particular witness she was protecting. Richard says that Jayne would never do that. Arnott asks if Akers every said the name DI Lindsay Denton, Richard says no. Arnott shows him telephone records which shows that Jayne called him at 8:43pm the night of the 5th September, 1 hour before Jayne called for a transfer. Richard confirms that Akers call him and that she said something had come up at work and she was going to be home late, and she'd call him later to let him know how things were going. Arnott asks if that's all, Richard says it is and Kate gets up to leave. Arnott looks annoyed and gets up to ask another question. He says that if a police officer is afraid for their life they do something about it, he wants to know if Jayne said anything unusual, a strange turn of phrase or a name, anything that might alert someone to what was going on. Kate looks relieved when he again says nothing, thanks him and leaves.  

Dot asks for a word with Arnott in private, he asks him if he has anything to say about the interview with Richard. Arnott says he's writing a statement for the boss, Dot says that Hastings made him Deputy SIO and he wants to look at it when it's ready. Dot says that Arnott is worried that it doesn't fit, that Akers makes a random call to Denton, but AC-12 have put it all on Denton. Arnott says that's why they are looking for connections. Dot says that they've both been looking and neither has found any. The preliminaries from the search of Denton's house shows not one piece of incriminating evidence. Dot says he's guessing something wasn't right with Akers husband and confirms that he's put in a forensic financial report for Richard's bank accounts. Arnott says that'll show if Jayne was being paid for information. Arnott says but Denton's in custody, how is Hastings going to react. Dot says he doesn't know, he wouldn't want to send an innocent copper down, he likes to sleep at night.  

Hastings calls Arnott into his office, tells him to shut the door and remain standing. Hastings says this is about Denton's accusation that Arnott interfered with a witness. Hastings says he doesn't fancy interviewing Nurse Claire Tindall, so he'll ask Arnott. Arnott says it isn't relevant to their investigation, Hastings says it is because Denton is on tape quoting the regs. Arnott says that Claire isn't a witness, she's never heard of Denton. Hastings goes on to ask if Arnott had inappropriate relations with a witness. Arnott says she's not their witness and Major Violent Crime aren't charging her as an accessory. Hastings shouts at Arnott, loudly enough the office can hear, "So what are you saying? She was fair game?". Arnot replies that he knows the difference between screwing up an investigation and just screwing. Hastings says "There's Discreditable Conduct and there's just plain right and wrong. She was already under threat for her little boy's life, she was in protective custody" Arnott says that if Hastings has a moral problem with it then it's his fault. Hastings shouts at him again "There is nothing wrong with my morality", Arnott counters that he's a single bloke with a normal private life, and Hastings needs a better reason for having this conversation. Hastings says his reason is that they're supposed to be upholding standards, but Arnott has been running around town not upholding them himself. Hastings chastises him some more and ends with the fact that's he's disappointed in him and throws him out of his office. Arnott grabs his jacket and leaves the building. Dot follows him, Arnott worries he is about to get another bollocking and is surprised when Dot takes him for a curry.  

In the curry house, Dot and Arnott start bonding talking about women. Arnott laughs at Dot and suggests his missed gender awareness training, Dot jokes that he gave the training. They have a laugh and Arnott says it's weird working with him, Dot says that what they get being in anti-corruption. He then tries to chat up some women in the restaurant for him and Arnott.  

Denton paces her cell as her neighbours' bang on the walls shouting Bent Bitch repeatedly.  

Back at A&B Carriage Repair, a body has been found underneath the floor of the garage. Hargreaves is on the scene with DS Nicola Rogerson and announces that Major Violent Crime is taking the investigation from there. Arnott and Kate are put out as it was their investigation that lead to finding the body. Arnott asks that any findings be shared, Hargreaves asks for his request in writing to his office and someone will get back to him in the next 10 working days. Rogerson whispers to Arnott that if he calls her later she'll give him the initial forensics.  

Dryden is on the phone to Andrew and confirms that they are not making any announcement about the body until they figure out how it fits into the larger picture. He gets another call from Jo Wright, who tells him that the Evening Herald is going to run the speeding ticket story.  

Kate's Second interview of Denton in Prison[]

Back at the prison, Kate is further questioning Denton with regards to the Canalside Industrial Estate. She wants to know what Denton was really doing there. Denton restates that she was investigating the disappearance of Carly Kirk. Kate asks if she's ever been there before, or had any connection to the place. Denton says she hasn't. Kate then informs Denton that a body was found under the floor of the old A&B Carriage Repair, and it had been there for about two months. Kate lays out the link to the ambush, that the garage was used by people who carried out the ambush, that they used the nurse to gain access to the ICU. The men had the same target, the same clothing and motorcycle gear, that they had taken Claire Tindall to that garage. Kate says that Denton went there, and that can't be written off as a coincidence. Denton admits that she wouldn't consider it a coincidence. Kate says that the only conclusion is that Denton must be involved. Denton again denies any involvement. Kate says that the evidence is out there and that she'll find it.  

