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Alastair Oldroyd was a low level criminal and informant for Central Police.



Oldroyd was born on the 15th March 1998. His registered address prior to Series 6 was: 25 Bradford Hill, Hillside, VM12 4RJ.

Little is revealed about Oldroyd's background, other than he lived in The City and had a troubled upbringing. He engaged in low level crime and prostitution to support his drug habit. He had previous convictions for possession of Class A and B drugs, possession with intent to supply and solicitating.


Prior to the events of Series 6, Oldroyd was recruited into becoming an informant by Central Police. DS Marks was assigned as his Covert Operations Manager (COM).

Series 6[]

Episode 1[]

Oldroyd makes contact with his handler DS Marks, and tells him that whilst prostituting himself, a client named Ross Tanner bragged casually about being involved in the murder of Gail Vella. He claims he is certain of the truthfulness of the statement, and police intelligence rates the information 1A on the matrix. Marks passes this on to the Murder Investigation Team based out of Hillside Lane Station, who are conducting Operation Lighthouse focused on Vella's murder.

The intel eventually leads to a raid at Beechwood House where a suspect, Terry Boyle is arrested. However doubt is cast on the certainty that Boyle had capacity to murder Vella, and he may have been confused with another suspect of similar appearance and build, Carl Banks. The name "Ross Tanner" is revealed to be an alias. Oldroyd then goes to ground and refuses to resume contact with his handler. DCI Joanne Davidson and DI Kate Fleming approach Marks at Administration Building 2, demanding he reveal Oldroyds identity so he can be compelled to assist in the enquiry, but Marks refuses. DSU Ian Buckells also refuses to put pressure on Marks to reveal Oldroyd's identity, noting he has a legal right to be kept anonymous.

Oldroyd is later found dead in an abandoned industrial area, appearing to have committed suicide after jumping from a building. PS Farida Jatri sends an image of his body to DS Marks, who positively identifies him as the informant that Davidson was searching for. DI Kate Fleming later says that an earwitness claims she heard a scream before finding Oldroyds body, indicating that he might have been pushed (although this does not prove anything conclusively).