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Anne-Marie McGillis (née Fitzpatrick) was the birth mother of John Corbett.


Anne Marie was born in the Belfast area of Northern Ireland into a Catholic family. She later married Anthony McGillis and had a son, John McGillis on June 3rd 1979. Her husband passed away in 1984. Records show her regular address was: 14 Parasol Road, Belfast, BT13 5NA.

Anne Marie went missing in 1989, resulting in John being adopted by a her husband's sister, Sorcha Corbett (née McGillis) and her husband Robert Corbett, who moved the boy to their home in Liverpool.

Series 5[]

Episode 5[]

PC Tatleen Sohota uncovers old documents from the Royal Ulster Constabulary detailing how Anne-Marie went missing in 1989 after the death of her husband Anthony McGillis in 1984 at the hands of an Irish Republican paramilitary group. It was suspected that she was abducted and killed by the same militants due to allegations of being a police informant. Searches were carried out in County Monaghan and County Cavan in 1992, and another in the South Armagh area in 1998 to no avail.

However, her body was finally discovered in 2001 in Forkhill Forest, County Armagh, deceased from a single gunshot wound to the head, and signs of torture identical to those inflicted on Roisin Hastings by John Corbett.

Episode 6[]

It is revealed in additional evidence furnished by DCS Patricia Carmichael that after her husbands death, McGillis became a police informant for the Royal Ulster Constabulary, providing them with information she heard about in her strongly Catholic neighbourhood in Belfast. One of the main officers she furnished information to was then PC Ted Hastings, who built up a rapport with her and gained her trust due to him also being Catholic. The two became close friends during the arrangement, but it was alleged by multiple parties that she was engaged in an affair with Hastings behind the back of his wife Roisin.