Denton wants to know how old the girl was that was buried in the floor, Kate says about 15, Denton wants to know if it's Carly Kirk. Kate says there isn't an ID yet, only some initial forensics as her face and finger-pulps were burnt off with most likely a blow torch and her teeth were removed post mortem, likely with pliers. Denton asks what the cause of death was Kate says it was strangulation with some kind of ligature. Denton asks if they can check her DNA to the samples for Carly. Kate says that they haven't located Carly's control samples yet but they are working on it. Denton says that Carly was a nobody when she was alive, and dead she's still one. Kate wants to know why Denton is so convinced the body is Carly. Denton says it because of a lead she was following, the same lead that has Kate convinced Denton is in on it. Denton says that she was only searching for Carly. Kate asks her why Carly, of all the long term mispers, why her. Denton says that Carly was only recently disappeared, there were leads she could chase down, she gets upset and says and she thought she'd find her and wanted some good news for once.  

Denton looks dejected like there is nothing left. Kate asks her what's wrong, but she doesn't answer. Kate says that they told her what happened to her food and suggests maybe she only eat things from sealed wrappers. Kate also says she knows she requested a piano keyboard and that it is something they can look at if Denton will co-operate with their investigation. If Denton tells them things that there are lots they can do to improve her situation in prison. Denton says "Do you know why I'm here? Because I picked up a phone! Because an officer in danger, somebody I'd never even met before, requested my help, and I did what any decent police officer would do." Kate says she did pick up a phone, in a call box, to speak to the nurse who was looking after the target of the ambush, and then she'd lied about it ever since. Denton admits that she shouldn't have lied, but she realised how incriminating it sounded. Kate asks Denton if she's admitting making the call now. Denton says that she is.  

Kate asks her what her connection with the nurse is. Denton says none and Kate sighs loudly. Denton says that it didn't take a genius to work out where the witness was being treated that she made calls always from phone boxes, pretended she was from a recruitment agency asking for the names of nurses who worked on the intensive care unit. Kate wants to know why, and Denton says again that the witness had to know who was in on it, who was after him, and she wanted to know if he'd spoken yet, if he said anything which could prove her innocence. Kate asks if that's the best she can come up with, and Denton says again it's the truth and is the problem that it sounds pathetic, desperate? Kate says yes. Denton says that she wasn't supposed to be on duty the night of the ambush, she was covering, she did that a lot, for inspectors who had families, it was a way of trying to get along, and yes, she is pathetic and desperate. Kate asks Denton to amend her statement to include what she just admitted about the phone call, Denton says she will be happy to after Kate amends her own about her calls.  

After Kate's Second Interview of Denton in Prison[]

DCC Dryden is having another press conference with Jo Wright at his side. The only thing the journalists want to ask him about is the allegation in the Evening Herald about the speeding offence. Jo tries to get back on the topic of the ambush, but Dryden interrupts and says that he will give a brief statement. "My wife and I strenuously deny the allegation. The face that int he midst of what is clearly a complex and controversial investigation, the Herald chooses to trot out this inaccurate slur--" He doesn't manage to finish his statement before all the journalists chime in at once, and you can clearly hear one of them asking if he'll resign. For the whole briefing, Nick Ronson, from the Evening Herald, has sat quietly with his audio recorder out.

Kate is drinking a glass of white wine in the pub, with an empty glass next to her. Arnott joins her and jokes that its a better meeting spot than their usual minging subways. Arnott offers Kate a drink, Kate says she'd better not have any more and offers him hers. Kate looks troubled and Arnott asks what's wrong. Kate confides in Arnott that Richard is hiding something, that he called her on the night of the ambush. Arnott asks what he called her about, Kate admits that it was a message from Jayne, that she needed to speak to her. Arnott asks if it was about moving the witness, Kate says she doesn't know, and Arnott asks why she hid it, Kate admits she was having an affair. Arnott looks pissed off. Kate admits that she didn't want the affair coming out. Arnott asks who else she has told, Kate says no one. Arnott says to leave it like that, to draw a line around it and walk away from it like it never happened. Arnott says it would be her job if this came out, he tells her to finish her drink and he'll drive her home. Kate then finally reveals that Denton knows, and Arnott figures out that was what Denton meant when she had stolen Kate's phone. Kate admits that Denton went through her call history, using it as leverage. Kate looks dejected. Arnott tells Kate to say that Richard called her on the night of the ambush to speak to her because he was worried about his wife, it didn't materially affect the investigation. Kate says it's a lie, Arnott says "Maybe there are some people out there who always tell the truth and ones who always lie. The rest of us choose our moments. This is one of them."

