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Kingsgate House, also known as the AC-12 Building is a large administrative building operated by Central Police located in the Kingsgate area of the city. It is where the AC-12 offices are located.


The building is never referred to by name or on screen until Series 5, in which small signage at the front of the building denoting the name Kingsgate House is visible. It is synonymous with the AC-12 department which it houses, and is large and modern, with a glassy exterior and open plan office spaces.

In Series 1, DS Steve Arnott's business card states that the address of the building is: 296 Manor Road, Kingsgate, LB1 2CV. However, this address is also seen in signage in the separate Kingsgate Station, suggesting it may be a continuity error. Emergency exit signage in Series 1 states that the AC-12 offices are on the 10th floor of the building.

Signage briefly seen in Series 1 indicates there is a helicopter landing pad on the roof of the building, however this is never expanded upon or shown further.

In Series 4, a building directory seen in the reception area shows that AC-12 has been relocated to the 7th floor, and that several other departments are housed in the building also, including:

As of Series 5, a small detachment of Authorised Firearms Officer's from the Strategic Firearms Command appear to be stationed in the building full time. This is likely an increased security measure after the events of Series 3.

There seems to be a small Cyber Crime Department office in the building housing Amanda Yao and her team.





  • In Series 1, which was filmed in Birmingham, interior scenes of the AC-12 Building were filmed in the Millennium Point meeting complex.
  • From Series 2 onwards, since the production moved to Belfast, interior and exterior shots of the building have been filmed at the Invest Northern Ireland headquarters.