In an empty car park, DCC Dryden pulls up next to Nick Ronson the journalist who works for the paper who has the allegation about the traffic ticket. Dryden complains that the allegation won't go away. Ronson tells him that if he's thrown back a denial, there will be a delay whilst they confirmation. Dryden says he has a bigger story for them. He tells him that the woman being charged in connection with the ambush, the 36-year-old woman, is a police officer DI Lindsay Denton from the Missing Persons Unit at 4th Street Station. Dryden confirms that she led the convoy into the ambush and conspired in the Witness's murder at the hospital.  

The next day at another press conference given by Dryden and Jo Wright, a female journalist asks if it's Lindsay Denton who has been charged with conspiracy to murder. Dryden says he's not going to comment on press speculation. the AC-12 team are watching on TV and Hastings says when he finds the leak he's going to bury the bastard. Kate wants to know how they got it and Dot suggests that they paid for it.  

Back in prison, Denton has been taken by Leland and Merchant to the gym to work out, there is one inmate inside already on an exercise bike. Denton is told she must complete two sessions per week, of no less than fifteen minutes and no more than thirty minutes. Denton gets onto an exercise bike and behind her, another inmate is let into the gym that Lindsay doesn't see, this inmate goes straight for the weight machines. Denton is then locked inside the gym with these two inmates. Denton checks out her surroundings and sees that there is a CCTV camera. She just starts to relax as both of the inmates grab her from behind and wrestle with her until she is underneath the weight machine. They have made a gap in the stack of weights and are trying to get her hand in to release the weights on it. Denton manages to get her arm free enough to pull it out before they drop the weights. The CCTV is pointed straight at Denton and surprisingly Leland and Merchant come in and save Denton telling the two inmates to get off her. Leland and Merchant then take Denton into a small private office, with no CCTV cameras. They tell her that they'll sort out the two inmates if she doesn't say anything. Denton agrees and they seem to be pleased with her. Merchant offers Denton a cup of tea whilst they fill out the paperwork, Denton accepts and sits down with Leland to fill out the forms. Leland asks Denton to put her hands on the table next to the diagram so she can accurately see all of her abrasions. Merchant asks if she wants milk and sugar, whilst waiting for the kettle to boil. Leland points out a cracked nail and they joke about how it could have been worse. At this point, Merchant pours the whole kettle of boiling water over Denton's hands. Merchant yells at her that she's been talking to AC-12 and that she needs to shut up from now on.  

Hastings goes to visit Dryden in full dress uniform to receive his verdict on Hastings's financial situation, Dryden says there is no need for all the formality. Dryden walks Hastings through his logic, that as an anti-corruption officer he is more likely to encounter a situation that makes him susceptible to bribery. Dryden says however that coming to him as he did was a mark of his character. Dryden says the current investigation is the most morally complex investigation this force has carried out, and he would feel less confident of success without Hastings running the investigation and he wants him to carry on. Dryden says that he hasn't discussed it with anyone, as the fewer people who have access to this information the better. Hastings then lies to Dryden and says that he and his wife are back on track.  

Outside Dryden's office Hargreaves is waiting and makes a snide comment to Hastings about charging people while his team's backs are turned. Hastings asks if there is anyone to he should be arresting. Hargreaves then says he's holier than thou and up on the pedestal he'll have a long way to fall when he eventually does.  

Hastings and Arnott meeting for a drink in the pub. Hastings asks Arnott if he's seen the nurse again, Arnott says that they may see things differently but he still respects him, just not all of his personal views. Hastings says that he married Roisin at 18, and she was his first girlfriend and they waited for marriage. Hastings asks if that's what Arnott doesn't respect. Arnott realises he's in the wrong and apologises for being wrong and also how he spoke to Hastings. He tells Hastings that he'd like to put it behind them. Hasting's replies "You would, would you? Well, I guess it'd be rude not to. Don't want to be rude." Hastings looks despondent and when Arnott apologises for disappointing him and confesses sometimes he disappoints himself, Hastings welcomes him to the club.  

Kate's Third Interview of Denton in Prison[]

Back at the prison, Denton, with two fully bandaged hands and wrists, is ushered into the visitor's room by Lelend to see Kate. Denton looks like a shadow of her former self, like an empty shell. Kate asks if she's in much pain, to which Denton replies Yes. Kate asks if she knows how bad they'll be, Denton says she's been referred to a specialist as they aren't sure. Kate says there as a problem with the CCTV recording, which Denton says is convenient. Kate asks Denton for a statement to include the items they'd previously discussed. Denton says that they had an agreement about that. Kate advises Denton that the prosecution has made a Public Interest Immunity application and it has been accepted for non-disclosure of sensitive evidence, included in said sensitive evidence is Kate's call history. Denton says that they can't do that, Kate says she was an undercover officer gathering evidence against Denton, disclosure of her communications history could jeopardise undercover contacts and future ops. Denton says that isn't true, and it's just a cover-up. Kate says the legal team did their job, she's just there to do hers. Denton says her phone call from Akers is being vanished, just like the CCTV of her being attacked by two inmates and those same two inmates testifying that she burnt her own hands and the prison officers tried to stop her. Denton says it suits everyone for her to be silenced. Kate tries to steer the conversation back to the statement. Denton says that the attack has opened her eyes, that she's been set up to take the fall for everything. It all makes sense, the newspaper leak, the attack, and now the non-disclosure of evidence. Even the screws are involved, they told her not to talk to AC-12. Kate says they're doing that now, but no-one's stopping them. Kate offers to come back after Denton's recovered from the attack. Denton tells her to wait, and tries to convince her that she's been set up, hat even the AC-12 investigation was rigged, that they couldn't look at witness protection and were prevented from investigating anyone but Denton. Denton confirms that the only person she told with the power to control that was Mike Dryden. Kate says that Denton is just lying and trying to place the blame on someone else to confuse AC-12. Denton says that's not what it is, she really knows Dryden, that they had an affair for five years. Kate asks for more details, but Denton doesn't want to say anything. Kate offers that he didn't leave his wife, that Denton gave him an ultimatum and then it was all over. Denton says they both know she doesn't have the right to act superior over their private lives. Kate asks why she's only telling them this now. Denton says she's not sure it's true, why he would do it, that she's protected him, why would he do something like that to her. Kate says that she's a woman scorned, and is just trying to tie up their investigation with this allegation, whilst also getting her revenge on him. Denton asks Kate if she thinks she's guilty. Kate says she just gathers the evidence, the courts decide. Denton says she understands, it's Kate's way of dealing with the fact that she might be putting away an innocent person. Kate says she thinks Denton's guilty.

After Kate's Third Interview of Denton in Prison[]

Back in her cell, Denton is again surrounded by loud chanting of 'Bent Bitch".  

In the AC-12 office, Kate investigates Denton's claims regarding Dryden and finds that they were both assigned to the Crime Audit unit at the Kingsgate Station in 2008. Dot gets handed a file and leaves. Kate recieves a call from Jan Evans, an administrator at 4th Street Station, and asks about the ghost rota for Duty Inspector the night of the ambush. Arnott tells Kate that Dot is up to something and follows him. Jan tells Kate that Denton covered the ghost rota as Inspector Joseph Barlow was reassigned that night due to him recieving an invitation to attend a session at the Crime Executive, which came directly from DCC Dryden's office.

Arnott finds Dot and asks what's going on. Dot says that they've got the financial forensics back in and they shows that Jayne Akers was on the recieveing end of a substantial payment, Arnott asks how substantial, Dot says upwards of £50k. Arnott says they need to include Kate. Dot says her and Akers were mates. Arnott counters that Kate's his partner and walks out. Dot follows.

Denton goes to the showers in prison. Merchant and Leland tell her that as she is a vulnerable person, she must shower alone, and that she is permitted one measure of soap and one measure of shampoo from the dispensers on the walls.

Dot, Arnott and Kate talk on the stairwell. Kate tells Dot and Arnott that Denton alleged she was set up by another police officer, who she served with for almost a year in Crime Audit when she was a DS and he was a Chief Superintendent, and that this particular officer was responsible for the rota change that put Denton on duty the night of the ambush. Arnott says he was a Chief Superintendent, what is he now? Kate reveals that it is Deputy Chief Constable Mike Dryden. Dot is shocked and leaves, saying he needs a breather, one wrong move and they'll all be directing traffic. Arnott then tells Kate he needs to talk to her about Jayne Akers.

Denton sits down outside the showers with Merchant and Leland watching her. She has a series of flashbacks to various interviews, the ambush, various press conferences and the attack by O'Neill in the toilets, ending with Kate's voice echoing in her head "I think you're guilty." Denton runs at the wall on the other side of the room, and is then seen still sitting on the bench in the showers, the self-harming having been a hallucination. She whispers "No."

Kate is seen back at the AC-12 building looking worried having just heard about Jayne's financial records.

Dryden is seen at another press conference with Jo Wright. He claims significant progress is being made and the net is closing in.

Arnott is seen arriving at the prison. He goes into the visitor's room to see Denton and tells her "I believe you."


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  • Laurence Doherty as 4th Street Station DC
  • Christine Harris as AC-12 Uniformed Officer
  • Chrissie Harris as Police Officer AC-12
  • Bernard Bullen as Reporter
  • Kris Tate as Uniformed Officer
  • Sanjay Ghosh as Waiter


Filming locations in this episode include Invest Northern Ireland HQ and Belfast BT Riverside Tower (AC-12 Building), Belfast Central Library (Pelbury House) and Bangor Aurora Aquatic and Leisure Complex (prison gym).